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Added: 27/12/2012 - 07:34PM
Updated: 16/02/2015 - 07:18PM

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Last updated at 19:18, 16 Feb 2015 Uploaded at 19:34, 27 Dec 2012

I can not speak English well.
so I used google translate.

This MOD recharge the soul little by little to all magic weapons within player's inventory.
It doesn't need soul gems and varla stones for recharge.
The soul is recharged during player moving.
When the soul is charged, if player is staggered, recharge boost occurs.

recharge boost
  • recharge soul point = normal recharge soul point x 3
  • reflect magic +10%(60sec), reflect attack +10%(60sec), health recover 10pt every sec(10sec)
  1. UNZIP archive
  2. COPY(esp,ini) to Data foler
  3. CHECK this Mod

  1. Delete esp & AutoRecharge.ini


*Change Log
v1.0.3beta 1 bug fixed, old version had been made to bloat to obse savedata
v1.0.2beta 1 bug fixed & refactoring
v1.0.1beta refactoring

*For old version users
I'm sorry, old version had been made to bloat to obse savedata.
fixed at v1.0.3b

How to remove bloated data of this MOD from obse savedata.
  1. INSTALL new version(overwrite ESP)
  3. LOAD game
  4. SAVE game
  5. EXIT game
  6. ACTIVATE this MOD