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Added: 21/12/2013 - 06:50PM
Updated: 24/11/2014 - 09:10PM

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Last updated at 21:10, 24 Nov 2014 Uploaded at 18:50, 21 Dec 2013

NEW RELEASE v2.0 completely rewritten!!

The mod provides a new death system, like Dragon Age.

You can be resurrected by a companion after you are died. You need to find the "Heart and soul" crystal ball in the Chorrol Mages Guild. Then you need to give the crystal ball to a companion. If the companion is a follower when you die, your companion will try to reanimate you.

- Your companion has 5 seconds to reanimate you, otherwise, you die
- The "Heart and soul" crystal ball needs 10 seconds to recharge itself
- The mod avoids the "camera on feet" bug
- No problem with statistics
- No problem with the death counter (you never really die if you are resurrected)
- If you die, you are able to see you death for 10 seconds then the reload menu will show up
- No more conflict with any other mods that use knocked state or dead state
- Animation (not mine) and effects added to make the resurrection more realistic

You can change settings in the ini file.

OBSE is required. Download the last version.

You need to do this to reset the normal state before installing v2.0:
- Remove the v1.0 version, load the savegame, open the console, click on your player and execute the command SetRefEssential 0
- Make a clean savegame
- Load the new plugin


Thanks to Oblivion community.