The Mythic Dawn Faction by EmperorMaxis
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This mod allows you; the player, to play as a Mythic Dawn Agent.

With this mod installed, you will now be an Agent in the Mythic Dawn cult. I have added the player to the Daedra Faction, Dremora Faction, and most importantly; the Mythic Dawn Faction. I have added the player to the Daedra and Dremora Factions so all Daedra will treat the player as friendly, just like any other Mythic Dawn Agent. The Daedra and Dremora Factions will not appear on the player faction list, but the Mythic Dawn Faction will, where you will be able to view your rank of Agent.

You may edit your character's race, face, hair, etc. however you wish. The player will start out with the Mythic Dawn robes and hood, along with a Daedric Longsword and 10,000 weightless Mythic Arrows. The Mythic Arrows are simply Daedric Arrows which have been renamed, not affecting the vanilla Daedric Arrows in any way. The player will also start out with basic clothing; Brown Shirt, Linens and Pigskin Shoes, in case you wanted to roleplay as a hidden Mythic Dawn agent within a city.

The player will also start out with 4 new spells. Each spell summons Bound Mythic Dawn Armor for 1000 seconds. Each spell also summons a different weapon for the same amount of time. Mace, sword, bow and axe; whatever your preference to use. Each spell is Novice and costs 0 magicka.

Be sure if you are playing on any save besides your Mythic Dawn Agent, that you uncheck the mod in your Oblivion Data Files, or else it will place your other characters within the Daedra, Dremora, and Mythic Dawn Factions as well.

Progression of the Main Quest is NOT ADVISED with this mod, as it may remove the player from the Mythic Dawn Faction at any random time within the Main Quest.

The player also has dialogue that he will spew out at certain times.
During a power attack, he may shout "Die unbeliever!" or "For Lord Dagon!!"
When the player is attacked, he may say "I do not fear death!"
And when the player is near death, he may say "Paradise awaits me . . ."

He does not recite the dialogue every single time.

The player will only recite the dialogue if he is an Imperial, High Elf, or Breton.
Dark Elfs and Wood Elfs are unconfirmed.

Orcs, Nords, Khajiits, and Argonians will NOT recite the dialogue.