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Castle Highrock-Fighter's Guild Quests Patch

A very small patch file, made by request, that repairs conflicts caused by using Castle
Highrock and Fighter's Guild Quests at the same time.


Conflict area was at the corner cell borders of 2,35 and 3,34. Castle Highrock added a
set of stairs leading up the mountain from this point and Fighters Guild Quests added
a small Bandit Camp in the adjacent cell.

Sealed up the landscape tear, raised landscape at base of stairs, un-buried several rocks,
several mushrooms, un-buried and relocated one log. No path grid edits necessary


Castle Highrock is due west from Bruma and south of Applewatch. The Bandit camp is ever
so slightly south on the trail from Castle Highrock's stairway.

Required Files


Castle Highrock by Centurion
Fighters Guild Quests by David Brasher


1. Extract to your Oblivion Data folder either manually or using the mod manager
    of your choice.

2. Set Load order as shown below.

3. Play and enjoy

Load Order


Fighters Guild Quests.esp
Highrock-FGQ Patch.esp


May conflict with other mods or patches using these game cells. If this turns out to
be the case let me know. Alternate patches are always possible.

Check out the rest of my patch files, and many from other community members at
The One Stop Patch Shop.


Centurion - Castle Highrock
David Brasher - Fighter's Guild Quests

Legal Stuff

Please do not upload this file to any other sites without my consent. All original mod
content belongs to the authors listed above.