Kill the Dark Brotherhood alternative version by BabylosHex and CarlosS4444 aka RoclorD
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Added: 09/07/2012 - 03:39PM
Updated: 11/05/2013 - 09:05PM

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Last updated at 21:05, 11 May 2013 Uploaded at 15:39, 9 Jul 2012

Please redownload, I posted an update with corrections to some DB members (they had +5 fame still by mistake).

From the original file:
The purpose of this modification is to give non-assassin players something to do with the Dark brotherhood, Kill them. It works by adding a script to each of the Dark Brotherhood NPCs who are not hiding their identity (The ones in Sanctuaries and Lucien lachance) the script will for all but Lachance cause the NPs to attack the player on site if he breaks into the sanctuary. Each Bark brotherhood member killed by the player grants the player +5 Fame, No DB NPCs are marked as essential and any of them may be killed. All DB members except the leaders (Night Mother and Lucien) give 5 Fame, while the two highest rank offer you 20 Fame each, if you can locate them. It is now possible to enter the sanctuary without being a member, the well is no longer protected by a force field.

This alternate version:
Changed fame added by killing DB Members and High Members to +1 and +2 accordingly

Use this file if you want +1, +2 fame added instead of +5 and +10 (which I considered too much).

Link to original file:

I have a permission of the original author BabylosHex to make this version.