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This will conflict with any other mods that make changes to the vanilla vampirism system. It's intended to be used as a balancing supplement to Lithians Nature of the Beast, which I highly recommend. IT IS NOT RECOMMENDED to use as a standalone, though, because for some reason unknown to me, if you're a vampire, NPCs will flee from and attack you regardless of what stage you're at.

Lithians Nature of the Beast has an ability, Conceal Nature, which counteracts this problem, but it's still a problem, so if you're a more experienced modder who's stumbled upon this page, I'd appreciate some help, I'd even credit you as co-author.

This mod currently only alters stats and values. Nothing is dramatically altered or overhauled. The goal is a minimal conflict, no-nonsense mod that can be used with other mods and tweaked to fit them appropriately.

Get Lithians Nature of the Beast here, the English version is available in the mirrors section of the modpage:


So, what have I changed?

I've added minor health regeneration (to slightly offset the penalty of sun damage) to later stages of vampirism, buffed up resistance to normal weapons, added frost resistance/immunity and water-breathing (hey, you are undead, after all), and altered a couple of the vampire-exclusive abilities.

I also added endurance to the list of enhanced attributes. I just thought it should've been included in the first place.

Weakness to fire and sun damage for the later stages have both been ramped up. A lot. You'll also have a slight weakness to shock (electricity burns too).

All the specific stat changes listed:
Stage 4: Vampirism 100%
Sun Damage - 12 points/second
Weakness to Fire - 100
Weakness to Shock - 12
Resist Frost - 100
Resist Paralysis - 100
Resist Poison - 100
Resist Disease - 100
Resist Normal Weapons - 100
Restore Health - 10 points/second
Restore Fatigue - 10 points/second
Default attribute increase of 20, Endurance is now included
Default skill increase of 20

Stage 3: Vampirism 75%
Sun Damage - 8 points/second
Weakness to Fire - 75
Weakness to Shock - 8
Resist Frost - 75
Resist Paralysis - 100
Resist Poison - 75
Resist Disease - 100
Resist Normal Weapons - 75
Restore Health - 7 points/second
Restore Fatigue - 7 points/second
Default attribute increase of 20, Endurance is now included
Default skill increase of 20

Stage 2: Vampirism 50%
Sun Damage - 4 points/second
Weakness to Fire - 50
Weakness to Shock - 4
Resist Frost - 50
Resist Paralysis - 100
Resist Poison - 50
Resist Disease - 100
Resist Normal Weapons - 50
Restore Health - 2 points/second
Restore Fatigue - 2 points/second
Default attribute increase of 10, Endurance is now included
Default skill increase of 10

Stage 1: Vampirism 25%
Sun Damage - None (maybe some slight sun damage depending on feedback)
Weakness to Fire - 25
Weakness to Shock - 2
Resist Frost - 25
Resist Paralysis - 100
Resist Poison - 25
Resist Disease - 100
Resist Normal Weapons - 25
Restore Health - 1 point/second
Restore Fatigue - 1 point/second
Default attribute increase of 5, Endurance is now included
Default skill increase of 5

The spell changes:

Embrace of Shadows >>> Spectral Form
Embrace of Shadows has been expanded. Now, once per day, you can become an invisible specter, immune to most forms of damage, able to absorb spells, and travel over water with ease. However, this ability is VERY draining on your stamina and magicka, and damages your strength.

Hunter's Sight >>> Reanimate Thrall
Hunter's Sight was a useless ability because as a vampire, you already had a slight form of low-light vision that made light sources more apparent. It's instead been merged with Embrace of Shadows to create a new ability, and been replaced with the ability to reanimate dead NPCs for 120 seconds, once per day.

Reign of Terror >>> Reign of Terror (Enhanced)
You now not only demoralize enemies, you absorb their stamina and health as well.

Vampire's Seduction >>> Bend Will
You can now not only charm NPCs, but also dominate lesser creatures.


Blink Distortion
This New ability is unlocked at all stages of Vampirism.
Temporarily shift to another plane of existence, enabling you to dodge attacks with Lightning speed.


Summon Undead

Vampiric Blood Magic

Psychic Ability Specialization

Summon Wolf

A unintrusive feeding counter to reward the player with new perks and abilities as they evolve.

Optional unique gameplay options based on real-life lore and myth
(inability to cross bodies of water, requiring high disposition from an NPC to be able to trespass on their property, weakness to garlic & garlic-laced substances, if an NPC is carrying garlic, it may weaken you if you try to feed on them)

Having NPC vampires recognize the player as an ally
(easy, already done & ready for an optional standalone ESP, will be uploaded soon)

Adding vampire NPC traders to levelled lists

Adding vampire hunters that travel from city to city, and carry unique weapons that are harmful to you

Further balance based on feedback.

This is just a *major* edit that fits my personal preference. Anybody can mess around with it, if they want to.

This is my first mod, by the way, so cut me some slack it it's not up to par with your standards.