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Celt Race by Highlord90

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As of 16/12/2013 I'm working on a new Mod but that doesn't mean in any way that I'm forsaking the Celts. As of now the Celt's are officially done though but I plan on adding NPC's and even a village with merchants that I hope will sell armour and weapons I make myself with original meshes and textures that benefit Celt's above all others.

I'm not going to divulge in what my new mod is though...you'll just have to wait.

HEY Y'ALL A friend of mine, Room207 (he makes mods!!!) has agreed to give me a helping hand with textures and meshes through advise and stuff. I'm in no way saying he'll do things for me but I'm now sure that, in time, I can make my own custom armor, weaponry and perhaps even hairstyles for this class so please bear with the Kelts and it may become more than just another race mod.

Here's hoping....

To those wondering why I don't have screenshots of a female character, it's all down to personal preference and I personally prefer going in sword drawn instead of skulking around in the shadows, I'm simply not very good at it. This is why I urge the current users (if you still use it) to post screenshots of your own female Kelt's that have had time to grow.

Until then I'll keep posting more images of Talion.

Installation instructions in the READ ME

I encourage people to download this even if it's just out of curiosity as if there are any issues with the race they can be found much quicker if people have a go. Let me tell you that they are very different to Nords but may be better suited for some classes than others.

I recommend this for players who like a little variety or perhaps those looking for a dedicated play-style and stops people switching Gender after the initial creation.

I also welcome comments and criticism, anything you feel needs to be said then please say it...

Recommended Mods

These are mods that I feel compliment the Celt race nicely, links are below description...

Crossbows of Cyrodiil by Linus

A really good mod for the Keltic Warrior. It allows you to get a nice strong hit with a ranged weapon and then follow through with your sword if it's a melee enemy but are still adequate in a ranged fight so long as you have cover to put another bolt in the stock because you can't move while reloading but the strength of the bolt balances it out nicely. A slight downside is the animation and how it appears to float in first-person.

Hint - Always have a bolt ready to fire if you think danger is near, that way you'll get the first shot every time without scrambling to load a bolt when a Zombie closes in on you.


Cutlasses by The Crazy One

A fairly recent mod but a good one none the less, it compliments the seafaring Kelt's with a selection of cutlasses designed using Vanilla textures and are incorporated into the game nicely so those not using an overhaul will be able to buy a different cutlass just like any other kind of leveled gear. (I also recommend Hammers by The Crazy One).


I am planning on making a Celt based mod with the Cutlasses, I'm just getting the hang of NPC's...

Oblivion XP by Sir Frederick

A must have mod for any Oblivion Gamer and compliments most mods very well and is so easy to set up with a handy OMOD file that gets you going in minutes. You ever kill a tough cookie in the Cyrodiil Upgrade Overhaul and wish you could have got something more for it but nice gear? Well with Oblivion XP killing enemies higher than you not only makes you feel like a boss but also rewards you with a sizable experience boost.

Think World of Warcraft's experience system. Completing quests, killing enemies and discovering locations gives you experience points with an experience bar above your health that fills up as you do these things and when you level up (apart from getting a nice glow effect) you open a brand new menu that lets you raise your stats like most RPG's. When you're finished adding points to skills and attributes and click 'Done' the game may freeze for a few seconds or so but it has NEVER crashed for me, not even once, so just let it do it's thing.

No more increasing skills one at a time

No more unsatisfying kills

No more vanilla leveling

Just a fantastic mod that overhauls how you level up and how you play.

Also it made Dungeons worth doing...just saying...



Cyrodiil Upgrade Overhail bu Giskard

This is a simple Overhaul that makes the game very interesting and quite challenging. Before you could probably just run into a Dungeon like a moron and cut people in half they were made of butter well this replaces the buttery goodness with lots and lots of concrete, brick hard enemies that may kill you if you aren't careful...

Now not every Dungeon has this and if you bring enough potions, know good healing spells and have a brain between your ears then you will survive, get some good exp (with Oblivion XP anyway) and ultimately feel like a boss when you own a level 25 at level 1 like I did. How did I do that, easy, he was a vampire so I set him on fire.

That's why I like CUO, it's fair. The enemies never level up so if you had trouble in one dungeon then come back later when you've got some hair on your chest and try again and if the enemy is too easy then savor the buttery goodness because it's hard to come by.

Also there's a boss enemy at the end of some Dungeons that requires a bit of hacking and slashing (or shooting and casting) but they're fair. My advise is save before every encounter, that way you can retreat when the going gets tough.

Here's a link, the author describes it better than me:


Also people should be ashamed for what they did to Giskard, this mod would have been a million times better if people hadn't been so ungrateful and quite frankly cruel!!! The Mod opens up with a farewell message from Giskard and you'll see what I mean when you read it. Also this requres you to download the Cyrodiil Upgrade Resource Pack.



Race Description

The Celt's were once part of the same group of Companion's as Ysgrammor when he arrived in Skyrim but where he and his 500 settled on land the Celts split from their people and chose to return to a life at sea aboard large ships where each one ran as a separate clan hierarchy. They make port in Tamriel quite often but to those not in the know they would appear to be just another Nord but in truth they are slightly shorter than their Nord Cousins.
Any Celt is good with a bow and light armor but the similarities in gender end there.
Male: Well adapted to fighting in close quarters they would much rather use a blade and light shield over a cumbersome mace and heavy armor shield and whenever there's fighting to be done topside they can easily shoot pirates on board an opposing ship with their skillful use of a bow or any other creature that isn't on board their vessel.
Female: Not your typical Clan Wife. The females of the Celts are powerful spell throwers with a mastery over Mysticism, Destruction and Restoration which is just what one needs when your on a boat. Mysticism come's in particularly handy when trying to spot enemies at night or through the fog and setting fire to an enemy ship is pretty much the best way to dispose of them and their power with healing is universally handy.
Celts have a resistance to cold much like the Nords but a life at sea on wooden vessels have left them with a particular fear, and weakness for it, of fire. They can use their Keen Eye Power once a day to spot enemies in hiding and dispatch them from a distance or run with their swords.
I plan on adding more to this race in time but for now I'll play it safe with just a race and some powers...


What you get with this download:-

Celt Race

2 Racial Abilities - Don't Feel The Cold! (50% Frost Resistance) Fire Burned My Ship (25% Fire Weakness)

1 Racial Power - Keen Eye (Detect Life within 150 yards for 180 secs and grants a +10 boost to marksmanship for 180 secs also.)

A differing play style depending on gender (See below for stats and skills)

Optional File:-

*Now you can play as either a Celtic Warrior (MALE) or Celtic Spellthrower (FEMALE) with the optional file that adds two new classes to the vanilla version. It's a separate .esp file so you don't have to use it to play a Celt.


Attributes & Skills



Str: 50
Int: 40
Wil: 40
Agi: 40
Spd: 40
End: 50
Luc: 40
Pers: 20


Str: 40
Int: 50
Wil: 40
Agi: 50
Spd: 40
End: 40
Luc: 40
Pers: 20

Skill Bonuses

Blade: 5
Block: 5
Light Armor: 10
Marksman: 10
Destruction: 5
Restoration: 5
Mysticism: 5


How I see them being used is like this:

Males tend to be good Scouts or Archers depending on your weapon choice but you can always just make your own class.

Females are good for Healers, Mages and most of all Witch Hunters thanks to their skill with bow and magic.


Huge thanks to the modders for my inspiration and to The Crazy One and Room207 for the help and support thus far but also for the mods you guys make :3

Bethesda for at least getting the game out there...