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Added: 24/03/2013 - 06:11AM
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Last updated at 6:12, 27 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 6:11, 24 Mar 2013

Are you a master conjurer? Tired of summoning bland creatures that look like stale rocks? Want you Spider Daedra to be a bit more natural in her appearance? This mod is for you then!

It's quite simple really: My Spider Daedra Textures are far superior than the vanilla ones. Period.
If not, then why are you here? hahaha. All joking aside, I was rather unimpressed by the
Spider Daedra Textures in the vanilla game and the lack of them on the Nexus (aside from the
only 2 actual retextures by Gizmodian and Themythofanst), everything else were just mods that
removed parts of their (skin?)corset to show the breast. Don't get me wrong; I'm not complaining, but I'm looking for a bit more than breast action.
Not to mention that I've -lately- been playing around with mods and one in particular caught my eye, and that\'s the "Playable NPC Creatures" mod by TheTalkieToaster. With that mod, only the bottom spider-half uses the Spider Daedra textures while the top uses whatever female mesh textures yo have. Which means you can play with whatever body you want but the spider bottom still used those drab "Ancient Rock-spider" textures. I get it, but I think I want my demon spider people to have flesh on both halves of the coin. So I took it upon myself to make some Spider textures that truly give the feel of a "Spider" Daedra while maintaining that Daedric essence.

(God, I've been rambling on for a bit here..)

I'm still working on these textures, and even making more for the Spider Daedra.


Make sure you have the "ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated" mod by Quarn in order to rid yourself
of the trouble of invalidating your textures so this can work.

Simply extract the archive using Winrar into your game's corresponding \Data\Textures\Creatures folder.

If you have the Oblivion Mod Manager, then it will do all of this for you once you click the
mod to install it. they're purely textures, so they have no .esp and require no load order placement.


Let me know what you guys think of my mod. The feed back would help me better the quality. Post pictures if you want to. I'd love to see how my work does for you. Any request you might want (hopefully within reason) let me know via comments, and I'll see what I can do. =)

-Updated the textures a bit. Now, the more spider-y parts are more... well, spider-ish
(External abdomen organs are slight visible. No vagina or anything but I like to be realistic a
bit with my textures). Comment if you do not approve.

-The Skin (or carapace; whichever you prefer) above the Pedipalps in not turned into skin
from the humanoid half. I might change it to spider skin since it conflicts visually with those
playing the Spider Daedra race with a different skin tone (me).

-added 3 Anterior Median Eyes(AME's for those who know their stuff) to the forehead of the
humanoid part. Gives the sense of an actual spider in a humanoid form.(Only visual
aesthetics). Note: This only works on the non-playable Spider Daedra. Player's with TTT's
mod will only notice this change on Spiderlings and other Spider Daedra.

-Enhanced glow maps. Now all eyes, red parts, visible organs, and markings on the back have
nearly bright glow to them. Gives that feel that Daedric magick is present.

-Tweaked the lips to make them more even and less stretched.

-Colored the headdress Blood red on some parts and added red nails to match; just looked better.

-Textures work perfect with no known issues; still updating.

TheTalkieToaster for his "Playable and NPC Creatures" Mod

Bethesda for their wonderful meshes and Spider Daedra Models.

Textures belong to Manjaro Wolf and permission to use them must be passed by him.
Any unauthorized use of my textures without giving credit to me will be reported.