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Added: 11/04/2013 - 07:16AM
Updated: 27/02/2014 - 04:39AM

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Last updated at 4:39, 27 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 7:16, 11 Apr 2013

An esp[less] replacer of many random things in-game. This mod will be updated as I see fit.

So far this mod includes

-Shafty Sun.
-Waterfall/Foam/Splash Texture Replacer.
-Player Water Splash Replacer.
-1024 x 1024 Vanilla Skeleton Textures.
-Golden Gold Coins With Glow Maps, Icon And Twinkle Support.
-Dungeon Water Replacer.
-Lava Replacer.
-4096 x 4096 Holly variants.
-High Resolution Ice.
-Better looking Maple Shrubs.
-High Resolution City Banner Textures
-Cloudruler Temple Roof Shingles 2048x2048
-Farm House grass roof and white wall plaster 2048x2048
-Improved default hair texture
-High Resolution Candles
-Seamless + High Resolution Rope texture
-Unmatched Jerall Mountains Rock Textures
-White Shock Spell effect texture
-Tree Billboards (High Res and nicer transition in colour)
-Hi Resolution textures for Shrub Euonymus (Leaves and Bark)
-Generic Ink Berry
-Edited Crysis DoF shader (Requires OBGE)
-Black Sheogorath eyes (with glowmaps)
-hi res mossy ayleid ruins
-black dremora eyes
-viewable cave LOD
-high resolution cave textures
-best terrain noise
-Better SSAO texture

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