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Added: 18/05/2006 - 05:36AM
Updated: 24/02/2012 - 01:55AM

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by The Bloke

Thanks to the people at niftools, I've been able to import new custom meshes from 3ds max. The robe and hood have been remodeled and textured and the boots and guantlets have been tweeked a little. Having this new import/export plugin is great! All praise the niftool team!

++++ Description ++++
Here's a mod that puts a robe, hood, gauntlets, and boots,that make you look like a Ringwraith,in the game. You can buy them in Rindirs Staffs in the market district. There are four sets of the armour each with the equivalent of existing armour's stats and prices. Pick the .esp that you like best and only use that one. There is Mithril,Steel, Glass and Daedric. The Robe piece has the combined stats of the cuirass and greaves, as if they are being worn underneath. The hood has the stats of the helmets.I have also added a ring of power. This is not meant to be the one ring, rather one of the nine rings gifted to the kings of men.It has nighteye and detectlife. When you equip it, it makes your vision look similar to when Frodo puts on The One Ring in the movie. I presume this is how a Ringwaith sees as well. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do!!

Extract, using 7-zip or Winrar, into Oblivion\Data folder and turn on only the version of the mod you want to use in the Data Files menu. Do not turn on two at once!

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