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Combines the stats of one or more items with the appearance of another.
Can also be used to rename items, which can be very helpful for sorting them.

Usage - Short
Click on +Item Merger in your inventory, follow directions.
Alternatively, place it somewhere and activate it.
If you are having a problem with the process, read Usage - Long in the readme file
If you are not getting the results you want, read Model Swap vs Item Merge and Merging Multiple Stats Items in the readme file.

Appearance Item: the item whoose appearance you want to keep, placed in the first container
Stats Item(s): the item(s) whoose stats you want to keep, place in the second container
New Item: the item that is created from the Appearance Item and the Stats Item(s)

Do not ask for help on the comments page, I do not check this regularly.
Either send a message on NexusMods or email me at al.durand@gmail.com

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