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Populates the cities and the roads with generic NPC.

- Covers all the major cities plus Anvil Docks, IC Waterfront, Bliss and Crucible.
- Supports "Better Cities" with Open Better Cities option. NPCs visit the new places added by BC.
- Each NPC gets city-specific AIPackages assigned, making the cities look "functioning".
- Population increase/decrease dynamicaly based on the time and the weather conditions.
- The population number can be tweaked via ini file.
- You will find all 21 standard class traveling on the roads in Tamriel and Shivering Isles.
- Hair and eyes are randamly assinged to each NPC.

- Bearded-NPC option
If you have "Equipable Beards" by taylorsd and my "Tail-Slot Equipment Helper" installed,
Extras NPCs have beard.

Requires DLC Shivering Isles and OBSE v21.

2.3 updates
- Some of NPCs rush into buildings under bad weather.
- Population control system is more reliable and stable.
- Some code optimizations. Initialising sequence is a lot faster now.
- Fixed: Processing an NPC with invalid FormID causes CTD.
- Fixed: NPCs standing still in Interior cells.
- Fixed: Some of AIPackges weren't working properly.
- Fixed: Travelers in Shivering Isles are too few.
- Fixed: NPCs sometimes become totaly naked.
- Fixed: NPCs keep trying to open the same locked door.