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v 0.9.0 Pre-Alpha

(Load after Oblivion.esm)
YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/ShadowWolf1496
Official RoA Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/RealmsOfAsuron
Welcome to version 0.9.0! The March update may be a bit late, but, for all the content that lies within, it will certainly not disappoint! I like to refer to this update as the '0.9 Revamp' because it really does change everything. The old heightmap was scrapped in favour of a much more beautiful and natural structure inspired by Vvardenfell, the setting of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. That said, there is a lot of bonus content here for the exterior world, since I've been given so much extra development time with the new heightmap template.

All 9 regions may be considered playable at this point, but be warned: There are still some weird things happening out there with the terrain. If you ever find yourself stuck, feel free to use this console command: 'tcl'. The roads should be fine though. I truly obsessed over the design of the roads. They end at some point within Khitan and Darkwood (roads are still very much a work-in-progress), but there should be complete networks in Arakaia and Evenia.

'Realms of Asuron: Nordenia' is the first of a planned TC mod series, based on the original fantasy universe I began writing in 2005. I have been extremely passionate about this project, and shall no doubt continue to be so -- after all, I've spent nearly a decade producing its back-story. I have chosen to continue releasing monthly updates in hopes that this active demonstration of my work keeps the fan-base growing. The primary function of this endeavour is the gathering of feedback.

And, speaking of feedback, your enthusiasm for this project has been incredible. My dreams are finally being realised, and, as if that weren't enough, it seems I am no longer alone on this journey. Thanks for all the support! As always, I am very much looking forward to the future of this most ambitious project.

Cheers, and happy testing!

- Project Lead, ZekAonar

This update completely destroys the old world space, so returning users should make sure their characters are back in Tamriel before anything else. Use a coc console command to do this (Example: player.coc ICMarketDistrictAFightingChance).
Drop everything into "Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data". Don't worry about load order, but if there are any incompatibilities, report them in the Reports/Suggestions thread. Returning users may delete the previous plug-in file.
Whenever you'd like to restore Oblivion's main title screen sequence, be sure to download the optional file hosted here (Title Screen Fix). Next, drop the contents of the folder into "Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data".

Activate the file, launch the game, and play from either a saved game or a new game. Due to popular demand, the vanilla character creation process has been restored. Hoping to provide an alternate character creation sequence in the future however, so that everyone is ultimately satisifed. If you choose to start a new game, you will start in the Imperial Prison cell, just as in vanilla Oblivion, so don't worry about spawning in/getting trapped in Asuron (like in previous versions). In order to transport any existing character to the world of Asuron, use the following console command:
player.coc Darklight2
In the future, a more immersive means of getting players to Asuron (i.e., a short 'discovery' quest, like how players were introduced to the Shivering Isles) will hopefully be introduced to the mod.

I would like to extend credit to Narandel (at deviantart.com) for allowing me to use his artwork in RoA's title screen sequence.

Check often for new details, images, videos, and of course, new versions of RoA! I have made it a personal goal to release a new version near the end of every month.

Monetary Donations
Monetary donations via PayPal will be used to..

1. ...upgrade/maintain existing hardware (to improve the overall size and quality of the mod).

2. ...fund other present and future projects (like the publishing/manufacturing of the related book and board game design).

3...purchase additional and more professional resources (especially original music and artwork).

4. ...cover website maintenance.
(Not actually a cost at the moment, but it is anticipated to be -- It would be great to have an official website for all things RoA-related)

5. ...support the author's efforts.
(A portion will go towards personal salary, so that I can spend less time stressing over my financial reality, and more time realising the 'Realms of Asuron' franchise)

0.0.1 (Released 24 Dec 2013)
This version was basically a 'proof of concept' demo, set within a remote part of the Forest.

0.0.1-to-0.1.0 (Released 23 Jan 2014)
New Title Screen: Original artwork provided by Narandel (at deviantart.com), original music provided by the now-disbanded MERP (Middle-Earth Roleplaying Project) Team (music has since been removed -- working with an active music composer now).
One Moon: This change was made because, according to RoA lore, the planet of Asuron bears only one moon.
Extended Moon Cycle: Moon phases now last 4 days (up from 3) for added realism.
Expanded Playable Area: Entire Midden Forest region unlocked, plus some territory from bordering regions of Darkwood and The Fields of Dawn
Bare Interiors Added: Stonevale Garrison, Stonevale Tower and The West Tower
Increased Road Visibility: Roads were widened and then decorated with lights and fences.
Improved CharGen Area: The CharGen room featured new door types and less flickering light sources.

0.1.0-to-0.3.0 (Released 25 Feb 2014)
Transformed "Midshire" into an Encampment
New Playable Areas: The Fields of Dawn, Darkwood -- Follow the road east out of the Encampment, past Stonevale Garrison. You will find that the east gate is now open!
Racial Changes: Hyperian: Removed all skill bonuses, Removed all special powers -- References to TES conflicted with the lore of RoA.. I also felt that the presence of bonuses/powers conflicted with the mechanics of my upcoming combat system (race was removed as a result of 0.9.0 revamp -- was forced to continue with a new esm file).
Guards have been temporarily removed -- They were causing crashes, most likely due to lack of voice files.
Fixed position of some fences along roads in the Midden Forest
Reduced speed of "Zek's Steed of Testing" to 33, the equivalent of a Black Horse (down from 40) -- Experienced crashes in some places, where the horse was actually too fast for the game to load new cells!

0.3.0-to-0.9.0 (Released 31 Mar 2014)
This version featured a total revamp of the game world. The entire world space was destroyed in favour of new foundations.
New Heightmap: Massive Vvardenfell-inspired heightmap was designed and appropriately altered for the mod using TESAnnwyn
Steed of Testing Removed: I didn't want to lead players to their deaths, so I had to remove the test horse from the game. The new world space brings with it steep slopes and sharp turns, so horse travel is quite impractical at this time.
All 9 Regions Completed: Base landscapes for all 9 regions were finished + weather, unique lighting, and ambient sounds
Reduced Weather Volatility to 125 (was 174): Weather changes less frequently for added realism