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Lorgren Benirus on his earlier life, he was member of the Mages Guild for a time. However, his studies of Necromancy and Dark Magic had him expelled from the guild and he was forced to continue his work in a secret chamber under his family home, Benirus Manor. Soon, simply theoretical experiments became boring and he turned to experimenting on living slaves, first of all to get an understanding of the soul, and later, to begin working out how to transform himself into that undead specimen all necromancers one day hope to become: a lich.
However, as he was nearing his final transmutation, the local Mages Guild got wind of what he was doing and stormed the house, killing Lorgren and sealing the portal to his laboratory. As he died he cursed the house to be forever haunted by the tormented souls of his dead slaves, until one of his descendants opened the portal with their true Benirus blood and continued his work. Two generations later, there was only one of his bloodline left - a man by the name of Velwyn Benirus. His dream was to leave Anvil and start a new life in Imperial City, but his family heritage forced him to clean up all the loose ends - including selling the manor. Unfortunately it had garnered a reputation as being a 'deathtrap' and any new buyers were scared off by rumors of vanishing mysteriously the first night they slept there. (Modified storyline): Before experimenting and transforming himself into a lich, in his secret chambers beyond there was a door, that Lorgren Benirus could not open, he searched for the key and he could not find it. He continue his work. (continue Vanilla Storyline): The Hero was one of these prospective buyers, but they were not as easily repelled.
After discovering Lorgren's skeletal arm in a smashed jar, they tracked down Velwyn and convinced him to come to the manor and open the portal. Although he came, after fighting his way through and opening the portal, he fled in terror.

The Hero confronted Lorgren, but the lich backed down and said all he wanted was to be finally at rest. The Hero returned his arm, only to be attacked by Lorgren, now at full power. However, Lorgren's rebirth was to be a short one. He was struck down, and as his taint lifted from the house, so did its aura of the dead - flowers grew, all the funishings were restored, and the house that had been a stain on the city of Anvil was cleansed. (Continue modified Storyline): After Lorgren Benirus died in his lich form, his real body disappeared, during the fight between the Hero and Lorgren Benirus. The Hero must find what happened to his real body and why there's a door beyond Lorgren's reach.

Mod Description
The Remake of Benirus Manor has be rebuilt, not quite though, it has the stone walls, including some furniture, a new bed and rugs, There will be three new factions, to battle, including quests, Armors, weapons, Interiors, statues and many more. There are six cells that are not finished yet and two more cells that are coming soon. One of them is on the bottom of my list including npcs. Only three npcs are in the mod for testing. The six cells are: The Sanctuary, Guard Barracks, Prison, Torture Chamber, Secret Cavern, Training Hall. Two are coming soon: Benirus's Family Tomb and Lorgren's Realm.This mod is a big one that I've ever made. Tell me how you like it and what rate it shall be, It is not finished yet, it's on a 38% completion. I've started working on this mod since July. Right now I'm still working on the new faction's stronghold/Sanctuary in Benirus Manor underground. The two sub-faction's will be in a working in progress

Screenshots and concept drawings for the project: Black Rose Gallery

Project Site
The The Order of the Black Rose is being hosted at The Assimilation Lab

Coming soon
-New Worldspace
-New furniture; rugs, torn and clean banners, beds
-new Factions
-Quests and a big battle between the order of the black rose and the Mages Guild's founded
-New armors/clothing for new faction's allies and enemies
-New Unique armor for the leader(player)

-Sinblood for Sinblood_Necrostaff_Modder Resource
-stroti for Strotis static skeleton resource
-TTemplar for TTemplars Dungeon Clutter
-Gorv for Resource Pack
-WillWorthingtonIII for Inkwell with Quill
-Gorv and Elderscrollsfan001 for helping me
-Edocsil for Edocs Serpent Dagger Resource
-Strotis for Strotis new lights skull candle
- Najaknevrec for Mighty Mannimarcos Robe
- Alexander Wolf for Alexanders Wings
- Renzeekin for Concealing Hoods
- tda for tdas Scythe Mod
- w2drs21 and helborne for Dagger of the Wicked

If you want to help out on this big project, PM me or comment, beta testing, quest building, soundtrack engineer and many others.