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Last updated at 21:36, 15 Mar 2013 Uploaded at 21:14, 15 Mar 2013

This mod is an upgrade of sorts for XTR3M368's Highlander Sword Set.

It adds a pair of scripted off hand swords
Stats are as follows

Dammage: 30

Armor Rating (Offhand Weapon): 20

Speed: 1.9

Health: 5,000

Cost: 6,800

Weight: 0

Oblivion and SI (Don't hold me to that though) all the files required are included in the .rar file

Bugs: None that I can think of

Hope you enjoy them



Thanks to XTR3M368 for the original Sword set http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/33602

Hobbs For his Offhand weapon script http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/26723


the TES Construction Set

and Bethesda Softworks for such an entertaining game.

And now the original read me...

From the ancient times, warriors would fight across time only dying when someone would cut off their head. Two of those swords used by those immortals have survived.
One with a handle dark as night and one with a handle of ivory that is pure as snow. Both are extremely sharp, even after all this time.

The Highlander Sword set. I made a "traditional" ivory handled and an ebony handled version for you darkside or dark armor people. It is faster than a normal longsword
(gotta keep your head!) It is also substantially better constructed than other blades so its health is high. I left them unenchanted because most people like to do that
themselves. Both scabbards are black because both of my Highlander replicas have black scabbards that I have hanging on the wall.

This started out as a perspective retexture and personalization of the Ebony Blade. I HATED the blade that Bethesda put on that and have LOVED Vagabond Angel's. I figured
they would go well together.

I have taken parts from other great modders to make this as well....
VagabondAngel's modder's resource here:

All of the IDs are unique so you probably won't need anything.
The latest Oblivion patch....pretty much a given for all mods.
Let me know if someone is missing something and I will update the file.

None known at this time

Imperial City Talos Plaza district. These are in a chest by the statue in the middle of the square. Fast travel to the Talos district and walk up to it. The chest is on the
ground on the sidewalk "skirt" of the center display statue. This is compatible with Better Cities.

Unzip using Winrar, 7-zip or comprable program into your data folder and check yes when asked to overwrite. This won't overwrite any of Ken's, Jojjo's, Apachii's, or VA's
original files. You can also extract to a temporary folder then copy the .esp, the mesh and texture folder into your data folder of your Oblivion and click yes to overwrite.
(don't worry, it only adds items, it doesn't overwrite anything) Then check the box for the .esp in either your launcher of OBMM.....whichever you use. I am including the BSA
file as well for those that use that method.

Just uncheck the .esp! All the files are extra and the item ID's are unique so no worries about going back to "stock".

The credits:
Mondstein for the Blender Skillz
Bethesda for Oblivion
VagabondAngel for his Glamdring and arrow modder's resource
Nvidia plugin for .dds files
TES Construction Set
MentalElf Barney Blankenship for the TES4Files program I used to package this up for download
If I have left anyone, pm me and I will get you added to the list.