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* Required: Oblivion, Knights of the Nine, Shivering Isles,OBSE
* Highly recommended: Oblivion Character Overhaul 2

This mod was built around OCO. There is a patch for users who do not use OCOv2,
but many characters will not look as intended. Consider using OCO2 only for the
duration of the quest and removing it when you are done!

* Recommended: Robert’s Male Body v5, HGEC, Initial Glow (All)

* Run Tes4LODGen afterinstalling or else certain distant objects will disappear. *Volume: It’s highly recommended to turn “Voice Volume” to 100% and to turn “Music Volume” up to about 75%, in order to hear the custom tracks included
with this mod and to better hear the voice acting.

There is a small Ayleid tower out in the Jerall mountains, but beneath it is an ancient city where
chaos has reigned.

Featuring HD Ayleids, new glowing Ayleid armors and weapons, in-game video cinematics, complex
multiple endings, and complete voice acting, Fall of the Ayleids covers the story of the Overlord
Tyras who, long ago, took over the ancient Ayleid city of Avalon.

Now in the depths of the city there are only lifeless husks of its former inhabitants, the legacy of
Tyras' work. And one Ayleid named Valamoor wants your help to stop the threat of a Dremora

Ultimately it will all lead to a confrontation with Tyras, the most powerful Ayleid sorcerer of all

Fall of the Ayleids is a look into deception, betrayal, power, and choice—which we always have.

This mod is based on and uses many assets from Frostcrag Reborn, by indefiance. Frostcrag Reborn was mostly an exploration-based mod. This is a large quest that incorporates the city of Avalon from that mod, but otherwise there are no other similarities. This mod doesn’t even touch Frostcrag and you can play Frostcrag Reborn and this mod side by side.

Repeat: this quest doesn’t touch Frostcrag or its landscape in any way.

Previous versions of this quest were called “This Mortal Crag,” which was based on Frostcrag Tower, which was removed as Fall of the Ayleids is the spiritual successor to it and no longer requires Frostcrag.

These will make lights visible from farther away, which willmake the Ayleid cities prettier. But they are by no means recommended and may
require higher-end machines.


2. Do INI tweaks
3. Tick “Fall of the Ayleids.esp”
4. Run Tes4LODGen
5. Done


Be level 20+ and have beaten the main quest. Wait 24 hours.

Otherwise use the “setstage fr0 5” command to start the quest without issue.

The quest can also be started and completed without these conditions if you find the location on your own.

I feel this is all the best way to appeal to everyone playing the mod.


Brand new complex ending

Fall of the Ayleids ends entirely different from pre-4.0 versions. The new ending has several variations and allows for player choice, while also tying up many of the loose ends and plot holes of previous versions. Don't worry, I'm not pulling a Bioware here--you can expect a few different endings. There are some new quest rewards, Darklight has received a major visual and stat update to be a true end-game weapon, and quite frankly the new ending just actually makes a whole lot more sense.


*Darklight, 99 damage
*Overlord Armor set
*Overlord Steed (a summonable horse in Ayleid armor)
*Portal room (allows you to return to Avalon)
*Teleport to Watchtower spell (so you can use the Watchtower as a player home or the portal room)
*A few easter eggs

To me this is sufficient, but there've been complaints in the past that the ending was lacking. So this new version definitely remedies all of those things.

Along with the new ending is a brand new beginning to the quest.

Oblivion isn't very popular anymore, but I’d appreciate any comments. So if you like or hate the new ending, or anything, please be sure to let me know. Thanks!

  • Voice acting – thanks a bunch to Lomekian, Daniel Coffey, and Edouard
  • indefiance for all of his hard work in creating the original Frostcrag Reborn
  • ancient_laws for totally badass Auroran Battle Steed armor
  • Meo for beautiful Ayleid Clutter
  • MadCat221 and RDjeke for their amazing Ayleid Meteoric Iron Weaponry
  • Jgreybear (Iomir) for generous permission to include resources from Ayleidoon Karan
  • Xenius for graciously allowing the use of resources from Race Compilation for Robert’s Bodies
  • AlienSlof for Slof's Seamless Male Dremora 1.1 Textures[*]Metz for Weapon Display Resource[*] necrospawn for gratuitous open release of Slayer Swords[*]Ayelie on DeviantArt for big lava texture[*]CptJoker for his truly spectacular lava textures[*]Edgen for his incredible music to complement this quest[*]The crew of CastleSky for building Avalon and starting off this wonderful chain of great mods because of it[*]LennyBook for Better Dremora Eyes[*]Horinf for Tor Zireael tower resource[*]Thanks to Cernasite for the use of Dragon Eyes[*]CptJoker – Real Lava 1.3 – use of lava texture[*]Nuska, for Oblivion Character Overhaul
Released on Nexus by request and permission of author Dr. Smith.ALL PMs, queries, questions, comments should be emailed to Doc Smith at andersonsmith969 AT gmail.comAny use of this mod must be granted permission by the author first. Some assets in this mod belong to their various authors and can be used freely. Original voice files, sound effects, and art assets are the property of this file’s author. If unsure of how to proceed, please contact the author.