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House Pissant, a pretty home with an ugly name. I found the default house in Chorrol to be exactly the opposite (blank, toilet-atmos home, but the name is nice), and so I decided to add a proper home to Chorrol.

Buyable for around 25000 gold

* Large home with very warm interior
* Mage's Quarters with enchanter and spell maker
* Little garden
* Plenty of display and storage space
* New reading material (book and deed, neither meant to be deep or moving (as with all my in-game writing))

1) Unrar, place .esp in your data folder and make sure to check it in the launcher. Start game.
2) Go to Castle Chorrol, after entering turn left immediately and you will find a man named Jives.
3) Buy deed from Jives, equip it to receive your key.
4) Go to the fighters guild. Turn East, and there will be a gap in the stone wall. Go through it and down the path to your new house.

Only the cs and my time were used in creating this mod (both of which were readily available :-D).
Many thanks go to oblivion nexus for making oblivion mod sharing easy and comprehensive!

Have fun!