Battlehorn Castle Refined by PhilippePetain
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Battlehorn Castle Refined by PhilippePetain
Downloadable from the "Oblivion Nexus": http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/



This has not yet been updated! I have only been experimenting with the mod page a little. The actual mod update will still take some time to finish.

Screenshots are missing the trophies because I had not yet had them made.

Versions 1.2 and 1.2b require a clean save without everything related to Battlehorn Castle. Further information can be found under "Installation".


Battlehorn castle is truly one of my favourite "homes" in Oblivion, but I recently noticed its lack of... clutter. I searched for a mod that would just add something little to the castle and found a complete overhaul that makes the castle too large (in my opinion) and a little mod that caused CTDs when entering the castle (according to the comments section), so I decided to make my own modification somewhat inspired by those described (NOT THE FAULTS). Of course there are also perfectly working modifications but I still wanted to make my own one (that hopefully works).

Please note that this is my first ever modification for any game so it may not be perfect. I read an insane amount of instructions and wathced some tutorials on the usage of the Construction Set and TES4EDIT, which is all of the "modding experience" I have created this mod with. So use at your own risk.

I have created pathgrids for the new areas as well as edited the readily existing ones to prevent people walking against tables and walls. Therefore, it should be NPC/companion-friendly.

As I like the world of Oblivion, this modification is as lore-friendly as I could make it. If you are looking for something related to anime or similar things you had better look elsewhere.


Expanded exterior (a little), two balconies (kind of) and new areas inside. New areas include the North Wing (two merchants and lots of plants), Upper Hall (new personal quarters), Dungeon (including some prisoners) and a Treasury. I have also modified the Master Bedroom and Great Hall a little.

New NPCs include an alchemy merchant, a court wizard, two dungeon guards, four prisoners and two others. The blacksmith, Niels, will now barter. He will have a selection of arrows and repair hammers for sale. Nilphas Omellian will also move to the castle and continue to act as a merchant.

I have also added some items with unique stats and/or enchantments (not new meshes or textures). Should you find them overpowered, you can discontinue their usage. The "Battlehorn Blade" has been tagged as "ignore resist normal weapons" so it will damage ghosts when unenchanted.

After the original quest has ended, you will receive a note from Nilphas Omellian (hopefully when near the castle). Read it to enable the mod's changes, BUT DO NOT READ IT IN THE GREAT HALL, EAST WING OR MASTER BEDROOM (or whatever it was named). Either one of the towers will do just fine, at least the North Tower worked for me.


The latest official Oblivion patch (
The official Fighter's Stronghold DLC (Battlehorn Castle)
The Unofficial Add-Ons Patches (DLCBattlehornCastle - Unofficial Patch.esp)


This mod will require a clean save without both DLCBattlehornCastle.esp and DLCBattlehornCastle - Unofficial Patch.esp (and the mod itself if updating from an older version). The mod has to be activated at the same time as the other related "plugins". This is due to the fact that some interior objects will not be modified properly if the player has ever visited Battlehorn Castle. A clean save seems to be the only solution to this issue. You are free to try without a clean save and if everything works, it works (but please do not post comments full of hatred if it does not).

If going to install this mod with all your belongings in Battlehorn castle, I have created a plugin (Battlehorn Castle CleanSaveBarrels.esp) that adds four barrels outside the castle to store items in for the duration of a clean save process. You can find it in the same folder with the mod and the readme.

Remember to back up everything that is important before installing (save games etc.)!

You may install this mod and set load order however you wish. I myself use Wrye Bash for 99% of my mods. This one is pretty simple compared to the others, though.

Manual installation:
1) Use winrar or similar program to unpack the .zip file
2) Copy the "Battlehorn Castle Refined.esp" to your ...Oblivion/Data folder
3) Copy the "Battlehorn Castle CleanSaveBarrels.esp" as well should you wish to use it
4) Activate the plugin in the launcher you use and make sure load order is correct

Load order should be something like this:
DLCBattlehornCastle - Unofficial Patch.esp
Battlehorn Castle Refined.esp

To uninstall this mod:
1) Remove everything stored in the new containers or in the new areas of the castle
2) Go elsewhere (The Oak and Crosier inn for example) and save the game
3) Delete the Battlehorn Castle Refined.esp in ...Oblivion/Data folder

It would seem that some objects are stored in save games so I am not sure what will happen to the doors and trophy bases along with other objects once the mod is uninstalled. Please note this while considering whether to use this mod or not!


I use this mod myself and my game functions normally. No CTDs this far. I have cleaned this with TES4EDIT found on "Oblivion Nexus".

NPCs may be standing on the dining table in the East Wing upon entering the cell. This is indeed strange. And, for a reason unknown, NPCs may walk against a wall in the Great Hall in the small upper corridor. You can count these little things as odd habits.

A small chest in the master bedroom can be floating. A table will eventually appear under it so it should not be a major problem. Fixed in 1.2 version.

Should you find more bugs and issues, you are free to contact me on the Nexus. Or just post in in the comments section. I will check it every now and then.


Incompatible with anything else that modifies Battlehorn Castle, I believe.


TES4EDIT team for such a wonderful tool
FragmentaryHorcrux for brilliant ideas and advice


Whatever it says in the readme, forget it. I forgot to change the text after I changed my mind.

This file may be uploaded elsewhere or modified and then uploaded elsewhere. Just remember to credit me as the original author.