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Hi all.

Well, this is it. Skyrim Improved refitted, with permission, to work with TWMP. With fixed landscape issues, removed bugs and so on. Picking up the banner left by Skyrim Improved Team :)

Yet it is a wip project at the moment, but there's already a thing to download - a resource pack. An update to it (a small one) will be released once the mod is complete.

Current build: 71
Filesize: 113 mb
Resource pack size: 1999 mb

I've decided to scrap many features planned before. Mod is huge already and is a pita to work with. There will be 1 more release of my TWMP series - focused on settlements and to a lesser extent dungeons instead of land. Thus release will be earlier than i expected.

Mod will include:
- 8 settlements (Riverwood, Blackmoor, Nimlaten City, Sungard, Greenwall, Vernim Wood, Dungar Wall and Granitehall)
- 3 cities -- Snowhawk, Windhelm and Solitude.
- several mines, encounters in the wilderness

Tamriel Landscape Pack
Tamriel Resource Pack
TWMP Hammerfell
TWMP High Rock
OBSE 20+

OBSE Plugin: Elys's Universal Silent Voice
HGEC and Robert Male body
Dynamic Map

Done at the moment:
-- converted to TWMP
-- adjsuted landheights (mostly)
-- check and fix Nimalten City
-- check and fix Sungard
-- check and fix Vernim Wood
-- check and fix Greenwall
-- add/fix Riverwood
-- add Blackmoor
-- check and fix Dungar Wall
-- add stonecutters' village
-- check and fix Granitehall
-- added Solitude
-- check and fix Markath Side
-- check and fix Windhelm
-- add children
-- finalized landheight. Added all major bodies of water - lakes and rivers.
-- removed COBL dependency
-- removed DCRP dependency by merging it into this mod - with formid change etc.
-- pathgridded High Rock. Took my rig 12 days (!!!) of non-stop working.
-- rename Markath Side to Snowhawk
-- generated and pathgridded landscape.
-- generated and pathgridded western Morrowind -- Velothi District
-- finalized landscape and populated western Skyrim.
-- finalized landscape and populated eastern Skyrim. Western Morrowind to go.
-- fix guard AI so they'd actually arrest (allow Nord guards) // already here as part of prereqs

-- fix entrances of mines
-- fix map markers for mines
-- add sensual walks support
-- add Oblivion gates
-- make girls in brothel dance (Windhelm girl too)
-- add a working prison (at least one)
-- add aurora borealis
-- restore animations (praying in chapels, smithing, playing a lute)
-- fix jarl/kings names/titles
-- ensure a well/toilet exists in every settlement
-- add fish and clams
-- clean the mod of unneeded resources (well, try to)

Scrapped for now (left for future mod):
-- add new ingredients to leveled lists
-- add new armor / weapons to the leveled lists
-- place quest dungeons to Skyrim
-- add Fortress of Ice
-- make bards in bards' colledge actually play music.
-- add folks singing in taverns
-- implement quest (s)
-- add thu'um as part of quest
-- add a player house (will be as quest reward)
-- add Dunmer town in western Morrowind
-- add bards to inns
-- add cities/towns to High Rock
-- add a city and encounters/dungeons to Valenwood (this means that this mod will be dependent on it)
-- add some more content to Elsweyr
-- add Pearl islands
-- add Topal Isle
-- add TWMP Hammerfell support (cross NPC)
-- add NPCs to wilderness encounters everywhere, not monsters only
-- adjust stats of some Elsweyr items

Credits: TBA

Release date: TBA