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ALL updates and support (even for Oblivion mods) are done on this link: http://skyrim.nexusmods.com/mods/5010


The same tool supports both Skyrim and Oblivion.

TesModManager is a new version of OBMM Extended that supports both skyrim and Oblivion. I renamed it TesModManager for this reason.

What you can do with it:
* create complex mods using simple script or C# scripting to control what files go where and even edit the ini files
* assemble mods from different folders, files and images
* automatically import obmm/omod mods
* automatically import NMM/fomod mods (supports both XML and C# fomod scripts)
* automatically import zip/7z/rar files as long as they have the correct directory structure (most of them do)
* be used as download manager for Nexus for both Oblivion and Skyrim
* retrieve Mod Descriptions, Author, Version and pictures from both tesnexus and skyrimnexus.
* sort mods and call BOSS (if installed) to do it
* start skyrim using SKSE or Oblivion using OBSE
* installs/updates OBSE/SKSE for you
* install SkyProc patchers and lets you run them
* detect and identify installed Steam mods (if they have an esp/esm)
* detect conflicts between mods
* allows you to pick the "winning" file in case of conflict using the integrated DDS viewer
* list datafiles linked to an esp/esm
* group mods logically and activate them all at once
* export/extract omods to zip. These can be easily uploaded to nexus for people to use without any tool needed
* manage your save files and activate plugins needed by a given save file
* view, extract and create BSA files
* analyzes your saves and allows you to restore mods and load order as per your save

Oblivion Mod Manager - Timeslip
Oblivion Mod Manager Extended - Scent Tree
Icons by SneakyTomato and UESP
Help Files, OCD List Submissions and Bug Finding in OBMM Extended - Isabelxxx
Optimizations and Skyrim port by monpetitbeurre