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Watch demonstration and trailer:

Please, check the customizable version in the file section.
Player can adjust the resulting slomo speed, duration and probability.

There will be no support for this plugin, because i'm no longer work with Oblivion. Please, feel free to modify the file as you want. You can also use parts of the "SlowMotion" script in your own mods. For example, i think that my enemy death detection trick is much easier than complex methods based on invisible spells.

Fully automatic slomo activation (no need to use spells or items)
It just works!

You need OBSE ( http://obse.silverlock.org/)

Can conflict with any mod that changes game speed

1) Backup the Oblivion.ini (C:\Users\...\Documents\My Games\Oblivion)
2) Copy to Oblivion\Data folder and activate the plugin

Before you ask - no. It wasn't inspired by Skyrim.

When the event occured (such as enemy death), the script begins to track the battle situation and sets the appropriate game speed (if there is enough "probabillity").

Probability depends on several factors, such as health, weapon damage, number of enemies, agility level, count of slomo "failures", etc

Slomo speed also depends on some variables and can be different in different sutiations.

- Enemy death
- Player attacks
- Enemy is recoiling
- Block
- Player release arrow
- Player is healing in combat with low health while enemy is performing the attack
- Stealth attack
- Entering the battle mode
- Jumping from high places

There is a trick that can make ragdolls move more smoothly in slomo, but some glitches can occur. You can change Oblivion.ini, if you want:

Default mode ("broken" movement)

Smooth mode

Please, check the video section for iUpdateTypes comparison