MMOneP02 for HGEC BBB by mamomamo and SJ
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Added: 22/03/2012 - 03:23PM
Updated: 06/11/2012 - 10:09AM

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Last updated at 10:09, 6 Nov 2012 Uploaded at 15:23, 22 Mar 2012

Released Date: 2012.03.22
Author(s): mamomamo, SJ

Updated #1 (2012.03.23)
I missed some textures. Fixed now.
Please download new file(MMOneP02_for_HGEC_BBB_v1_01.rar), and install again.

I'm very sorry about waste your time. (_ _)

Updated #2 (2012.03.24)
Add A-cup version. Also, Fixed bone weight of ribbon.
Please download new file(MMOneP02_for_HGEC_BBB_v1_10.rar), and install again.

If it don't add new clothing(A-cup), Try it as follows:
1. Run Oblivion Mod Manager, then displace a checkmark beside the 'mamomamo_MMOneP02.esp'.
2. Run Oblivion, load your a saved game, then resave your current game.
3. Run Oblivion Mod Manager, then place a checkmark beside the 'mamomamo_MMOneP02.esp'.

Or you can use console command.

Console command form: player.additem (FormID)(Item ID) (Quantity)
Use example: player.additem 4F002351 1

Items' IDs:
mamomamo MMOneP02 (XX000ED5)
mamomamo MMOneP02 ST (XX0015AA)
mamomamo MMOneP02 A-cup (XX002351)
mamomamo MMOneP02 ST A-cup (XX002352)

'XX' is Form ID of plugin(*.ESP). You can check it on your own OBMM.

Updated #3 (2012.04.09)
Fixed Some vertex shading properties. Fixed Panty's transparency problem.

I'm not good at English. Sorry.

This mod add a lovely onepiece for female. It's not my creation, The original is mamomamo's poser work - MMOneP02ForV4A4. I just convert obj to nif. Also, I'm blender newbie, so is flimsy workpieces.

You need a BBB compatible skeleton for use this mod.

You can obtain the clothing automatically when loaded a game.

You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give credit to original author - mamomamo if you distribute any part of this mod.

Universal Skeleton Nif or Coronerras Maximum Compatibility Skeletons

[Install Instructions]
1. Extract the archives, take the 'Data' folder and place into Oblivion installed folder.
2. Run Oblivion Mod Manager, then place a checkmark beside the 'mamomamo_MMOneP02.esp'.

1.11, 2012.04.09 - Fixed Vertex shading properties, Fixed Transparency problem
1.10, 2012.03.24 - Add A-cup sized clothing, Fixed bone weight
1.01, 2012.03.23 - Fixed missing textures
1.00, 2012.03.22 - Initial release



[Tools Used]
Adobe Photoshop - xNormal Filter (http://www.xnormal.net)
Blender (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=12248)
Construction Set Extender (http://tes.nexusmods.com/downloads/file.php?id=36370)
Nif Skope (http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope)

Exnem - EyeCandy Body
RAIAR & MadCat221 - HG EyeCandy Body
WanderDryad - BBB System
NPR - World Model (R18PN_gnd.nif)
tona - Clothes and Underwear v2 (from Tona's Mods Store)
mamomamo - MMOneP02ForV4A4