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The Order of the Black Rose is founded by Obakose, he was a very powerful vampire and worshiped Molag Bal when a new initiate joined he turns them into vampires in his order. After he gotten eliminated by the hand of Mannimarco' s right hand man and many of his followers perished. A new leader appeared and changed the order. The new leader is Ilnori followers worshiped him as a destructive god. He is fearless and unstoppable he is also a vampire but he doesn't turn his initiates into vampires only by requested, he wanted to summon as many undead minions as possible to eliminate a village for a new oppose threat from The Psijic Order, later he found a lot of initiates and a few of the them suggested to have a trial to become his personal guard, many were tested and failed. But only two completed his trials and they've won their rightful place as the "The Reaper's personal guards." The Black Rose Legion.

Even though Ilnori, discovered Lorgren Benirus and his ways to transform into a lich. Ilnori become obsessed of the idea to his followers. He stayed in Benirus Manor and sealed himself in the lair, so no one can interfere. The Psijic Order sensed about Ilnori's presence and cast him out of anvil, he was weak then. After the sixth day he wanted revenge, his acolytes and personal guards needed a place to call sanctuary. Ilnori told them that he will be away for many millennium to continue he's research, of the ways of the lich and found a new group of necromancers called The Order of the Black Worm, they were hostile towards Ilnori and his followers. As many years passed by, Ilnori became so powerful, the necromancers feared him as they fear Mannimarco. So he created unique robes for his domain, no one knows who his true identity is. Immediately Ilnori destroyed and tortured as many necromancers as possible to make them to join him. Many have perished from The Reaper and his Black Rose Legion, but eventually they've joined him and his cause.

Mod Description
Will be working on this as well. 

Screenshots and concept drawings for the project: Black Rose Gallery

Project Site
The The Order of the Black Rose is being hosted at The Assimilation Lab

Coming soon
-New Worldspace
-New furniture; rugs, torn and clean banners, beds
-Two new factions-Quests and a big battle between The Order of the Black Rose and The Psijic order
-New armors/clothing for new faction and enemy faction
-New Unique armor for the leader(player)

-Sinblood for Sinblood_Necrostaff_Modder Resource
-stroti for Strotis static skeleton resource
-TTemplar for TTemplars Dungeon Clutter
-Gorv for Resource Pack
-WillWorthingtonIII for Inkwell with Quill
-Gorv and Elderscrollsfan001 for helping me
-Edocsil for Edocs Serpent Dagger Resource
-Strotis for Strotis new lights skull candle
- Najaknevrec for Mighty Mannimarcos Robe
- Alexander Wolf for Alexanders Wings
- Renzeekin for Concealing Hoods
- tda for tdas Scythe Mod
- w2drs21 and helborne for Dagger of the Wicked
- the bloke for Ringswraiths V2
-meo3000 for Meos Series Booksets  Resource

If you want to help out on this big project, PM me or comment, beta testing, quest building, soundtrack engineer and many others.