Elysium - Soul Calibur V DMRA Outfit Break-up by lovender
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Elisyum DMRA Outfit

Original Author: jackshhk
DMRA conversion by: Thorazine
Outfit break-up by: lovender

Outfit break-up of the Elisyum DMRA outfit for Oblivion.

Latest Upadate!!!
Optional file is Elysium with angel wings & halo, using Angel race (race with wings on the back & a halo above the head). It's my interpretation for Elysium, since we can customize the original character in Soul Calibur V character creation mode.
Please download requirements no. 7. But then replace old file AngelWingsD.nif with the new one in this update (the one with halo).
Also download requirements no.8!
Remember to replace old elisyummask.nif & elisyummask2.nif files with the new one!

Optional file is Elysium with angel wings, using Angel race (race with wings on the back).
Please download requirements no. 7. You can now create new character with Angel race. Angel race uses the wings as a replacement of the tail in CS. Also, if you choose to fight Elysium with wings, remember to replace old elisyummask.nif & elisyummask2.nif files with the new one.

The fake Elysium (Elisyum) in Vilverin now has the same face with my char Sophitia (a good disguise eh?), Sophitia & Elysium NPC. Thanks to Wrye Bash.

1. One of the maximum compatibility skeletons by either Coronerra or Growlf.
2. Animation replacer like NoMaaM BBB animation Replacer by Fore or similar.
3. Meshes & textures ONLY from CCC - Comprehensive Cosmetic Compilation - Room207 hair eyes by Room207. No need CCC esp/esm file. For any interested the hair is Coolsims072 and eyes are Ren03.
All you require in your game folder are the files 72.egm and 72.nif in the folder Data\meshes
\characters\CCC\hair\Coolsims, the files 72.dds, 72_hh.dds, 72_hl.dds and 72_n.dds in the folder
Data\Textures\characters\CCC\hair\Coolsims and lastly the files RenEye03.dds, RenEye03_g.dds and RenEye03_n.dds in the folder Data\Textures\characters\CCC\eyes\Centhena\Ren.
4. The original mod.
5. Sophitia Oblivion or Sophitia - Soul Calibur V DMRA Outfit Break-up mod for the Sword & Shield to be used by Elysium (there's no Soul Calibur & Shield mod yet).
6. Shivering Isles for the Ordered Chest below the bridge under the water in IC Waterfront.
7. File AngelWingsD.nif in the folder Data\meshes\AlexanderW & files wings2.dds, wings2_n.dds the folder Data\Textures\AlexanderW from the mod Alexanders Wings.
8. File halo_n.dds in the folder Data\Textures\Movomo\Khezu from the mod MH Khezu S Angelic Crusader.

Worn by a killable NPC located inside Vilverin.
Elysium / ElysiumEnchant.esp file will add Sophitia NPC in Anvil Docks & Elysium NPC in IC Waterfront.

Place the data folder inside your Oblivion directory, replace any folders and meshes.
The AdditionalRaces&Classes.esp file is used ONLY if you want to create main character with Greek race. Use it before activate Elysium / ElysiumEnchant.esp file.

Use the save data that's free from Elysium / ElysiumEnchant.esp file, 'cos the mod starts at the

Thanks to movomo for the halo. I changed the halo color to yellow.
Thanks to Alexander Wolf for the wings.
Thanks to jackshhk for creating it for oblivion (hope you don't mind the edit)
Thanks to Thorazine for converting Elysium outfit to DMRA.
Thanks to everyone involved in the creation of the DMRA body replacer, and the entire BBB system.
Thanks to the entire modding community for being awesome.