Mini Top Hats For All Bodies by Happysparkles
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Added: 24/03/2013 - 03:07AM
Updated: 25/03/2013 - 02:45AM

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About this mod:

This mod is basically a mod that was originally planned to be released as part of an outfit (The Seductive Frill Set) because a few people kept asking me for it it so I decided to release it. The good thing is this hat mod is compatible for ALL bodies, genders, races etc. This mod basically adds about 22 Cute Frill Mini Top and has a general alternate set (black or white vial). Sorry but this mod only comes with my favorite necklace from Speedbuster joke mod set which has the ORIGINAL Sui Cup body. I used the amulate slot and because of that used it for the hat too because I am sure some would like to keep that ughh neck seam off and want to keep sexy chocolate characters :P.


None at all, it is compatible with everything.


Just drag to the data folder.


Well a little trick to uninstalling anything is simple, just drag to folder again from the RAR file then Cntl+Z to undo it and it will in effect \"Delete the files\"

What was done:

I basically took a future mod and used it for now, it also is ONLY the bigger variant, this was done because there seemed to be a bit of an issue with the smaller one. The larger one is more universal compatible as the small one will cut into some bigger heads, and sometimes the big hair mods will cover the hat, defeating the purpose of wearing it.

What will be done:

Well I did most of the colors for MY mods releases compatibility so if you REALLY want I am very open to making other versions, just send your requests with links to my inbox so the 2nd one can contain other mods matches. I also plan to make cuter versions as my skill increases.


It works well in game but in the character menu you sadly will see alpha clashing with hairs with alphas. it is also (like any alpha texture) no longer seeable in some lights (Alpha lights?) But during regular game play you will VERY rarely get issues, also it only happens in the front for some reason :(.


I cannot control what you do behinds the scenes but I do ask that you DO NOT publish use of this mod as it is still in a work in progress.


Speedbuster - For the Suicup necklace used to block those disgusting seems no one likes.
KameleonKlick from Deviant art for the wonderful Texture that I used for several items now.
Movomo and Gerra6 for their wonderful non give up assistance with the alpha channel issues I\'ve incured.

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Thank you to those who views and/or downloaded the files.
It is still a work in progress but I hope that maybe it works well for you and you can enjoy it