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Interactive Readmeā„¢

This collection of 'mods' is a attempt to make the marvelous world of modding Oblivion just a little bit easier. I've been a fan of Wrye Bash since the beginning, and I am a huge fan of the wizard ability that was implemented. A few clicks and you are back doing what you want: actually playing the bloody game! There are however, very few Bain wizards out there, and some it seems are for lesser known or seldom installed mods. I wanted to make the most downloaded mods easier to install, and help prevent the dreaded CTD. This will in turn prevent the dreaded forum post: "I installed your smelly mod and it ate my game!"

Welcome to modding for the rest of us.

AbigailsMODSā„¢ Presents: Mart's Monster Mod
Ever felt a sense of deja vu when battling your 368th bandit? Mart's Monster Mod is here to help with that. MMM adds hundreds of new baddies to fight, all carefully balanced and distributed. Not interested in fighting a specific enemy? MMM is very modular, and you can remove almost anything with a few clicks in my handy wizard. What are you waiting for?

How to install:
  1. Download the mod archives required. (links are included in readme)
  2. Copy downloaded mod archives archives to your \Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers Folder.
  3. Extract the AbigailsMODS BCF (Bain Conversion File).
  4. Copy the BCF to your \Oblivion Mods\Bash Installers\Bain Converters folder.
  5. Open Wrye Bash.
  6. Click on the 'Installers' tab.
  7. Select each archive that is part of the BCF.
  8. Right-Click on the selected archives, and choose Conversions>Apply>AbigailsMODS-OOO-BCF.
  9. Wait for the conversion to finish.
  10. Right-Click on the new archive and choose 'Wizard'
  11. Follow the Prompts
  12. Have Fun!

  • Wrye - For Wrye Bash and BAIN
  • Lojack - For the wonderful BAIN wizard scripting language.
  • Metallicow - For the 292 DEMO. (Seriously, you rock!)
  • tetrodoxin - For the Synx race and CM Partner Isabell that Abigail's Model is based off of.
  • VoodooR31 - For the Isabell game save gave that made it much easier to get Abigaial's screenshots.
  • Martigen, Corepc and the MMM team for MMM.

I did not create any of the content linked here. If there are issues with how the mod acts in-game, please consult the individual mod readmes and the original mod authors. This is something I did for a personal project, that I thought people might appreciate. Constructive feedback is appreciated.