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I totally forgot about this and I've had loads of people being disappointed, which sucks. Sorry to those that have downloaded, and to those that haven't- I recommend shivering isles AND obse highly! Shiveringless, Islesless people can still enjoy the mod, however- you will not be able to make:
Flesh Atronachs
Skinned Hounds

Due to missing a bit of code when I released the mod, nobody actually received the Deathbending spell mentioned later in the description. After 3 years of spellless turmoil and utter chaos, a hero emerged: Gappyj, wielding the power of common sense that I lacked to use TES4EDIT and find the spell code!

When you become a necromancer and receive your robes and knife, you will need to open the console and enter the following command:
player.addspell 0100eb8f
This will give you a spell that for a long time you will have no use for- as you level up your necromancy skill, new abilities will be unlocked that it can perform!

First of all, if your reading this- watch the video on the video tab!!! I'm being serious, it will tell you everything the mod is about and its only short. Second of all- welcome to possibly the latest, game-changing mod you'll see for oblivion!!! (Note, elemental magic is also packaged with this mod- more details below.)


Epic necromancy is my attempt at recreating what I thought necromancy should have been in oblivion. Its in-depth, packed with features, fairly easy to use, and just a little bit silly. It's quite a lot to describe, so bear with my whilst I try :) Note: there is an arcade mode you can activate, casual players might want to skip near the bottom for that :P

The first thing this mod adds is the ability to Carve up dead people. Something of a key element to being a necromancer. You do this in real time, with a specially designed knife- swing away at the body and you'll start receiving bones and flesh. Eventually it will disappear, leaving behind a bloodstain and a pot of remains, and you'll get a heart or skull if your lucky. At first, you will get little from each body- but as you persist, your necromancy skill will improve. This will let you chop up corpses faster and more effectively - you'll be rolling in gooey bits of person in no time! You can keep track of this skill and other stats with a journal added to your inventory.

The second thing this mod allows you to do (and this is going to blow your mind) is create undead minions. Once you have enough bones and flesh, you will be able to use a Dark Alter (more on that later) to create either a zombie, a skeleton, a shambles, a flesh atronach, or a skinned hound. But the exciting thing here is that with enough body parts, you can upgrade each of these a number of times. Choose to develop range or melee skeletons, until you reach the end of the tree with a skeleton Sentinel that can swap between the two. Upgrade your zombies to be stronger until they eventually learn to infect opponents and expand your undead army. Teach shambles to absorb damage and attract enemy attention, and grow a flesh atronach to be twice as big as a man. Even the skinned hounds can be upgraded in four different ways- for example, into a Hellhound that burns constantly, lighting foes on fire.

You can control these minions with a very in-depth control scheme. By activating on of your horde, you can give them commands like follow, wait, and hunt/patrol. you can also command them to return to your lair (more on that later), or follow a fully upgraded version of its kind- for example, zombies can be told to follow Ancient zombies, which is a fully upgraded zombie. This allows you to bypass the regulations on followers, and truly amass an army- or split your forces into different places. You can also create a Skeleton Leader at higher levels of necromancy, and any creature can be told to follow this.

Epic Necromancy introduces a system called Bloodlust. As you fight, and as your creatures fight, and as your carve bodies, your blood-lust rises. Bloodlust serves as a currency for a necromancer- it allows him to create and heal his creations, create his lair, and power his lair once it is built. Talking of which...

Another main feature the mod offers is Lair building. By buying a special piece of equipment, you can build yourself a lair wherever you want, be it a church, your house, or just an open field. There are various things you can build to upgrade your lair, but first you will need to build an Unholy Alter- the heart of any lair that allows you to create undead minions. You also need coffins to be able to create undead- each basic coffin provides 3 spaces for creatures, though you can upgrade them to provide more. (unless you are a high level necromancer or in arcade mode you need a lair to create creatures). Once that is built, you can fill your lair with magical defences, beacons to signal to other necromancers (more on that later...again) reconstructers to repair your undead legion, and "Bloodworks" and "SpawnPods". These constructions allow you to convert bloodlust to flesh and bone, and visa versa- with enough of them, you can potentially create infinite resources, though this is hard due to their slow pace. You can also build Stone slabs and Flesh Pods, that act as a bed and storage.
A note: if you want to pick up a necromancy Urn without building something, crouch and activate it.

Finally, Epic Necromancy also adds an establishment called Necromancers inn, where you can go to pick up the needed equipment. It doesn't stop there though- the mod allows you to actually join the necromancer faction, either by wearing their clothes or signing a bloodpact! Once you are a high enough level necromancer, you will be able to recruit other necromancers, building an army. Once you are past a certain level, necromancers will even seek you out to join your lair- you may return home to find new faces in your home, willing to do your every word, if you are well known enough. (the more you kill and the higher your level, the better known you are). However, be warned- the mages guild will not take kindly to high profile necromancers, and the more well known you are, the more likely they are to send out teams of battlemages to put a stop to you. Suddenly, Lair defences and necromancers become that bit more important!

With all these features combined, you can wreck some major havoc. A high level necromancer with resources and allies can take a town within a day, with necromancers patrolling the streets, more arriving every day, and zombies roaming freely amongst the corpses of the dead. You can wage war on bandit camps, or just as easily join a group of necromancers and live in the shadows. The possibilities are pretty extreme, and I hope you have a lot of fun experimenting!

How to play:

First, head down to the Necromancer's Inn near bravil. (theres a map marker). Bjorn will give you what you need and various books (you'll find a very useful one on the table in the lobby) will serve as a guide. Honestly, they will explain things very well. Once you have a carving knife and necromancers robe, your all set for some chaos! Make sure to keep your Bloodstained journal as theres no other- its the only way of tracking your skill.
You may notice you got a spell called Death Bending. casting it will summon your Skeletal Avatar, if you have created one. Casting it whilst holding the left mouse button will heal what your looking at, at the cost of bloodlust, if you have the skill. Holding down cast as a master necromancer will allow you to create creatures without an Unholy Altar.


to enter arcade mode, type the following into the console:
setstage AAMBEMtestquest 10

then click yes. You will receive a big start pack, full skill, and infinite coffin space.

A note: Elemental Magic (or what is finished of it) is packaged with this download! ...because I can't figure out how to separate them ^_^'. The spells that are finished are Nature Powers, Windbending, Weather Manipulation, Teleportation, Elemental Powers, and Harness Power Animal. (if you already have this mod, deactivate Harness Power Animal, open a game and save. then quit and install this one. you should not lose anything though you will need to re-acquire the spell.) I will provide more info on this in another video!

---------------------TRANSLATIONS AND SUCH--------------------------------

The mod has been kindly translated to Japanese by tumugunetukasa, who uploaded it to here

After brief shenanigans with a shadowy rouge translator that disappeared, the excellent and courteous modders at confrerie-des-traducteurs have kindly translated the mod into french- it can be found at[http://www.confrerie-des-traducteurs.fr/oblivion/mods/gameplay/necromancie_eminente.php] this page on their official site[/url].

---- Necromancer's Lair- by Sheogorath2

This great mod will give you a nice, spacey palace to stretch your legs in and build up a necromantic lair fit for a....


It has space for blood fountain after blood fountain, spawn pod upon spawn pod, and waves of defences inside and out to protect your minions. It has also been designed to accommodate the unwieldy large Flesh Lethians and Titans, so you can build your dark army up to the sky.

This is a great download for old players who had troubles with space (there were a few disgruntled commenters, I remember) and a perfect accompaniment for a new save; shizzle, it even has a throne. You don't KNOW how many people asked me for a throne.

Currently known bugs:


-Commanding Necromancers can lead to an odd bug where it constantly activates them. Im afraid the only solution is reloading a save and it is reletivly common, so save often when commanding them.

-Sometimes bodies' remains cannot be activated. if this happens, use the console to disable and enable them again.

-You can sort of mine Skeletons for weapons, but the time it takes isn't really worth it.

Not compatable with:

Things messing with necromancers, Harness Power Animal


Credits due to the many people who helped patch the mod up long after I uninstalled the CS, and everyone who helped squash bugs and solve incompatibilities for people in the comments.