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Added: 23/12/2012 - 04:00AM
Updated: 21/02/2015 - 09:19AM

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Last updated at 9:19, 21 Feb 2015 Uploaded at 4:00, 23 Dec 2012

sorry, I'm not good at English.

*Close Key

Some menus have not been assigned Close key(Tab,Esc,E), why?
This Mod assignes Close key to some menus.

Menu that corresponds

- Talk Dialog
- Trade(Container, Barter)
- Magic Purchase
- Options
- Audio
- Video
- Gameplay
- Controls
- Negotiate
- Book
- Training
- Persuasion
- Repair
- Load
- Save
- Alchemy
- Enchantment
- Sigilstone
- Recharge
- Text Edit

Among them, for the Options Menu, it will return to the caller\'s Pause Menu.

*Level up(using AF Level Mod only)

When Levelup menu is displayed, Close button is pressed automatically.
If you level up, just wait until the menu closed.
No need to press Close button.

*Container, Barter

on Container (chest, corpse, merchants etc) menu, when there are more than 3 items in the clicked position, take all without displaying Quantity menu(precisely, at the moment the menu is displayed, OK button is pressed automatically).
Take one item at a time when you click on an item while pressing Left Alt key.
If you want to display the quantity menu, you must continue to press Left Ctrl key.
At the moment the key is released, the menu\'s OK button is pressed automatically.

Press Enter key, you can take all of the items in the container.
If you are viewing player\'s inventory or Barter menu, the key doesn\'t work.

*Message Menu

It is selected the topmost button when Enter key pushed on Message menu.

Are you a dog?
push Enter => Yes

Are you a human?
I don't know
push Enter => No

*Quit Game

Long press(few seconds) End key, quit game.
It works on GameMode(no menu display).

*Erase Item

You can completely erase items from inventory.
Delete key + click = erase the total number of the item
Left Alt + Delete key + click = erase one of the item

*New function

You can access to buttons(yes,no) on Buy/Sell confirm menu by key.

edit UIBehavior.ini
buysell_confirm_yes_k1 to ?(default Enter)
buysell_confirm_yes_k2 to ?(default Num Enter)
buysell_confirm_yes_k3 to ?
buysell_confirm_no_k1 to ?(default Esc)
buysell_confirm_no_k2 to ?
buysell_confirm_no_k3 to ?

*Change Log
v1.0.6b - close_k3 will be disabled during Controls menu and "My Journal" open(see UIBehaviour.ini for description)
v1.0.5b - not handle Level Up Menu when not using AF Level Mod
v1.0.4b - not handle Text Edit
v1.0.3b - fix several bugs & add buy/sell confirm menu buttons key access

Configuration Changes

You can change all keys that is used by this MOD.
Please read UIBehavior.ini.


I don\'t know the exact version.
In my environment v0020

  1. UNZIP archive
  2. COPY to Data folder(esp and ini)
  3. CHECK this MOD

  1. DELETE this MOD(esp and UIBehavior.ini)