Texture and Normal Map Resource by Ryce Kaeks
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Added: 20/11/2013 - 03:54AM
Updated: 14/01/2014 - 05:31AM

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Last updated at 5:31, 14 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 3:54, 20 Nov 2013

A Small .PSD Resource File that contains Textures With Bump Maps (the Light Reflective Thingys?).
This is for the people who don't have the Programs to Generate Bump Maps.
the use of this will majorly Depend on your Skill at Photoshop, Gimp etc.
This is Free to use and Requires no Permission to use in any Projects of Personal or Public Mods.

I Understand that people would like to mod but don't to buy programs, I thought i would share this as free use Resource for people who dont have several hundred to spend on a half crappy Pump Map Generator especially when you probably spent a lot on 3D Programs.

If you use this File for a mod I would love to see what you created so please share an image .