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Combat Stance Reanimation v2.0
Tired of the bad vanilla idles? Had enough of your character looking afraid to fight when holding a weapon?
This animation replacer might just be what you need.

These are replacements for all the idles when in combat, it includes complementary animations
-Standing and Turning
-Walking and Running

All animations use all basic bones from Universal Skeleton, this means they are BBB "enabled"
For more information, read the readme inside the file

Universal Skeleton here at Nexus (No, not really but you should REALLY HAVE IT)
None other that I can think right now except of course THE GAME...

Just place meshes folder from this "Data" folder into your Oblivion "Data" folder

BBB explanation:
So "BBB ENABLED" means a stabilizing function to keep weird stuff from happening when using other animations where breasts do move.

Changes in v2.0:
Idle animation, HEAVILY edited
Just some minor changes to the breathing effect in all idles, I made it more exaggerated
Some changes to One and Two Hand combat stances in Idle (standing) position and complementary animations
Added bouncing breasts to HandToHand idle, I made that one as a sparring animation, then the constant movement makes sense in making some minor breast jumping.

Random stuff...
You liked my work?
Thank you very much! I really appreciate it, and it makes me happy to know you're enjoying my work! =)

You didn't like it?
Then shut up, don't download this and go bother someone else

You want to make your own additions, change this or upload it somewhere else?
By all means proceed, only remember to put my name on it, as a measure of respect for other people's work
I'm not looking for fame, but respect is important to me.

Want more unnecessary breast bouncing?
Not gonna happen.

Credits and Thanks:
Me of course.
Coronerra and Growlf, creators of Universal Skeleton
Creators of previous animation mods I used as tools to understand animating and made great mods I was using for a long time.
Among others...
All the people who helped either with encouragement, links to useful stuff or teaching me a few things.
Thanks for your good will and patience