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This small mod allows you to play as Mankar Camoran, the Master of the Mythic Dawn.
This mod is fully compatible with my "Mythic Dawn Hideout" mod.

This is a small tweak (similar to my "Play As Sheogorath" mod) that allows you to play as Mankar Camoran, the Master of the Mythic Dawn cult that stole the Amulet of Kings.

The player will start off looking exactly like Mankar Camoran. It is recommended that you DO NOT change his appearance, features, race, or sex as this will completely ruin his look and render this mod pointless.

The player will start out with Mankar Camoran's Robe, Shoes, Staff, and a wearable Amulet of Kings. The Robe, Shoes, and Staff each have custom enchantments, and I left the Amulet of Kings un-enchanted for you to do whatever you want with. The player has also been placed in the Mythic Dawn Faction at the rank of "The Master".

The player also starts off with 3 new spells. Look at the mod images for the spell names and effects.

This mod is NOT compatible with my "Mythic Dawn Faction" mod or "Play as Sheogorath" mod, so do not have either of them running at the same time as this one. You will also need to select Mankar Camoran's hair manually, (the Mane haircut) or it will change the player's hair to Oiled upon reload.