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Added: 12/03/2013 - 03:42PM
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This is a very small tweak that allows you to play as Sheogorath.

Upon starting a new game, the player will look exactly like Sheogorath, beard and all. The player will also start out with Sheogorath\\\'s Regalia and the Cane of Madness in their inventory. The \\\"Cane of Madness\\\" was originally non-playable, and acts as a right-hand ring for the player when equipped.

The player also starts off as the \\\"Madgod\\\" in the \\\"Court of Madness\\\" faction. Upon entering the Shivering Isles/Speaking with Haskill, the player\\\'s rank within the faction will be reset to \\\"Tourist\\\".

Be sure to \\\"uncheck\\\" this mod in your Data Files folder if you are playing on any save other than Sheogorath, as it will place the player in the \\\"Court of Madness\\\" faction as \\\"Madgod\\\".

I\\\'m not entirely sure if this is a problem, but I would recommend to NOT change the player\\\'s hair, eyes, and especially race, as this will completely ruin the look of Sheogorath.