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Added: 20/09/2012 - 08:23PM
Updated: 28/03/2015 - 07:08PM

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Last updated at 19:08, 28 Mar 2015 Uploaded at 20:23, 20 Sep 2012

Name: Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul
Version: 4.5.1
Date: 21/3/2015
Language: English
Category: Overhaul
Requirements: Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE)
Recommended: DarNified UI, Oblivion Stutter Remover, Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM)
Author: Maskar
Source: http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42780


This is an overhaul mod, improving many aspects of the game, while maintaining the overall feel of the game and ensuring compatibility with most other mods. All features are configurable through OMOD installation and/or editing the ini file.

Features added by this mod are:

  • Unpredictable encounters;
  • Loot and equipment improvements;
  • New creature abilities;
  • New and better looking creatures;
  • Fully configurable level scaling;
  • New warring factions;
  • Combat AI fixes;
  • Climbing ability (player and creatures);
  • Spellbooks;
  • Skill based equipment system;
  • Traps and the ability to disarm them;
  • Bashing locks ability;
  • Feign death ability;
  • Darker dungeons and nights;
  • Npcs in dungeons and outdoors having torches;
  • ..and much more.

This mod comes in 3 difficulty levels (normal, advanced and expert). Casual and new players should select the normal difficulty level. Please read the included pdf readme for more details.

Compatibility and requirements

No files will be replaced by installing this addon. It will however need OBSE (version 21 or higher) to function properly. No other third-party mods are required to be installed to run this mod.

This mod does not alter any game data (leveled lists, creatures, etc.) directly, but only makes changes through OBSE scripts. Because of this it should be fully compatible with most mods. Load order is not important.

Note that cows added by this mod can be milked when Basic Primary Needs (version 6.2 or higher) is installed.

Supreme Magicka users should check chapter 14.3 of the pdf readme for compatibility instructions.


  • Extract the files to a temporary location
  • Copy files to (install folder)\Oblivion\Data\
  • Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file
  • Optionally edit the .ini file to customize it to your preferences

Note: If this mod is installed with Wrye Bash this mod needs to be loaded AFTER the bashed patch!


  • Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file
  • Delete the Maskar's Oblivion Overhaul files in the Data folder


Version 4.5.1 (21/03/2015)
  • Fixed issue where pet happiness was calculated incorrectly when unconscious
  • Added separate timers for applying bandages to player character and other actors
  • Lowered time to apply bandages to other actors from 15 to 10 seconds
  • Added ability to heal a tamed creature for 10% health by feeding it
  • Disabled ability to feed a pet when the pet is in combat or unconscious
  • Updated ability to find bandages on weapon and armor merchants
  • Updated arrow speed calculation
  • Added ability to learn to Feign Death and Whistle by reading a book
  • Updated diet of sheep and spiders

Version 4.5 (19/03/2015)
  • Added ability to tame and control creatures using a Herder's Crook
  • Added ability to heal yourself and others using bandages
  • Added ability to track creatures/npcs using a Magnifying Glass
  • Added ability to whistle to call tamed creatures (and alert enemies)
  • Added Herder's Crook, Magnifying Glasses and bandages to merchants and (npc) loot
  • Added Skooma Pipes to skooma traders (wanted npcs)
  • Added ability for actors to yield when starting combat by accident
  • Added Unicorns to horse spawns
  • Increased Mammoth speed
  • Added water walk ability to Blood Wasps
  • Updated Imp spells/abilities
  • Added ability to ride various creatures when tamed (Mammoths, Guars, etc.)
  • Added ability for tamed creatures to become stronger (learn spells, etc.)
  • Updated how pickaxes are held
  • Updated npc level scaling
  • Updated companions fleeing when starting combat by taking into account difficulty setting
  • Added variable arrow speed based on bow/arrows quality and agility/marksman skill
  • Added proper collision to a rare statue (small treasure)
  • Added option to disable the need to sleep to level up (unchanged by default)
  • Renamed Welkynd Veins (already placed veins will be unaffected)
  • Changed Ayleid Ghost class to not playable
  • Changed option to lower creature/npc spawn sizes to 50% of normal
  • Fixed issue in OBMM installation script

Version 4.4 (14/01/2015)
  • Added dynamic lock difficulty for doors and containers
  • Added locks ini file to configure quality of containers and doors
  • Added ability for some containers to need a key which is carried by a nearby actor
  • Added chance of finding treasure in containers needing a key to be opened
  • Increased chance of finding lost items in containers needing a key to be opened
  • Added Corundum, Ebony, Iron, Malachite, Moonstone, Orichalcum, Quicksilver and Stalhrim ore veins
  • Added Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz gem veins
  • Added Welkynd and Varla stone (fragment) veins
  • Added Piles of Rubble to Ayleid dungeons near cities
  • Added ability to mine ore/gems/stones with a pickaxe
  • Added Dwemer Pickaxes to mine Stalhrim Ore
  • Added dynamic environment loot for npcs and creatures
  • Added 17 ore/gem/stone Atronachs (including silver and gold)
  • Added Stalhrim armor to some Skyrim regional bosses
  • Added 2-handed clubs to various regional warriors
  • Added spears to Black Marsh regional npcs
  • Added Elven Scimitars to Hammerfell regional grunts
  • Added Elven Double Daggers to Elsweyr thieves
  • Added Ayleid Ghosts to Ayleid ruins (based on date and location)
  • Added dagger and unarmed sneak damage multipliers
  • added ability to double sneak attack damage by wearing the Shrouded Armor and Hood
  • Added ability to lower creature/npc spawn sizes (including outdoors and on roads)
  • Added ability to disable MOO replacing vanilla actors with MOO actors
  • Updated ability for weak npcs to flee when starting combat
  • Added ability to configure leveling speed (unchanged by default)
  • Lowered rarity of some Spellbook parts
  • Disabled skill requirements for bound ammo
  • Added support for StarX Vanilla Vampires Revised through compatibility ini file
  • Added support for Crossbows of Cyrodiil
  • Added support for pickaxes added by Francescos Creatures and Items
  • Added option to disable MOO making permanent changes to savegame (ore veins, etc.)
  • Fixed issue where traps were added to faction owned containers

Version 4.3 (14/10/2014)
  • Added ability for wanted npcs to travel between dungeons
  • Updated ability to claim reward for killing a wanted npc
  • Added ability to claim lost/stolen quest items by equipping it
  • Lowered reward for returning lost/stolen items by 25%
  • Disabled bounty notices for wearing Gray Cowl or being a werewolf
  • Updated Daedra invasions based on amount of open oblivion gates in a region
  • Added region based guards to high density Daedra invasion regions
  • Added Royal Guard armor to Royal Guards (defenders near Morrowind)
  • Updated vampires to be region based
  • Added new Morrowind style common weapons and staves as loot and to npcs
  • Added various Doomstone notes/books
  • Replaced Shivering Isles start message with notice on Bravil Notice Board
  • Updated npc AI to force weak non-evil npcs to flee rather than start combat
  • Added ability to configure weight of user created potions
  • Updated airborne disease chance based on distance to infected creature
  • Updated classes/skills for regional npc bosses
  • Lowered rarity of some default dungeon treasure
  • Updated mimic loot to be based on nearby creatures/npcs
  • Added chance of orcish bosses to carry orcish weapons
  • Added option to disable Daedric equipment on wanted npcs
  • Lowered rarity of Daedric Lords
  • Fixed issue for mods not properly defining creature factions (like MMM)
  • Disabled airborne diseases for creatures with 100% disease resistance
  • Fixed issue where notices were not properly displayed
  • Disabled ability for traps to break non-playable items
  • Updated dwemer spider hit and death sound
  • Disabled idle animations for dogs/wolves in combat
  • Added slayer weapon support for Better Cities
  • Added slayer weapon support for Immersive Weapons
  • Added ability to add MOO creatures to other (overhaul) mods
  • Added MOO creatures to TWMP Hammerfell mod
  • Added treasure map support for Better Cities and Open Cities Reborn
  • Updated zombie/mummy resurrect code
  • Updated mimic spawning code
  • Updated creature spawn group sizes to avoid very large groups
  • Removed dungeon light override setting for Better Dungeons
  • Disabled container check for player owned cells (for compatibility)
  • Fixed issue where finding treasure could give an additional completed map
  • Fixed issue where creatures with Escort AI packages were given too many maps

Version 4.2 (17/07/2014)
  • Added ability to return dynamic quests to a Guard for a gold reward
  • Added player character related notices (when bounty 500+)
  • Added 100 treasure maps in 5 difficulty levels
  • Added guardians to treasure chests based on difficulty level
  • Added Dwemer Spiders as treasure chest guardians
  • Added treasure maps as loot on creatures and npcs
  • Renamed non-functional Pickaxe to Broken Pickaxe
  • Added usable Pickaxes to weapon merchants and Goblin containers
  • Added ability to dig for treasure using Pickaxe
  • Added combat damage multiplier setting (unchanged by default)
  • Added fall damage multiplier setting (unchanged by default)
  • Added support for Better Dungeons through compatibility ini file
  • Renamed beetles found in starting dungeon to Young Shalk Beetle
  • Added option to give first beetle in starting dungeon a random name
  • Increased chance potion merchants sell Cure Disease potions
  • Fixed issue where actors were not always pulled into combat
  • Fixed issue where an npc name for lost items was misspelled
  • Added a Cure Acute Disease potion to a random assassin in start dungeon

Version 4.1 (06/06/2014)
  • Added (basic) dynamic/radiant quest system
  • Added wanted npc, stolen item and lost item notices
  • Added notice updates (new info) when certain criteria are met
  • Added option to set chance of various quest targets
  • Added options to set min and max time of quest notices
  • Lowered chance of undead invasions
  • Added Gnarl invasions (if SE is installed)
  • Added airborne disease system
  • Added variable disease chance based on creature type (rats higher, etc.)
  • Updated creature health based on having any diseases
  • Added ability for creatures to flee based on diseases
  • Added ability for creatures to pull other creatures into fleeing
  • Added ability for diseased creatures to flee when friendlies die
  • Added Remedial Touch spell (cure disease on touch) to various merchants
  • Added Remedial Touch scrolls and Spellbooks to merchants/loot
  • Added option for scrolls to not have skill requirements (default)
  • Renamed Potion of Cure Disease to Weak Potion of Cure Disease
  • Added Potion of Cure Disease and Strong Potion of Cure Disease
  • Changed Cure Disease potion usage from skill based to item based
  • Added ability to create Cure Disease potions based on alchemy skill level
  • Added option to configure potion chance when disarming trap (+new sound)
  • Updated chance to receive potion when disarming a trap to 50%
  • Added ability for thieves/bandits to steal when sleeping
  • Added ability for vampires to bite when sleeping
  • Added rare Lich with (optional) Reanimate spellbook parts
  • Improved Gnarl textures and meshes
  • Added Porphyric Hemophilia (vampire disease) to Vampire Bats
  • Updated Wasp Sting ability of Blood Wasps (more dangerous)
  • Increased health of default boss npcs
  • Updated creature confidence and health based on size
  • Added Orcish weapons to high level wanted orcs
  • Added Dwemer Spears to default dungeon treasure loot
  • Added Divine Shields (shields for mages) as lost items
  • Added Pegasus armor and weapons as lost items
  • Added guitar, lyre and lute to Bards
  • Added alchemy tools as lost items
  • Added musical instruments as lost items
  • Added ghost, head, heart and ship in bottles as house treasures
  • Added ability for orcish weapons to do additional damage to npcs (not creatures)
  • Added potions work over time option (similar to OOO; disabled by default)
  • Fixed issue where traps could spawn in guild owned containers
  • Updated spellbook setting
  • Added option to always have hardest daedra spawn
  • Added option to configure variable levelscaling for npcs
  • Added option for highest gold quest rewards (off by default)
  • Improved Oblivion XP support
  • Added support for Vampire Revolution through compatibility ini file
  • Added support for Duke Patricks Combat Archery through compatibility ini file
  • Added support for Vector through compatibility ini file
  • Added support for moving ini files to ini folder
  • Added options for item/creature max level difference for leveled lists
  • Added options to configure sneak attack damage for marksman and melee weapons
  • Added option to configure creature damage multiplier
  • Increased overall weapon and leveled creature damage multipliers (optional)
  • Updated prices of some ingredients which were automatically calculated

Version 4.0 (17/02/2014)
  • Added Notice Boards to all cities (except Kvatch)
  • Added various types of notices to Notice Boards
  • Added ability for actors to ambush player character when fast traveling
  • Added support for Open Better Cities (enable in ini file)
  • Added automatic support for Open Cities Reborn
  • Added automatic support for Imperial Outpost Bruma mod
  • Added option to configure Wisp Torches and increase brightness slightly
  • Added common equipment to default small treasures
  • Added support for bound equipment added by 3rd party mods
  • Updated small treasure loot chance in non-dungeon buildings
  • Updated Spellbook parts to spawn on specific creature types
  • Disabled Mimic spawns outdoors
  • Disabled Daedra spawns in wilderness/road areas for first game day
  • Added new player section to pdf readme

Version 3.9 (09/01/2014)
  • Added ability for creatures to take control over wilderness/road areas
  • Updated combat code (pulling and climbing)
  • Added ability for actors to switch target in combat
  • Added support for icons when using small or medium textures
  • Merged Dwarven and Dwemer slayer weapon properties
  • Increased Dwemer weapon damage
  • Updated lock bashing damage formula for Dwarven/Dwemer weapons
  • Disabled "Mod Loaded" and "Mod not loaded" messages
  • Updated ability to configure magic item loot rarity
  • Added option to unlevel merchant items (off by default)
  • Updated snow creature spawns
  • Updated Morrowind Goblin weapons

Version 3.8 (05/12/2013)
  • Added ini file for automatic configuration of (overhaul) mods
  • Added ability for fleeing actors to pull allies into combat
  • Updated creatures to spawn in slightly different sizes
  • Updated silver weapons to stop Vampires regenerating health
  • Added rare Wraith (uses Scythe with Soul Trap enchantment)
  • Added regional Goblins (Morrowind Goblins are unleveled)
  • Added Morrowind Goblins near Morrowind region
  • Added Desert Goblins near Hammerfell and Elsweyr regions
  • Added option to only spawn MOO Goblins (off by default)
  • Updated Rats and Dremora
  • Added option to spawn Necromancer/Conjurer grunts as bosses
  • Added option to always cure all diseases when cast by npc
  • Added option to stop Elseweyr Thieves stealing equipped arrows
  • Updated quest reward items
  • Added option for sigil stones to be unleveled or best available
  • Disabled ability to find brains on Headless Zombies
  • Updated rare Troll texture
  • Updated summon spells and summoned actors
  • Updated ambush code to take into account evil player characters
  • Updated Frost Giant spawns
  • Added Supreme Magicka compatibility info to pdf readme

Version 3.7 (30/10/2013)
  • Added new textures for Scamp and Clannfear
  • Added Ravenous Daedroth to Daedra
  • Updated Daedra spawns
  • Added ability to summon different Daedra (including rare ones)
  • Updated ability to configure magic item loot rarity
  • Improved compatibility with other (overhaul) mods
  • Fixed issue with Draugr Warrior equipment
  • Added random "treasure" to Mimics

Version 3.6 (18/10/2013)
  • Added Draugr to Skyrim region
  • Added Gnarls to forests (11 types for different trees)
  • Added Hungers to Daedra
  • Added new staves to Gnarls and new weapons to Draugr
  • Updated equipment loot rarity based on material type
  • Added skill requirements to cure some diseases
  • Added additional random diseases to creatures
  • Added option to increase strength of diseases (off by default)
  • Updated skill requirements for Dremora weapons
  • Added ability for actors to flee when low on health
  • Added ability for actors to ambush the PC when sleeping/waiting
  • Added ability to summon male and female Dremora with new equipment
  • Added option to kill Spriggans permanently by taking their Taproot
  • Added option to kill Mummies permanently by taking their wrappings
  • Added npc vampire health regeneration when not taking sun damage
  • Updated Wisps (less health and slightly weaker spells)
  • Added option to make Dremora friendly to Conjurers
  • Added ability to configure player character confidence
  • Updated npcs/creatures confidence

Version 3.5 (29/08/2013)
  • Added 12 new rare creatures
  • Added ability to find book parts on rare creatures
  • Added ability to combine book parts to create rare spellbooks
  • Improved creature spawns with other overhaul mods
  • Updated npc health multiplier to be similar to player character
  • Added ability to configure weapon damage
  • Added ability to configure npc/player character's health settings
  • Added ability to configure damage taken to armor and weapons
  • Added ability to override equipment requirements through ini file
  • Updated Giant Club to make opponents fly when used by a Giant
  • Added option to configure flying distance for Giant Club
  • Added small chance for a boss to spawn instead of a grunt
  • Added option to only spawn Daedric equipment on Dremora
  • Added option for stronger colored ambient dungeon light
  • Added option for quest reward quality to be based on item material
  • Disabled traps in containers owned by a faction
  • Updated weapon skill requirement calculation
  • Updated region map code
  • Added ini file version check
  • Added support for Curse of Hircine and TWMP (untested)
  • Updated Orsimium Spellsword to better at using maces

Version 3.4 (07/08/2013)
  • Added support for TGND female body
  • Updated npc level scaling (including recalculating attributes)
  • Added option for amount of actors in combat and AI processing
  • Added option for slayer weapons to be more effective at higher levels
  • Added Elven weapons and Mithril/Orcish armor as small treasures
  • Disabled farm animal spawn on Odiil Farm until completing MS18
  • Increased slayer weapon damage for bows
  • Lowered Crab health from 120 to 95

Version 3.3 (11/07/2013)
  • Increased Silver weapon damage to Undead, Vampires and Wisps
  • Increased Dwarven weapon damage to Giants
  • Increased Elven weapon damage to animals
  • Increased Glass weapon damage to light armored npcs/creatures
  • Increased Ebony weapon damage to heavy armored npcs/creatures
  • Increased Daedric weapon damage to heavy armored npcs/creatures
  • Increased Ayleid weapon damage to Daedra and Dremora
  • Increased Chitin weapon damage to most actors (excluding heavy armor)
  • Increased Dwemer weapon damage to locks (containers and doors)
  • Updated npc level scaling
  • Updated armor skill requirement calculation (improved compatibility)
  • Increased undead spawn difficulty
  • Increased strength of Bandits and Skeletons slightly
  • Added option for colored ambient light in dungeons
  • Added option for individual skill requirement system for staves
  • Added option for regional npcs to be friendly to bandits/marauders
  • Added option for enchanted arrows to drop on grunts
  • Optimized textures

Version 3.2.2 (13/05/2013)
  • Disabled traps in persistent containers
  • Updated method to override npc level scaling
  • Improved support for Oscuro's Oblivion Overhaul
  • Added leveled and unleveled Bone Lords and Frost Giants
  • Added Boss Wisps to remote areas
  • Increased level of Minotaur Chieftains and Xivilia Lords
  • Added Dremora Rank 6 and the ability to configure in ini file
  • Changed Daedric Lord rank from 5 to 6

Version 3.2.1 (06/05/2013)
  • Updated method to override npc level scaling
  • Removed ranged attack spells from Dremora archers
  • Removed non-playable shields from melee Dremora
  • Added rare Morrowind ingredients to Morrowind faction members
  • Added random gems as loot to Forest and Mountain Giants

Version 3.2 (02/05/2013)
  • Added Daedric Lords
  • Changed 25% of all Dremora to be female
  • Added voice to female Dremora characters
  • Added new Dremora and Daedric Lord armor
  • Added open helmets for Dremora and Daedric Lord armor
  • Added HGEC (C, E and H) and DMRA of Dremora and Daedric armor
  • Changed default female body of Dremora to DMRA
  • Added ability for Dremora to drop a random armor piece (original body)
  • Updated Daedra leveled lists
  • Updated how traps spawn in locked container
  • Fixed issue with traps destroying items in container
  • Updated trap messages
  • Changed teddybears to house treasure
  • Added option to disable teddybears
  • Added map marker to Abandoned Outpost in Blackwood
  • Added option for low ambient dungeon light
  • Added Kvatch Guard/Soldier level scaling
  • Updated cat sizes (smaller and different sizes)
  • Added cat climbing out of combat
  • Renamed Valenwood and Skyrim Giants to Forest and Mountain Giants
  • Lowered Spider web attack speed
  • Added water breathing ability to Mimics and Wisps
  • Lowered size of regional npc spawns by 25%
  • Fixed issue with some regional bosses fighting grunts
  • Added Reanimate Spellbooks
  • Improved Npc level scaling

Version 3.1 (04/04/2013)
  • Added Xivilai Lords (leveled and unleveled)
  • Added ability to disable creature level scaling
  • Added ability to configure Dremora level scaling
  • Added unleveled creatures for when level scaling is disabled
  • Updated Daedra level scaling based on progression of main quest
  • Updated npc level scaling based on difficulty level
  • Updated Blackwood creature spawns
  • Optimized item, creature, npc and leveled list level scaling
  • Optimized textures

Version 3.0 (12/03/2013)
  • Added ability to configure npc level scaling
  • Added ability to summon burning skeletons and zombies in Oblivion
  • Added HGEC (C, E and H) and DMRA versions of Silverlight armor
  • Updated creature spawn difficulty based on distance to a city
  • Updated chance to find treasure based on distance to a city
  • Updated npc levels (Guards, Bandits, etc.)
  • Updated skill requirement calculations for equipment
  • Updated Kylius Lonavo to be friendly to npcs from other regions
  • Updated Boss equipment

Version 2.9 (13/02/2013)
  • Added Frost Giants near Skyrim (rare spawn)
  • Added Bone Lords as high level skeletons
  • Added Dwemer weapons as small treasures and to Morrowind Chiefs
  • Added Lich King armor and Frostmorne weapons to Bone Lords
  • Added Silverlight armor and Warglaive weapons to Frost Giants
  • Added skimpy and realistic versions of Lich King and Silverlight armor
  • Added HGEC (C, E and H) and DMRA versions of Lich King armor
  • Added HGEC (H) and DMRA versions of Bonemold armor
  • Added ability to set off traps using Telekinesis spell on container
  • Added ability to receive a poison potion when disarming a trap
  • Added new poison potions to merchants (excluding lethal poisons)
  • Added option to change distance for actors to call for help
  • Added check for removed leveled lists when using Wrye Bash
  • Added Summon Bear Spellbooks
  • Added option to enable Liches to be friendly towards eachother
  • Lowered Spellbook drop chance on npcs
  • Updated health of some wisp types
  • Updated poison potions on Valenwood Archers
  • Disabled torches for Arena combatants and Uriel Septim
  • Removed changes to Nirnroot script
  • Fixed issue where non-evil npcs are pulled into combat

Version 2.8 (23/01/2013)
  • Added 3 game difficulty settings (normal, advanced and expert)
  • Added Cats to cities, villages and farms
  • Added Dire Wolves and updated wolf sizes
  • Added Gargoyles
  • Replaced Spriggans by Gargoyles for mystical creature spawns
  • Added HGEC (C, E and H) and DMRA versions of Ayleid armor
  • Updated advanced creature leveled lists
  • Updated beetles, spiders and wasps

Version 2.7 (07/01/2013)
  • Added region based zombies and skeletons (different races)
  • Added ability to summon zombies and skeletons based on region
  • Added HGEC (C, E and H) and DMRA versions of Chitin armor
  • Added option for npcs to wear different versions of Chitin armor
  • Updated Chitin armor prices
  • Added more Ayleid clutter (with new icons) as small treasures
  • Added lower quality items (Gems, Spellbooks, etc.) as small treasures
  • Increased chance for small treasures
  • Added sun damage to npc Vampires when outside during the day
  • Updated Spider loot
  • Updated npcs spawning in the Great Forest region
  • Added option to change brightness of default torches
  • Added ability to disarm traps in container when using key
  • Added option to disable Zombie Brain drops
  • Added support for Boots of the Crusader (boots affect all animals)
  • Added support for Supreme Magicka (healing spells damage all undead)

Version 2.6 (23/12/2012)
  • Added new armor and weapons to Morrowind faction
  • Added Ayleid armor and weapons to small treasures in Ayleid ruins
  • Changed Ayleid clutter to only be found in Ayleid ruins
  • Added ability to take the brain of zombies to kill them permanently
  • Increased speed for all Giant Spiders
  • Added ranged web attack to mature Giant Spiders
  • Added Goblin Miners
  • Added small chance for a Morrowind grunt to spawn as a boss
  • Updated loot for Guars, Beetles, Ghouls and Durzogs
  • Updated chance to find random treasures based on lock on container
  • Updated faction fighters to be evil (free to attack)
  • Updated skeletons for all faction fighters
  • Updated how traps, torches, Nirnroot and Mimics spawn

Version 2.5 (10/12/2012)
  • Added 9 new factions fighting each other for territory
  • Added roughly 400 new npcs as part of the new factions
  • Updated Bandit, Marauder, Conjurer and Necromancer leveled lists
  • Updated Goblin leveled lists
  • Added option to change steal chance of Elsweyr Thieves
  • Updated Boethia's chosen (higher level and better equipment)
  • Added ability to find small treasures when traps have been disabled
  • Added debug information for traps

Version 2.4 (26/11/2012)
  • Changed Cursed Sludge, Tainted Sludge and Vile Sludge to Undead
  • Added toggle for Blackwood house (does NOT work for older versions)
  • Added little easter egg to Imperial Prison
  • Fixed Toxic Trap issue
  • Lowered intelligence of Valenwood Giants
  • Updated Mummy leveled lists

Version 2.3 (23/11/2012)
  • Added Mummies near Hammerfell region
  • Added Ghouls near Morrowind region
  • Added Elephants and Pahmars near Elsweyr region
  • Added Mammoths, Giants and Frostbite Spiders near Skyrim region
  • Added Giants, Wisps and Minotaurs near Valenwood region
  • Added Wasps, Water Dragon plants and Ooze to Blackwood
  • Added Black Ooze near Necromancers
  • Added indoor and outdoor Beetles
  • Lowered chance for locked containers to be trapped
  • Replaced trap icons
  • Added option to disable region borders
  • Added options to change AI wander distances

Version 2.2 (13/11/2012)
  • Added options for darker nights (default 50% darker)
  • Added option for Nirnroot to respawn at 10% chance
  • Optimized updating equipment leveled lists
  • Added Spellbooks to more containers and npcs
  • Updated Vultures

Version 2.1 (08/11/2012)
  • Added Spellbooks as loot to learn spells
  • Updated Mud Crabs to spawn different crabs based on their location
  • Added Teddybears as random treasures
  • Updated Blackwood and farm animal spawns
  • Updated Climbing for npcs and creatures

Version 2.0 (31/10/2012)
  • Added Guars
  • Updated Spriggans to be more like Morrowind (uses original script)
  • Added 39 statues as random treasures
  • Updated npcs being aware of combat around them
  • Updated climbing for creatures and npcs

Version 1.9 (27/10/2012)
  • Added foxes and rabbits
  • Added 19 colored Will-O-the-Wisp Torches as random treasures
  • Updated climbing for creatures and npcs

Version 1.8 (24/10/2012)
  • Added ability for creatures and npcs to climb/jump
  • Added ability for player character to climb (off by default)
  • Added option to change amount of npcs following through doors
  • Added option for npcs to be aware of combat around them
  • Added additional equipment to prepare chest for quest MS05
  • Updated quest leveled lists

Version 1.7 (21/10/2012)
  • Added ability to find random treasure in containers
  • Added Ayleid clutter and Will-O-the-Wisp Torch as random treasure
  • Updated Mud Crabs
  • Updated weapon skill requirement calculation
  • Added support for ini file to be located in ini folder
  • Fixed light spell color issue

Version 1.6 (18/10/2012)
  • Added ability to make dungeons darker
  • Added torches to npcs in dungeons and found outdoors
  • Added pdf readme

Version 1.5 (16/10/2012)
  • Increased unpredictability of movement of npcs and creatures
  • Added ability to change color of light spell (ini file)
  • Changed traps to no longer be loot when disarmed
  • Changed bash lock ability slightly
  • Added support for the "take all" button when a container is trapped
  • Lowered maximum traps on containers from 5 to 3
  • Updated poison traps

Version 1.4 (10/10/2012)
  • Added 16 traps (4 types and 4 difficulties)
  • Added ability to disarm traps based on security skill
  • Added option to disable traps (ini file)
  • Updated Bats (lower intelligence)
  • Lowered requirement to break locks through power attacking
  • Updated armor skill requirement calculation
  • Added support for mods increasing bow/arrow damage

Version 1.3 (03/10/2012)
  • Added Mimics (fake chest creatures)
  • Added many Spirits and Ephemerals (wisps)
  • Added ability for smart creatures and npcs to notice traps going off
  • Changed bashing locks on owned doors and containers to be a crime
  • Updated Snow Bears, Snow Leopards and Dogs
  • Added option to disable fast travel (ini file)
  • Added option to change respawn time (ini file)

Version 1.2 (27/09/2012)
  • Added ability to bash locks (power attack locks)
  • Added traps to locked containers
  • Added chance for traps to break items inside containers
  • Added option to start with all map markers hidden
  • Changed feign death to only work once on a creature/npc
  • Added optional chance to fail feign death when in combat
  • Improved support for other overhaul mods
  • Improved creature leveled lists

Version 1.1 (24/09/2012)
  • Lowered chance to find magic items
  • Disabled unleveled items except for npc equipment
  • Added many configuration options (through ini file)
  • Added ability to configure through OBMM

Version 1.0 (21/09/2012)
  • Initial release


You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me credit if you distribute any part of this mod. Note however that most resources in this mod are from free to use modder resources. Credits for these resources go to the following people:

  • mr_siika
  • CorePC (update)

  • Little Baron

Bone Knights
  • Tiny Lampe (Armored Skeletons)
  • Ginnungagap (Skeleton Helmet Resource)

Bone Magi
  • AlienSlof (original meshes, textures and rigging)
  • Trollf (modified version for lich gear)
  • ReteroX (original eyes in Evil Skeletons)
  • Tiny Lampe (modified eyes)

Burning Undead
  • shadowydoom3 (Skeleton texture)
  • Maskar (Zombie texture)

  • ionoblivion

Common Wolf
  • Cryonaut (texture)
  • Phitt (attack animation)

  • RK912345 (meshes)
  • AlienSlof (textures)
  • TheOrc
  • Phitt (attack animation)

  • mr_siika

Dwemer Spiders
  • Cryo_ (model / rigging)
  • Grimdeath (texture / sounds)

  • mr_siika

Farm animals
  • mr_siika
  • CorePc

  • mr_siika

Frost Giant
  • Mdogger (model / texture)
  • Xmarksthespot (rigging)

  • Cryonaut (model edit)
  • Grimdeath (texture)
  • Orix (sounds)

  • Little Baron

Giant Spider (Frostbite spider)
  • Little Baron

Giant Spider (Spider)
  • elveon
  • Malo
  • mikal33
  • AlienSlof

Giant Spider (Tarantula)
  • Cryonaut (model edit / rigging)
  • Xmarksthespot (UVmapping)
  • Grimeath (texture)
  • Renzeekin (Tropical Skin)

  • Phitt
  • Koldorn

  • Prometheus (Pack Goblin)
  • heavywaters (Pickaxe)
  • themythofstrider / themythofanst (regional Goblins)

  • Mdogger (model / texture)
  • Xmarksthespot (rigging)
  • Grimdeath (variation textures / sounds)

  • mr_siika
  • Divine Avenger
  • Zal Balk

  • Always Z (Zhemoc)

  • mr_siika
  • Phitt (attack animation)

Mud Crab
  • Maskar (textures)

  • Little Baron

  • Little Baron

Ore Atronachs
  • demonizzer (base textures)
  • Qarl (base textures)
  • SparrowPrince (base textures)

  • Cryo_ (model edits / armor textures)
  • Grimdeath (creature textures)

  • mr_siika
  • CorePC

Rare creatures
  • Phitt and Koldorn (Imp, Troll and Lich models)
  • themythofstrider / themythofanst (Imp, Land Dreugh, Ogre, Scamp, Clannfear, Daedroth and Slaughterfish textures)
  • AlienSlof (Lion texture)
  • Maskar (Troll, Durzog and Spider texture)

  • Quairtra

  • Wiruman/Dominick Cryomonde (Argonian and Khajiit Skeletons)
  • Hel borne (argonian tail mesh)

Snow Bear
  • tegeal

Snow Leopard
  • Buhay

Spirits and Ephemerals (wisps)
  • Vacuity

  • mr_siika

  • Little Baron

Water Dragon (plant)
  • Little Baron

Xivilai Lord
  • stroti

  • Hel Borne (Argonian and Orc Zombies)

2-handed clubs
  • RDjeke
  • trollf

Ayleid clutter - Stroti (treasure)
  • stroti

Ayleid clutter - Meo (treasure)
  • Meo

Alchemy Tools (Strotis usable alchemy clutter)
  • stroti

Ancient Ayleid weapons
  • InsanitySorrow (models)
  • StarX (textures)

  • Qarl (texture)

Bonemold armor
  • Ghogiel
  • Nephenee13 (HGEC and DMRA conversion)
  • Dragonessa (TGND conversion)

Book Covers for Spellbooks
  • clintmich

Chitin armor and weapons
  • Hel Borne
  • Nephenee13 (HGEC and DMRA conversion)
  • Dragonessa (TGND conversion)

Common Spears
  • trollf

Daedric Lord armor and weapon
  • John Yerkes a.k.a. McMuffin
  • Nephenee13 (HGEC and DMRA conversion and open helmet)
  • Dragonessa (TGND conversion)

Divine Shields (Shield Rings)
  • chakaru11

Doomstone notes/books
  • Cray/Nemo

Dremora armor
  • Trollf (textures)
  • Nephenee13 (HGEC and DMRA conversion and open helmet)
  • Dragonessa (TGND conversion)
  • Edhildil (DMRA meshes)
  • Colourwheel (DMRA meshes)
  • EVE Team HGEC meshes)

Dwemer Pickaxe
  • heavywaters (mesh)
  • Hel Borne, Fearabbit and Zu (texture)

Elven Scimitar and Double Dagger
  • RDjeke

Exotic Ayleid armor
  • Little Baron
  • Nephenee13 (HGEC and DMRA conversion)
  • Dragonessa (TGND conversion)

Frostmourne and Lich Kings Armor
  • jojjo
  • Nephenee13 (Vanilla, HGEC and DMRA conversion)
  • Dragonessa (TGND conversion)
  • }{ellKnight (original weapon swap script)

Herder's Crook
  • Trollf

Items in bottles (ghost, head, heart and ship)
  • Stroti

Magnifying Glass
  • Unofficial TESA Clutterers Guild

Ore, gem and stone veins
  • demonizzer (base textures)
  • Qarl (base textures)
  • SparrowPrince (base textures)

Staves used for Gnarls
  • Trollf

Morrowind Ingredients
  • Tarnsman

Morrowind style Daedric and Glass weapons
  • InsanitySorrow

Morrowind style Dwemer weapons
  • Hel Borne
  • Fearabbit (updated textures)
  • Zu (various tweaks and new icons)

Morrowind style iron and steel weapons/staves
  • InsanitySorrow
  • Maskar (slightly modified textures)

Musical Instruments (guitar, lyre and lute)
  • Stroti

Orcish weapons
  • Ionis

Pegasus armor and weapons
  • Gorgonzola3000

Royal Guard armor
  • jojjo (meshes)
  • themythofanst (retexture)

Skooma Pipe
  • stroti

Skyrim Ingredients (tusk and giant's toe)
  • dreamed1

Stalhrim armor
  • Ghogiel (meshes)
  • SparrowPrince (base textures)
  • themythofstrider (base textures)

Statues (treasure)
  • stroti

Teddybears (treasure)
  • Hanaisse

Will-O-the-Wisp Torch (treasure)
  • stroti

War Spears
  • Hel Borne (mesh)

Warglaives and Silverlight Armor
  • jojjo
  • Nephenee13 (Vanilla, HGEC and DMRA conversion)
  • Dragonessa (TGND conversion)
  • AlienSlof (male version)
  • Darigaz17 (chainmail version)
  • NPR (chainmail texture)

Zombie brain
  • Ghogie

Please PM me if any of these credits are not 100% correct. Also note that some of these resources have been modified (textures, animations, etc.) based on personal taste and/or to fix minor issues.