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v 0.9.15 Pre-Alpha

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YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/ShadowWolf1496
Official RoA Facebook Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/RealmsOfAsuron
Welcome to the Realms of Asuron!

This latest update includes total revamps of Avalon, Krudan and Malensia (now known as "Maloria"). It also includes smoother overall terrain for Avalon, Krudan, Khitan and Evenia.

I initially did not feel that enough content had been developed, and so I was going to wait until June to release a more complete build. However, I ultimately decided that I should stay true to my promise of monthly releases, and so this is why this build is named 0.9.15 instead of 0.9.2.

'Realms of Asuron: Nordania' is the first of a planned TC mod series, based on the original fantasy universe I began writing in 2005. I have been extremely passionate about this project, and shall no doubt continue to be so -- after all, I've spent nearly a decade producing its back-story. I have chosen to continue releasing monthly updates in hopes that this active demonstration of my work keeps the fan-base growing. The primary function of this endeavour is the gathering of feedback.

If you find something that needs to be fixed (like a floating tree), use the console command 'tdt', then take a screenshot, or (for more advanced users) write down the necessary information that you see (especially coordinates). Whichever method you choose, I would prefer that you post your report in the "Realms of Asuron - Bug Reports" thread (in the Forums section).

Cheers, and happy testing!

- Project Lead, ZekAonar

Drop everything into "Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data", overwriting any files that ask for your permission to do so. Note that the "Music" file folder is filled with a few variations of a generic explore theme I composed for the mod. For a more unique experience, if you wish, you may go into Oblivion's Music folder and move Oblivion's tracks elsewhere so that only my tracks will play.
Whenever you'd like to restore the vanilla resources that were overwritten by Realms of Asuron, be sure to download the optional file hosted here (Vanilla Resources). Next, drop the contents of the folder into "Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion/Data".

Activate the file, launch the game, and then proceed to play from either a saved game or a new game.
Once you are ready, use the following console command in order to transport your character to the world of Asuron:
coc Darklight2
In the future, a more immersive means of getting players to Asuron (i.e., a short 'discovery' quest, like how players were introduced to the Shivering Isles) will hopefully be introduced to the mod.

Due to technical errors, the custom title screen was removed.
Check often for new details, images, videos, and of course, new versions of RoA! I have made it a personal goal to release a new version near the end of every month.

Monetary Donations
Monetary donations via PayPal will be used to..

1. ...upgrade/maintain existing hardware (to improve the overall size and quality of the mod).

2. ...fund other present and future projects (like the publishing/manufacturing of the related book).

3...purchase additional and more professional resources (especially original music and artwork).

4. ...support the author's efforts.
(A portion will go towards personal salary, so that I can spend less time stressing over my financial reality, and more time realising the 'Realms of Asuron' franchise)