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Rewriting the introduction. I have college, I will be working on it soon. I just made a storyline for this project. It is in The Assimilation Lab website. I hope you all like it. 
Mod Description
Will be working on this as well. 
Screenshots and concept drawings for the project: Black Rose Gallery

Project Site
The The Order of the Black Rose is being hosted at The Assimilation Lab

Coming soon
-New Worldspace
-New furniture; rugs, torn and clean banners, beds
-new Factions
-Quests and a big battle between the order of the black rose and the Mages Guild's founded
-New armors/clothing for new faction's allies and enemies
-New Unique armor for the leader(player)

-Sinblood for Sinblood_Necrostaff_Modder Resource
-stroti for Strotis static skeleton resource
-TTemplar for TTemplars Dungeon Clutter
-Gorv for Resource Pack
-WillWorthingtonIII for Inkwell with Quill
-Gorv and Elderscrollsfan001 for helping me
-Edocsil for Edocs Serpent Dagger Resource
-Strotis for Strotis new lights skull candle
- Najaknevrec for Mighty Mannimarcos Robe
- Alexander Wolf for Alexanders Wings
- Renzeekin for Concealing Hoods
- tda for tdas Scythe Mod
- w2drs21 and helborne for Dagger of the Wicked
- the bloke for Ringswraiths V2

If you want to help out on this big project, PM me or comment, beta testing, quest building, soundtrack engineer and many others.