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Short introduction
A Tweaked ENB (ATE) is a an combination of many ENB effects. Its a rather demanding present that needs a good computer. The focus and main goal with this ENB is to create a good fantasy immersion that are true to the Oblivion world. I am uploading this present so that I can contribute in a small way to this awsome community here at Nexus. If you are interested in what kind of mods I am using for the images please have a look at the up to date mod list 2014-03-08.

ATE uses following effects to make Oblivion more immerse:
-Night noise filter

Installation instructions for desktop computer with Nvidia graphic cards
1. Download the newest rar that you can find under "files". The file is here called "ATE181_beta".
2. Exctract the files in "00" to where you have Oblivion installed. The files from "00" must be where you have "Oblivion.exe" and "OblivionLauncher".
3. Now download the v0.181.rar
4. In that .rar you will find "Wrapperversion"
5. In the "WrapperVersion" folder you will find "d3d9.dll". Extract it to the same folder were you have "Oblivion.exe".
6. The ENB is now installed.
6.1. Start Oblivionlauncher.exe and enable HDR and turn off Antialasing.
6.2. !!I M P O R T A N T!! Hardware AA/AF/SSAO must be deactivated. You find the settings in "Nvidia Control Panel" or "Catalyst control center" depending on what type of graphic card you have.
7. Depending on what Grass modification you use bGrassPointLighting=, bDrawShaderGrass=, and bShadowsOnGrass= in Oblvion.ini should be set to 1

Please read the following information:
a) Have you followed the insructions to the point? Its crucial to follow the instructions.
b) To fix the transperncy issue in 1st person please install the newest OBSE and Enhanced First Person Camera
This fix is taken from Nexus member OllieWhat. Please do understand that its a fix that may or may not work for you.
c) Programs such as MSI Afterburner, EvegaPrecsionX dosent work togheter with ENB. Disable them.
d) ENB´s dosent work correctly with OBGE effects such as Liquidwater. Most of the issues that Ive handled comes from OBGE and ENB conflicts.
e) Please try Aero v2 ENB. Its without doubt the best ENB setting for Oblivion with tons of options for you to choice from.
f) Using a laptop? Use the injector version, I dont know its function.

Ive given credit to the modders under "Credits and distribution permission". If Ive not mention a modder please contact me so I can give correct credit.

A special thanks goes to ewi65 here at Nexus. Ewi65 is the creator of the awsome ENB´s E ENB Skyrim, E ENB New Vegas