Wayshrines Enhanced by HagenTronje
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Last updated at 21:14, 3 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 18:47, 3 Jan 2014

Wayshrines Enhanced

What It Does:
This mod enhances every single of the 29 wayshrines in Oblivion.
-Statues for each divine
-more plants and flora
-more god specific associating stuff at the shrines
-random praying pilgrims
-first real pilgrims in the game

Adds Map Markers to all the Wayshrines. No other Wayshrine mod at all is needed. This or nothing.

Copy WayshrinesEnhanced.esp into your data
directory and enable the plug-in from the
"data files" section of the launcher.

Known Issues:

someguy for quick use of Wayshrine Map Markers.
Stroti for broken god statues wich are used at broken wayshrines for better immersion as you could imagine.

Compatibility With Other Mods:
I tested this under Oblivion 1.2 with all
mods from the Knights of the Nine retail
DVD and Shivering Isles installed. It should
work with any other mods which don't modify
the wayshrines themselves!