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Changelog from 1.1

1. Added meshes and textures to replace The Bloated Float
located in the Imperial City Waterfront district.

2. Added meshes and textures to replace the quest related shipwreck
Emma May located at the mouth of the Panther River.

3. Added _far.nifs and low-res textures for both of these ships into
the optional VWD Package which is available as a separate download.
Also fixed one errant texture on the Marie Elena _far.nif.

Changelog from 1.0

1. Updated several normal maps that were just a little too shiny.

2. Swapped out two wood textures that I erroneously assigned to the wrong places,
colors were correct but had wood grain going in wrong direction.

3. Also added an optional VWD folder as a separate download. This is for the people who want to see the new ships in the distance and to have them reflected in the water. Install the meshes and textures from the "Optional VWD" folder into your Oblivion/data/meshes and Oblivion/Data/textures. Then run TES4LODGen.


Ever get tired of seeing the same old ships everywhere you go in the game? Wonder why all of them were built with the same wood, using the same colors, and none were really unique? I did too, and so decided to do something about it. The purpose of this mod was too bring a little color and diversity into the ships of Cyrodiil.

While there are other ship mods which add new models and more ships, they still use vanilla textures. There are some very good texture replacers out there, such as Grumblepunks shipyard textures. The limitation is that you end up with a lot of nicely textured ships that still all look the same.

So I've tried to give each of the named vanilla ships a look which suits a) their name b) their
role in the game c) the description given by npcs in the game. They are each very unique, and share not a single texture among them.

Imperial City Waterfront, Anvil Docks, Panther River


This mod revamps the boring, washed out vanilla ships into something more fitting for their respective roles in the game. Each of the ships has been fully retextured from stem to stern, exterior and interior (although I have only done the main deck interiors).

Below decks are currently under way as of this update. It's just time consuming to do all those pieces. Compatibility with AWLS is still being worked on, again...just time consuming. Those last two issues will be the final update for this mod as I have much bigger projects in the works and this is all included in one of them.

1. Imperial City Waterfront: Marie Elena is now the "damn fine" ship that First Mate Malvulis
brags about. She is dressed in richly colored hardwoods with engraved mahogany trim work.

2. Anvil Docks: The Sea Tub Clarabella is dirty and downtrodden. Her soiled decks, cracked wood,
and peeling paint are almost as foul as the odor coming from within.

3. Anvil Docks: The Serpents Wake sports rich oak siding, beechwood timbers, and engraved ashwood trim work.

4. Imperial City Waterfront: The Bloated Float is indeed the finest Floating Hotel in all of Cyrodiil.
She sports a vivid display of browns and green.

5. Panther River: The long lost wreck Emma May is decayed and verging on collapse, Are you sure it's worth risking a look inside?

This plugin has been tested with the quests in various stages of completion. All of the quests still
work exactly as they were intended to. There is only one note of caution to pass on.

If you install this after you have entered either Serpents Wake or Clarabella the doors will once
again be locked. This shouldn't really be a problem. You get a key for Serpents Wake at the start
of the quest. You should already have some lockpicking skill before attempting Clarabella as the
door is set at the highest lock level by default. At worst you may need a few more lock picks.

Hopefully you will have as much fun using this as I had creating it.


1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Copy meshes, textures, and esp into your Oblivion\Data folder
4. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a checkmark beside the .esp file

Load Order

Suggest using BOSS to set load order, this file is already included in the master list.


Only incompatible with other mods which alter/relocate the named vanilla ships. Open Cities
Reborn was the only thing I've come across so far and I have already created a patch which
is available as a separate download.

This mod CAN be used alongside ship texture replacers such as Grumblepunks with no ill
effects. All of my meshes and textures are unique so texture replacers WILL NOT override
anything in this package.

If you use another mod which alters the vanilla ships, what you most likely will see is
my version and the original overlapping or in close proximity. This is due to the fact that
I disabled and replaced the originals with my meshes. Any other mod altering the originals
may cause them to re-appear. Unfortunately there is no other way to create individually
textured ships other than building unique models. By default the game would apply texture
changes to every ship in the game which uses standard meshes.

Tools Used

Tes IV Construction Set
Read Me Generator


Thanks to: Bethesda for creating Oblivion
Oblivion Nexus - for giving us all a place to hang out
LHammonds - for the Readme Generator this file was based on
Bond123 - for the "Bonds skyship" and inspiration that started me down this path
Vorians - for the help with sorting out my door issues
Grumblepunk - for graciously allowing use of the Moretta textures
Deathless Aphrodite - for allowing use of the cyb textures
Arthmoor - for the initial use of his far nifs, and the tutorial
which showed me how to make my own
SkandarGraun - for the "Nolda Renovated" ship mod. While I haven't used any of the
textures specifically in this package, her creation gave me a lot of
inspiration behind the Bloated Float design.
Nephenee13 - for being so darn quick to respond every time I post a cry for help

Legal mumbo jumbo

Please do not host this file on any other sites without my express consent. With the exception
of two, all of the textures used herein are my personal work, and they represent a significant
investment of my personal time. So if you wish to use any of them, you need to ask first.
If you wish to use the borrowed textures contained in this package, you will need to
contact the authors listed above for their permission. Much like me, they don't mind sharing,
just have the courtesy to send a message.