Guardians Encampment by Emperor Pilaf
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Guardian's Encampment (v1.0) by E. Pilaf


This mod adds a rest camp located in the Colovian Highlands. The camp includes a merchant's outpost where you can buy supplies, a small shrine for those that worship the Nine, an outhouse, a hidden storeroom to safely store your treasure, and a remarkable view of the Imperial Reserve & Skingrad.

The Guardian’s Encampment serves as a safe haven in what some might call a rather bleak part of Cyrodiil.
This is a campsite mod inspired by the rest camps scattered about the harsh land of Gransys in the game Dragon's Dogma.

Upon installing this mod the map marker for the Guardian's Encampment will appear on the world map. All safe storage is properly marked.

This mod is an open resource, anyone can use/ edit this file in any way they would like.

Oblivion (v1.2)

Guardian's Encampment is fully compatible with the vanilla version of Trails of Cyrodiil - Colovian Highlands by Malachi Delacot. http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/31624

Conflicts with UL Colovian Highlands :(

Download Guardian's Encampment and extract to the Oblivion Data folder.
Activate mod through either "Oblivion: Data Files" or in Oblivion Mod Manager.

To Bethesda Softworks for making Oblivion.