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Settlements of Cyrodiil - Silverfish Falls

Before industrialization the main occupation of people, for ALL civilizations, has been agriculture.
Without a reliable source of food, no empire could fuel it's troops or civilian population for long.
Cyrodiil is vast, boasting 9 fortified cities and an immense population. Yet where are the farms that
should be dotting the landscape in every direction? Where does all the food come from to feed that

Settlements of Cyrodiil is an attempt to answer those questions. The project first began as an effort
to rescue some very nice farm and village mods that had gone to the wayside so to speak. Some of these
had fallen victim to un-patched conflicts with larger, more popular mods. Others were unfinished beta
releases that the original authors simply abandoned.


Silverfish Falls adds a fully functioning settlement on the way to Morrowind, near the headwaters of
the Silverfish River. It was originally created by Poolacemail, titled Lakeview Village, and was
situated at the pond near the Ayleid Ruins of Mackamentain. It unfortunately occupied exactly the
same real estate as Shezries Lakewood Village, and also suffered mod conflicts with Unique Landscapes:
Aspen Wood. This meant the only realistic fix was moving everything.

So the settlement was completely relocated and given an extensive makeover. Mod conflicts have been
greatly reduced and a patch is available as a separate download for the only conflict I am aware of.
Additional resources have been added to flesh it out a little more. The architecture is a unique
combination of Cheydinhal and common farmhouse. The occupants have full ai packages and can be seen
performing various tasks throughout the day. They raise several different types of crops and tend a
small herd of swine. There is at least one adventurer who travels afield to hunt deer.

My focus has been to give the appearance of a working settlement that lives off of what it produces.
Local vendors sell what they raise and provide several services to travellers. You will find a
Blacksmith, an Inn, and a General Store. The Smith carries the unique weapons & armor featured in the
mod: Knightly Armory by Phitt and Ghogiel. There is a Room to rent at the Inn for a fair price. The
Lord of Silverfish Manor graciously allows members of the Fighter's Guild to sleep for free in the
basement. There is a free bed there for you, provided you are at least Journeyman level. Some NPC's
also serve as trainers.

While I have done my best to iron out all the glitches, it seems there is always something to fix in
a first release. I welcome all feedback and constructive criticism. Hopefully you will enjoy visiting
this little slice of paradise as much as I enjoyed building it.


The path leading to the settlement can be found on the Unnamed, Unmarked Road that leads east towards
Morrowind from the Yellow Road. I have added in signposts to aid in finding your way. The settlement
itself can be found at the waterfall pond located south of Ondo Ayleid Ruins and North of Lost Boy
Caverns. There is a map marker, but you will have to hoof it there at least once to "discover" the


I designed this to work around (as much as possible) the two Unique Landscapes mods that alter this
region. Those being UL Silverfish River Valley, and UL The Eastern Peaks. There was no way to
completely avoid conflicts without drastically altering my vision of how the settlement should look.
As near as I have been able to see there is no conflict with Eastern Peaks. But a patch is available
as a separate download for UL Silverfish River Valley.

There are also patches available for Integration-The Stranded Light. One Patch for the standard
version of Integration and one patch for the Integrated version...folders are labled accordingly
inside the download. This is due to each version of Integration having a unique .esp name. So
the patches will only function with the version of Integration they are designed for.

Also available are two combo patches that allow use of Silverfish Falls, UL Silverfish River
Valley, and Integration at the same time. As explained above, there are two files included with
the download. Patches are identical except that they will only function with the specific
version of Integration they are designed for. Be sure you use the correct patch or you will get


Settlements of Cyrodiil Resource Pack v1.3


1. Extract the file to a temporary location such as desktop

2. Place the .esp into your Oblivion Data directory either manually or
using the mod manager of your choice.

3. Set load order...should work fine in the same general position as other village mods.


Bethesda - for Oblivion and the CS
Nifskope and GIMP - for the tools that made this possible.
LHammonds - for the readme generator this file was based on
Poolacemail - for the original Lakeview Village and allowing me to revive it
Phitt and Ghogiel - for the resources from "Knightly Armory"
Tes4Edit - for cleaning the inevitible dirt which finds it's way into all mods

Additional credits for resources used can be found in the resource pack required to run this plugin.


Please do not upload this file to any other sites without my express consent. You must contact me first
before using any resources.