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Added: 08/11/2013 - 02:28PM
Updated: 14/03/2014 - 06:48PM

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Oblivion has some really great fantasy designs for it's models and textures and is a beautiful world. The problem is while the artists have spent a lot of time creating the world and all the assets required to fill it, they've ran into problems getting it all done and have taken shortcuts. While this is expected with a game this large, it starts to become a problem when it's noticeable while playing.

This project is a large undertaking with the aim of (slowly) fixing or replacing broken/ugly meshes found throughout the game's world.

A Full Change Log can be found here.

Version: 1.3

Fix: NecromancerAlter.Nif - Improved UV Map, Fixed Vertex Paint, Smoothed Cloth
Fix: RockOblivion_Seat01.Nif - Improved UV Map
Fix: MageGuildDesk01.Nif - Improved UV Map, Improved Vertex Paint, Fixed Collision Material Setting
Fix: UpperBench01.Nif - Improved UV Map
Fix: UpperBench02.Nif - Improved UV Map
Fix: StoneStepwayForAlter.Nif - Improved UV Map
Fix: BrumaLedgeSteps01.Nif - Improved UV Map
Fix: BrumaLedgeCurve15lin.Nif - Improved UV Map
Fix: BrumaLedgeCurve15lout.Nif - Improved UV Map
Fix: BrumaLedgeCurve15rin.Nif - Improved UV Map
Fix: BrumaLedgeCurve15rout.Nif - Improved UV Map
Fix: BrumaLedgeCurve45RinSmall.Nif - Improved UV Map
Fix: BrumaLedgeCurve90Small01.Nif - Improved UV Map
Fix: BrumaLedgeCurveR75Tiny01.Nif - Improved UV Map
Fix: BrumaLedgeCurve90Tiny.Nif - Improved UV Map
Fix: BrumaLedgeFlat01.Nif - Improved UV Map
Fix: BrumaLedgeFlat01Half.Nif - Improved UV Map
Fix: [Silver] AmelionCeremonialSword.Nif - Fixed Scabbard UV Map
Fix: [Silver] Arrow.Nif - Fixed UV Map
Fix: [Silver] Dagger.Nif - Fixed Scabbard UV Map
Fix: [Silver] Shortsword.Nif - Fixed Scabbard UV Map
Fix: [Silver] Longsword.Nif - Fixed Scabbard UV Map
Fix: [Silver] MS13Thornblade.Nif - Fixed Scabbard UV Map
Fix: [Silver] SilverChorrol.Nif - Fixed Scabbard UV Map
Fix: [Silver] SilverBow.dds - Fixed dark red/black section of the Texture
Fix: [Silver] SilverQuiver.dds - Fixed dark red/black section of the Texture
New Mesh: DisplayCaseWedgeRed02.Nif - Improved UV Map, Smoother Mesh

1. Extract the contents of the ZIP folder into your Data folder

1. Delete the files/folders associated with the mod