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Added: 25/03/2013 - 11:13PM
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How do chapels support their monks/priests, wounded, gardener costs and etc...? Perhaps Talos intervenes, but donations are a big help! Unless you're the sneaky type, then perhaps chapels hold something more than just a few petty coins...

Basically this mod adds donation bowls (containers), to every chapel. If you're standing, activating them will donate 10 coins. However, if you're sneaking you will open the container, thus allowing stealing. There's a very small (see changelog) chance of the bowls having a gem donated to them, meaning you can make a bit of spare cash ripping off the monks.

Please feel free to make any/all suggestions, I appreciate everything! :D

It was made in CSE, but should not require OBSE as I did not use any functions from it.

Adds to:
- Anvil Chapel of Dibela (On the altar)
- Bravil Chapel of Mara (On the altar)
- Bruma Chapel of Talos (On the altar)
- Cadlew Chapel (On the floor in front a table)
- Cheydinhal Chapel of Arkay (On the altar)
- Chorrol Chapel of Stendarr (On the altar)
- Hackdirt Chapel of Brethren (On the last bench to the left)
- Kvatch (Pre-destruction) Chapel of Akatosh (On the altar)
- Leyawiin Chapel of Zenithar (On the altar)
- Skingrad Chapel of Julianos (On the altar)

v1.0 Creation
This makes the script a bit messey, however I did my best to comment bits that might not make sense.
- Changed blessing from Altar of the Nine to custom Blessing of Charity
-- Adds Fort. Health/magicka/fatigue and a radius of light, all for 300 seconds.
- Changed the message shown if you donate with less than 20 gold
- Fixed the bowl to work like a container
- Added Sneak-Activating the bowl WILL steal.
- Added 6 starting gold in every bowl. It's non-respawn, so I suppose you *could* store your armor in a donation bowl...
- Added a timer based bowl addition system.
-- After 360 real-life seconds the bowl has an 80% chance of getting 1-7 gold, AND a 12% chance of getting either an empty Greater soul gem OR a flawless (ruby/sapphire/emerald(Yay Pokemon :D))
--- Yes, now you can get rich off stealing gems from chapels.