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ATTENTION! I have uploaded another file containing a new class called Seeker. They have their own special spells, so if you want more for your game, I would suggest at least a look at it. View my profile and look for it there.

ATTENTION! I have uploaded another file that adds the Gem of Visions to the Aleswell Inn that can be picked up. When you equip it, it will toggle the Free-Flying Camera for you to move around. The duration you can stay in this mode is determined by your willpower plus your intelligence, divided by 10. View my profile and look for it there.

Alternate Start Read-Me

This mod is intended for people who like to have a more diverse way of playing. It's not the best mod, but it's effective to the ones who do use it.

You moved from another province of Tamriel, seeking better work and never traveled to the Imperial City to fill out immigration forms. As you were working one day, Imperial Guards found out that you migrated in illegally and arrested you and took you back to the Imperial City to fill out the forms and serve time in jail.

After picking your race, you walk to the scroll on the table and activate it. You go through all the menus and then go into your cell, sleep on the bed if you desire, and then activate the trap door and go through the menus, you will choose a new life to start in, including starting with the mod's original option, going through the tutorial dungeon (without the actual tutorials or the Blades or the Emperor), a camp by a river, a necromancer's cave that resurrected you from the dead, attacked while traveling out of the Imperial City, and a cave where you were left to die.

1.I know it shows the race menu, I put it in there in case you change your mind of what race you want to be after going through the rest.
2.Birthsign Menu
3.Age (this affects how much your occupation skills increase; picking 35 will increase your skills by 25; if you pick an age smaller than the age before 35, you get the Young Age Ability, if you pick an age larger than the age after 35, you get the Old Age Ability)
4.Province of Origin
5.City of Residence

I have gotten the second scroll to work. It will ask you the questions and process them when you activate the chest.

OPTIONS FOR MENUS: (Results) [Type of quest; reward]
NOTE: Depending on your major skills, you may increase in level.
Occupation Menu (Items are added in correspondance to extra question)

Merchant (Mercantile increased by 25; Merchant's Stock Power and Merchant's Influentry Lesser Power added) [Quests involve obtaining an item and persuading someone to buy it; item value + (level * .5) + (speechcraft * .375) + (mercantile * .375)]

Magic Items


Weapons and Armor

Guard (Blade and Marksman increased by 25; added to corresponding guard faction NOTE: All the same properties as original (except the crime gold multiplier, you pay 25% less for a crime commited), but not ACTUAL faction; Summon Legendary Sword/Mace (depending on your blunt and blade skills)Power and Warrior's Might Lesser Power Added) [You must escort someone to a certain location without them dying; person's health left + (level * .5) + (blade * .375) + (blunt * .375)]

Imperial City (Heavy Armor increased by 25)

Anvil (Light Armor increased by 25)

Chorrol (Light Armor increased by 25)

Cheydinhal (Light Armor increased by 25)

Bruma (Light Armor increased by 25)

Bravil (Light Armor increased by 25)

Leyawiin (Light Armor increased by 25)

Skingrad (Light Armor increased by 25)

Hunter (Marksman increased by 25; Hunter's Sight Power and Hunter Strength Lesser Power added) [You must hunt down a certain animal, and return the heart to someone; animal's max health + (level * .5) + (marksman * .375) + (light armor * .375)]



Blacksmith (Armorer increased by 25; Summon Hammers Power and Blacksmith's Endurance Lesser Power Added) [You have to find certain items and construct a special item, then deliver it to a certain person; item's value + (level * .5) + (armorer * .75)]



Priest (Alchemy increased by 25; Legendary Spells Power added) [You are added a Blessing spell where you must cast it on a specific person; spell's magicka cost + (level * .5) + (magic school * .75]

Alteration (Skill increased by 25; Open Average Lock, Ender's Burden,
Protection, The Mule, Argonian Adaption, The Waterwalking Magician Lesser Powers added)

Conjuration (Skill increased by 25; Armor and Sword, Armor and Dagger, Armor and War Axe, Armor and Mace Binds, The Undead Reaper, Summon Skeleton Champion Lesser Powers Added)

Destruction (Skill increased by 25; Elemental Fury, Plague, Bubonic Plague, Curse, Damage Touch, Shock Explosion, Fire Explosion, Frost Explosion Lesser Powers Added)

Illusion (Skill increased by 25; Alluring Voice, Enrage, Let There Be Light, Inspire, Soothe, Brain Control, Night-Gazer, Blenderman(you see what I did there? :) ), Great Scare, Silence! Lesser Powers Added)

Mysticism (Skill increased by 25; Purify, Purify Other, Life-Sight, Reeeaaach, Soul Bind, Bring the Heat, Back At Ya' Lesser Powers Added)

Restoration (Skill increased by 25; The Great Split, The Great Warrior, Restorer, The Cure Lesser Powers Added)

Thief "What do you steal?" (Sneak and Security increased by 25; Thief's Key Power and Thief's Camouflage Lesser Power Added) [You must steal a specific item from a certain house, and take it to someone; item's value + (level * .5) + (sneak * .375) + (security * .375)]





Assassin (Sneak and Security increased by 25; Assassin's Key Power and Assassin's Camouflage Lesser Power Added) [You must kill a certain person and take their heart to someone; target's max health + (level * .5) + (sneak * .375) + (security * .375)]



Trainer (Speechcraft increased by 25; Train Player Power and Trainer's Influentry Lesser Power added) [You must train someone in a specific school, and be at least 1 skill level above the person's skill; level trained to + (level * .5) + (skill trained in * .375) + (speechcraft * .375)]

Conjuration (Skill increased by 25; Summon Clannfear spell added)

Destruction (Skill increased by 25; Firebomb spell added)

Blade (Skill increased by 25)

Block (Skill increased by 25)

Sneak (Skill increased by 25)

Security (Skill increased by 25)

Dealer (Speechcraft and Mercantile increased by 25; Summon Gold Power and Dealer's Influentry Lesser Power added) [You must find a special item and then sell it to someone; item value + (level * .5) + (mercantile * .375) + (speechcraft * .375)]




Warrior (Blade, Blunt, and Heavy Armor increased by 25; Summon Legendary Weapon Power and Warrior's Might Lesser Power added) [You must kill a certain bandit or assassin, and return the heart to someone; target's max health + (level * .5) + (blade * .375) + (blunt * .375)]



Wolves and other Creatures

The questions below are on the first scroll in the prison.

City of Residence (City House in your possesion, ALL areas are shown)

Imperial City





Skingrad (NOTE: The servant MAY be able to get you food or drink, I haven't gotten to testing it yet)




Make Potions/Poisons (Alchemy increased by 10; Intelligence by 5)

Smith (Armorer increased by 10; Endurance by 5)

Enchant (Alteration increased by 10; Willpower by 5)

Hunt (Marksman increased by 10; Agility by 5)

Fight (Blade, Blunt and Hand to Hand increased by 10; Strength by 5)


Chills (adds disease)

Feeble Limb (adds disease)

Greenspore (adds disease)

Wither (adds disease)

Witless Pox (adds disease)



Yes (Closes out window; applies skill and attribute increases)

No (Restart from beginning)

If there's anything you want me to include, let me know, and I will try and include it on the next update.