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Added: 01/11/2013 - 03:42PM
Updated: 08/03/2014 - 06:10PM

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This mod is a multi-jump system to jump in air without special keys, only jumping by the normal jump control key. Jump, then press jump again to jump in air! While jumping your acrobatics skill is incremented so you can jump higher and higher. When you fall down, you have no damage and your acrobatics skill comes back to normal value. If you use open cities, you can enter the cities without using the door! If you are in air you can press the left shift key; your avatar does the diving position, when you release the key he/she dips into the water.

The mod has also the dodging system (you can dodge by double tapping quickly the same direction control key but this feature is already in Oblivion and also in other mods so, if necessary, you can disable it opening the console and typing

set JJJMagicJumpQuest.DodgeEnabled to 0

If you avatar is female, there is a random sound when jumping.

If your pc is too slow loading area or the frame rate drops while jumping, the jump can fail.....so jump again!

Have fun!

Thanks to Oblivion community.