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Weather - All Natural

Once the dwelling of an exiled Battlemage, now vacant and awaiting a new owner, The Shunned Shack sits at the edge of Hackdirt and invites exploration.

The Shunned Shack is, at face value, a simple one-room lower class shack with a small cellar in a disreputable little town. However, appearances can be deceiving; In truth, The Shunned Shack includes almost everything a practitioner of the arcane arts could need in a home (provided they can tolerate the locals):

  • A stocked alchemy lab
  • A multipurpose enchanting station
  • A functioning repair anvil
  • Loads of safe storage
  • A short (quest-less) story that attempts to place it within the context of Oblivion lore and the Lovecraftian undertones of its location

Inspired by Hackdirt Alive and also by Immersive Interiors, Animated Window Lighting System, Cobl, All Natural, and finally, by the houses of Khettienna, The Shunned Shack features a somewhat dark atmosphere, a viewable "exterior" outside the interior window, animated windows on the exterior mesh, interior weather sounds and day/night lighting, all basic COBL functionality (luggage, dinner plate, food larder, water source, so on) and a few scripted activators performing various functions here & there.

Many of the resources used in The Shunned Shack have been re-textured and re-uv'd to better fit within their new environment and for originality's sake and all of the resources use unique paths. Meshes have been PyFFI'd where applicable and the plugin has been cleaned with TES4Edit. Additionally, the plugin has been tagged with C.Climate for Wrye Bash users.

Update: 12/28/2012

Thanks to the incomperable Khettienna, AWLS is no longer a strict requirement! Thanks for fixing my exterior mesh, you are truly an example to modders everywhere!

Also, the Shunned Shack has been updated to include wholly-original VWD meshes where appropriate. To view these meshes in game, you must use TES4LODGen. Please refer to that utility's instructions for further details.

Now, a conditional demand, complete with over-simplified explanation:

The Shunned Shack comes in one flavor and one flavor only, no exceptions or substitutions. That is to say, it explicitly requires All Natural and COBL. I currently have no plans to do a stripped version plus appropriate patches.

The logic behind this move, which some could argue is not exactly user-friendly, is this: without the functionality granted it by the required mods, The Shunned Shack would not be what it is. It began as an exercise in cell-building, a 'small-space challenge', if you will, before expanding out to include elements from a cool new mod and from some of my all-time favorite mods. This is the way I want it and so it shall remain.

I hope this doesn't come across as rude or anything, but it just doesn't seem practical for me to do otherwise. I think you'll understand, if and when you step inside.

Two other things:

First, as noted, there's no quest that accompanies this mod, but there are one or two minor secrets to be found and any keys needed can be found fairly easily, I think. The front door key was conveniently left under a rock just to the right of the door itself. There is one interior door which cannot be opened (without console commands, I guess) by design.

Lastly, the interior of The Shunned Shack (especially the cellar) is pretty small and space is limited. While all cells have been pathgrid'ed and everything, more than one companion at a time could be pushing it.

Known Issues:

The Shunned Shack has been tested with Unique Landscapes - River Ethe (the only UL plugin with an overlapping cell [-18, 15]) and Hackdirt Alive with no conflicts.

Other than those two, I do suppose that any mod which happens to specifically modify this one external cell could theoretically conflict, but again, I am not aware of any.

I'm not currently aware of any issues or bugs.

Caveat user.


Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to the Nexus for being cool.
Thanks to Drahenne for Hackdirt Alive and its resources, for play testing The Shunned Shack and for being cool and offering suggestions to improve it.
Thanks to SomeWelshGuy for Immersive Interiors (best immersion mod ever) and for the permissions which you personally extended. Cheers!
Thanks to Ismelda & co. for AWLS and the resources therein, as well as for the IllumAnimation tool and its documentation.
Thanks to the Weather - All Natural team for an amazing mod and for the resources therein.
Thanks to the Cobl Team for a great mod and all resources therein.
Thanks to Stroti for all of his awesome mod resources, of which I've used too many to list individually.
Thanks to Khettienna for all the superb houses (whose scripts I have shamelessly copied) and for the TESA Clutter Pack AND for fixing my exterior mesh!
Thanks to Meo for the Bits and Pieces and Open Books.
Thanks to Edocsil for the Fireplace Accessories.
Thanks to Lady Li and Malo for Birdies in Cages (specifically, the cages).
Thanks to Lunasprite13 for the Tool Barrel.
Thanks to coffee.

If I have forgotten anyone or anything, please let me know and I will work to correct that mistake immediately!