ColourWheels Sexy Arena Revised HGEC v1_1 by colourwheel
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Colourwheels Sexy Arena Revised HGEC
by Colourwheel

* Description:
The arena just got a little upgrade. I got this idea from other peoples work mainly Jinn.I have made the arean a bit more of an appealing place to visit. This mod replaces the arena spectators with Attractive female NPCs and I also modified the Arena a bit making all female combatants more attractive too. My last released mod wasn't very popular alone so this adds the armor I redesigned as well.

-initial release

-updated mesh work and optimized meshes to improve FPS in arena

- HGEC Female Body Replacer

Recommended mods to use with this one...
-Streamline 3.1 to enhance your FPS.
-Oblivion Stutter Remover to smooth game play when FPS gets lowered


1. Extract files into your Oblivion data folder
2. check ESP file
3. Play game!

*Conflicts & glitches:
-conflicts with anything ay other arena spectator Mods

*if you like my work try some of my other mods out for your game
to help compliment this kind of work I recommend a few other mods of mine...

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*credits to...

Bethesda Softworks
Ms Jacksh

Please do not upload this file anywhere without permission. If you wish to re-use my work for another mod please 1st ask permission from me.

**Thankyou and enjoy**