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I needed these objects for a large town/quest mod that is currently under development, and given that these are not spoilers for the quest, I decided to go ahead and release them as a standalone resource for other modders.

These meshes all use 100% vanilla textures, so you do not need to insert folders into your textures directory. These are adapted Bethesda geometry -- I do not claim to be the original creator!

Here is a description of the files:

* sys-balconychorrol01 and 02

These are Skingrad-style balconies retextured to match the Chorrol architecture, and with improved collision versus their vanilla counterparts. These have already been released (with my permission) as part of perolozhach's "Balcony - Modders Resource" on TES NExus, http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/33977.

* sys-chorrol-doorframe01

This is a standalone wood timber frame for the arch-shaped Chorrol doors. You will probably need to scale either it, or the door, to fit. This object is useful to place a load door (but not an animated one!) against a previously blank wall. It tales a bit of care to make this work, and you may need some additional vanilla wood trim objects or door stones to make it look the way you want. I used this with the exterior counterpart to my modified house 06 mesh (see below) to add a new back door to the structure.

* sys-chorrolhousemiddle04int-divided1, 2, and 3

These are adaptations of the Chorrol middle class house 04 interior, with the addition of divider walls to separate the second floor into smaller rooms. Options 1 and 2 each add one interior wall (in different locations), and option 3 has both of the interior walls. IMPORTANT: The correct door for use with these interior dividers is Chorrol Middle Door Interior 01 (Animated), but SCALED TO 91% SIZE. The scaling is necessary because the door at full size looks too big on the second floor, and so I created the door frames at a smaller size. The animation has been tested in-game and works fine even when scaled.

* sys-chorrolhousemiddle04int-dividerwall

This is the new divider wall offered as a separate object in case modders have other uses for it. If you want it inside Chorrol MC House 04, it is probably best to just use the predefined versions I have created above, because it is tricky to place the wall in the Construction Set. But if you want to use it elsewhere, go for it!

* sys-chorrolhousemiddle04int-vanillafix

As I was modifying the vanilla mesh for my own use, I found a fairly nasty collision problem with the railing around the top of the stairwell, specifically that the part closest to the upstairs fireplace was completely out of place, allowing the player to walk through part of the rail. There were also two cosmetic problems with floor textures, which although minor were worth fixing when I had the opportunity. These bug fixes are in my divided 1, 2, and 3 options (see above), but I also wanted to offer the unmodified layout as a pure bug fix.

* sys-chorrolhousemiddle06-2doors

This is the large building interior used for the Oak and Crosier in Chorrol. Bethesda actually did a "Tardis" on the basement door; in reality, their basement stairs would be outside the building. I needed a version of this mesh that put the basement stairwell underneath the main stairs, a more logical and realistic location, and used the original basement door location as an extra door to the outside.

* sys-chorrolhousemiddle07int-open

This version of Chorrol middle class house 07 removes the interior partitions to make it suitable for use as a tavern or shop (which was my requirement).

* sys-chorrolhouseupper01-lowerdivider1

This is a standalone interior partition (stonework) for the Chorrol upper class houses. I built it for one particular use, and actually ended up not needing it after all, but you might find it useful in various ways.

* sys-chorrol-interiorwall01, 02, 03, and 03high

These are more interior partition walls, designed to be placed inside the vanilla building interiors. Use as you wish, and note that doors may need to be scaled to fit.