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Welcome to the World of Areth!

It's hard to believe, but it has been a year and four months -- to the day -- since the last update to this project. Why the long wait, you ask? The short answer is that I just finally burned out. I asked myself: "Am I happy with this?" The answer was no, so I returned to writing the book on which it was based, hoping to build stronger, more interesting foundations. These efforts have culminated in what is now known as
Areth, and I am excited to show the fans what I have in store for them.

All in all, it took about a year to write that book (which is in the revision stage now), and then about two months to build a new mod in the Construction Set thereafter. You would be right in assuming the latest update includes lots of interesting content. This first release of
Areth includes an all-new heightmap complete with finished landscapes. The new world design sets a focus on smarter utilization of space, rather than the "bigger is better" mantra of old. Areth is thus perhaps the smallest worldspace I have created yet, but it is also, without question, the most detailed. No procedural generation was used in the making of this mod, which means that everything you see was placed/painted there completely by hand. Building this world literally "by the book" meant that the ensuing work was long and difficult, but the new emotional connection to my work made it all worth it.

This version of the mod will allow you to explore all of southern Hyperia, the small continent in which the mod is set. It may be accessed via the portal that now stands at the entrance of the Imperial City. All exteriors in this region are considered ready, though there are no interiors except the Tower of Refuge, which acts as a transit zone between Tamriel and Areth. There are no NPCs or quests yet. These items are to be featured in later updates. My sole objective with this version was to see a finished exterior world.

I hope that what you discover in this version of
Areth will excite you for the future of this project, and that you will continue to lend Areth your support as the book nears completion and the mod receives additional features. Finally, while you are touring these humble beginnings of Areth, please feel free to send me your feedback. Any opinion is greatly appreciated, and will go a long way towards helping improve my work.

I am so excited to be working again on this project with you all,

- Mod Author, ZekAonar

The simplest install of this project yet:
Move the "Areth.esp" file from the downloaded archive to "Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data".

Activate the file, launch the game, and then proceed to play from either a saved game or a new game.
Once you are ready, seek out the glowing portal in front of the entrance to Imperial City. This portal will take you to Areth. You can travel back to Tamriel at any time by visiting the teleporter beneath the Tower of Refuge that said portal is linked to.


PROOF OF CONCEPT 0.0.1                (Released 24 Dec 2013)

PROTOTYPE A     0.1.0                  (Released 23 Jan 2014)
         0.1.0 - 0.3.0            (Released 25 Feb 2014)
Flat, "tile" world design, early drafts of first regions
PROTOTYPE B             0.3.0 - 0.9.0           (Released 31 Mar 2014)
        0.9.0-0.9.1       (Released 28 Apr 2014)
                      0.9.1-0.9.15            (Released 29 May 2014)

More rugged, irregular shaped, island world design
PROTOTYPE C             0.9.15-0.9.5            (Released 20 Aug 2014)

Coastal world design with natural borders and softer, more blended terrain

PROTOTYPE D               0.1.0                (Released 28 Jan 2015)

Larger Prototype C design + more inland water/height variance, rocks, diverse lighting, first city (Tyrendar)

ALPHA           0.1.00        (Released 28 May 2016)
0.1.01        (Hotfix for broken portal - 29 May 2016)

Total reinvention of the mod, renamed Areth and granted a new worldspace with emphasis on degree of detail over amount of content.