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Added: 25/07/2012 - 03:15PM
Updated: 14/12/2013 - 11:13PM

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Last updated at 23:13, 14 Dec 2013 Uploaded at 15:15, 25 Jul 2012

The missing files for the circlets i included in the mod have now been added to the textures and meshes folders. Simply redownload the meshes and textures again to get it fixed.

As for some other news. Well i am FINALLY in the mood to do more Oblivion modding again. However it'll probably be a while before this mod reaches the state of completion. Why? Well because y'all know how slow i work on my mods. But think of it like this, if i work on the mod slowly and well, chances of the mod being even BETTER are far higher than they would be if i rushed like hell all the time.

Suppose that's it for now


Read the part of the description called Mod Info: down below AND THE REQUIREMENTS!

Mod Info: As you may or may not know i split black marsh into two separate parts using a mountain chain, Western Black Marsh is only fully accessible at the moment AND the Eastern Blackrose district. But WHATEVER YOU DO, DON'T go over the mountain chain, theres nothing there, I've made a separate worldspace for it called Eastern Black Marsh, which will be fully accessible in the next and final release.
Just a little heads up on how it all ended up. More info about this so called mountain chain can be found in the description here somewhere.

Installation: Just open the main Oblivion directory, look for the DATA folder and open it, then drag the meshes, textures, sounds and the Blackmarsh.esp into the data folder (NOT the winrar folder, the regular folders) and let the files merge (If you don't have a meshes, textures or sounds folder in your DATA folder, then don't worry just drag the textures, meshes, sounds and the ESP and your good to go).

Now with the mod installed you need to activate the mod. To do this, simply start oblivion and then click on the 'Data Files' section and click on the Blackmarsh.esp in the list.

Install the Vvardenfell Imports textures and meshes just like you installed the other files.

That should be it i believe hope it works.

Hope you guys and gals have fun with this mod as i have fun making it.

The current quest that is available is the Rebel Questline, which can be found if you go to Castle Soulrest District (Or whatever i called it).

REQUIREMENTS: You MUST have the Shivering Isles Expansion to run this mod AND the Vvardenfell imports mod! I would have added the meshes and textures in the mod meshes and textures folders myself but it didn't work right.
Hope this won't trouble you.

By the way if you are experiencing the non voice acted dialogues to scroll through almost instantly you should download OBSE and Elys Universal Silent Voice. OBSE shouldn't be that hard to find, Google is your friend, however i will provide a link for Elys Universal Silent Voice. Here it is http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/16622.
No links to Vvardenfell Imports are needed anymore since i uploaded the armor meshes and textures i used from that mod in my Black Marsh mod.

Below are things i HAD to do to make the mod work properly:
There will be a rebel questline. Although without any quest update during when you talk to the guy who leads the rebels. There will be quest updates when you've killed a specific person during the questline. Sorry but i just don't get the quest scripts to work other than the Begin OnDeath script.
If you wanna help in making the mod, then here are some things that you can help with.
Voice Acting
Side Quests
Help me get proper journal updates during the quests.
If you wanna help in some other way, just ask and i'll consider it.
BUT there is one thing i just HAD to do. I had to split black marsh with a mountain in the middle of it so i won't break the game by fiddling around near the end of the tamriel world space. Which means that western black marsh will include the following cities, Blackrose, Soulrest, Gideon and Lilmoth. Western black marsh will be in the already existing world space. Eastern Black Marsh will include Archon, Murkwood, Stormhold, Helstorm and Thorn. Eastern black marsh will be its own world space.

With all that said i hope you think this mod looks cool and beautiful. This mod is fun to make and you will probably enjoy playing it.
Also heres a trailer i made for the mod http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oT3w_46WdEA&list=PLCB82B8B4A1B3A2EC&index=3&feature=plpp_video

Most of the placeables are from Momos wagons and basket modders resource.

All the armors and place able belong to their respected makers and modelers i don't own any of the new meshes.

All thanks to

Little byron for making some of the creatures that is going to be seen when the mod is done

Momo for his good fishing,cactus,wagon and baskets modders resource.

themythofanst for the Vvardenfell Imports armors Armors.

David Brasher and the others who made the meshes for the dwemer ruins.

Hellborne for some of the armors and for his argonian zombies

All these meshes and textures belong to their respected owner i don't take any ownership in any of the new meshes and textures.

Special thanks for all the new armors, weapons, structures and creature meshes and textures. Hope this is enough credits sorry i can give their exact names but i hope it will be enough for you administers of Oblivion nexus. Oh and please send me a PM if it works with a short credits list like this.

Better Credits

Washington: For the Palisade meshes.

Momo: For the basket resource, fishing resource, cactus resource and Palm resources.

Mrsiika: For the BetterPorts meshes, the cliff meshes, the raven and vulture meshes. And his ImperialWargalley meshes and textures.

little byron: For the Fly mesh, beetle meshes and textures

hell borne: for the argonian and orc zombies meshes and textures.

themythofstrider: for vvardenfell imports armors

Grimdeath: for the lore creatures.

Davidbrasher: for the awesome dwemer ruins which is going to be used in the mod.

Wiruman: For the argonian skeleton and skull meshes and textures

Shinyfan: For the RoadWorm, Scorpion and blackmarsh worm meshes and textures.

ionoblivion: For the Parrot meshes and textures.

Phitt - For the amazing Dwemer Ruin Meshes

Hel Borne - For MW Styled Dwemer Weapons

Ghogiel - For MW Styled Dwemer Armor

ZuSkunks - For Making ZuTheSkunks Morrowind Style Dwemer Gear

Jured - For Making the Glass Gems

Infrequent_Hazard - For female version for Ghogiel's Dwemer armor.

Fearabbit - For new textures for Hel Borne's weapons (based on Ghogiel's ones).
centurion - For Dwemer Technology Part II Dwemer Skyship (architecture, textures, doors, clutter, lights, furniture, containers, other.)

Stroti - For "Strotis static machine parts" with several textures from "Fantastic Potions and Bottles" and for his Ayleid furniture and clutter mods and of coures his MiscMeshes resource.

David Brasher - For Inspiring me with his great mod "Dwemer Ruins"

Da Mage - For Dwemer Creatures

And there are some robes i borrowed which is called Drow Robes or something, i can't find the one who made the mod now so please Owners of Oblivionnexus don't ban me for this. Not saying you would but just letting you know.

Although i did make some retextures on the guard armors in vanilla oblivion and made a special guard armor for the guards in my mod.