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Created by: Kielanai
Modified by: Angkor

1. Introduction
2. Credits
3. What's Up
4. The Old One


AKE is an Oblivion mod intended to let you explore the wonders of this world.

It has four parts:
1. Akaviri Kojima, a little akaviri [= japanese] styled island for the coast of Anvil made by Kielenai. Besides being beautiful in all its little details it's also very usefull as the central trading hub for this mod.
2. Shipping Line, these are ships that bring you from Leyawiin via Elsweyr and Valenwood to Anvil or even farther to the Oyster Bay region.
3. San Path, a set of akaviri styled player houses scattered - mostly - along the borders of Cyrodiil province. The smaller ones are just that but the bigger ones all have magical portals linking them to a central hub: the San Path. Since many other modders have modified the landscape "somewhere" the intention of the San Path is to give players easy and direct access to their work specifically.
4. Mount Mor'Moth, a high event density mountain on the border between Cyrodiil and Morrowind. Besides an interesting landscape it has two Ayleids [ Nayada and Or's Hall of Chasms] and a huge cave system with more than 50 interconnected caves, all made to explore in beauty.

I've started using Bandicom to record ingame testing and with the YouTube video editor I make small vids of these test runs which I upload to a YouTube playlist @ https://www.youtube.com/user/AngkorBonsaiberg , some extra screenshots can be found @ http://angkor.imgur.com


You can not use the NMM.
Download the file and unpack it to a map.
Here you see two zip archives and two readme's.
If you want to use Kielenai's original island V6.8 replace the akavirikojima.esp in the AKE V6.0 Full file with the .esp file in the AkaviriKojimaOriginal file.

Manual install: put the AKE V6.0 Full into Oblion\Data and unzip here.
Or use your favorite mod manager to install the AKE V6.0 Full.
If asked to overwrite, say yes to all.

Manual uninstall: in your Oblivion\Data folder remove the akavirikojima.esp, from the meshes folder in the architecture folder remove the AkaviriKojima map, do the same in the Textures folder and the Textures\menus\icons\clutter folder and in Oblivion\Data\Trees remove the KSSoTTreeBamboo01.spt file.

Or use your favorite mod manager :)

Anywhere AFTER Valenwood Improved.esp

Naming Issues:
Dungeons and caves:
A dungeon is a set of caves.
The AKE dungeon is everything that's underground Mount Mor'Moth.
The XXX dungeon is a set of caves which together form this dungeon.

Combat and Transition caves:
Combat caves are big [more or less] open spaces where you fight boss level enemies. These caves are imbedded in Ring systems of smaller caves with are intended as [more or less] peaceful transitions between the various combat caves.

Oblivion with SI installed.

Highly Recommended because of AKE integration with houses and/or ships:
1. Illiana's Elsweyr - Anequina Desert @ www.theassimilationlab.com/forums/files/file/862-elsweyr-the-deserts-of-anequina
2. Eldarie's Valenwood Improved @ www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/22555
3. ArgonianLord's Black Marsh @ www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42515
and my own
4. Elsweyr_Leyawiin_Topal Bay Walkabout @ www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/30816

Upload Restriction:
AKAVIRI Kojima is NOT to be hosted anywhere else without Kielenai's permission.
Also, the original Kojima-crafted items are no longer allowed for use in other mods without her permission.

2. Credits.

1. Bethesda for this wonderful game and for giving us the editor.
2. Kielenai for her beautiful island and Akaviri interiors.
3. Tamira for her New Plants [Id=43157]
4. Momo77 for his Palm Resources [Id=33175]
5. Texian and Godhugh for their Animated Water Meshes Shoreline [Id=8781]

Special Thanks and Credits from Tamira, Momo and Texian:

Yughues aka Nobiax (http://www.sharecg.com/pf/full_uploads.php?pf_user_name=yughues) for creating the original "New Plants" models and textures.
Koniption for a leaf texture used in Momo's resources.
And from all three of them:
Bethesda Softworks for Oblivion and the CS
Nifskope-Team for creating Nifskope
Adobe-Team for creating Photoshop

And Last, but CERTAINLY not least ...

Kielanai's Special Thanks and Credits:

* Bethesda for the original game meshes and textures. Makers of Nifskope and GIMP for making new textures possible.
* Calislahn's beautiful teapot mesh from "Cali's Kitchen" (which is actually a Morrowind mod), because no ordinary jug or pitcher would do for the tea room.
* Lady Eternity for the bamboo mesh and texture from "Cheydinhal Pet Shop".
* Ronin's "Snow Dragon Temple" Mod -- for tatami, shoji, vase, dish, some wood stains, some chests, and some of the Japanese tapestry art textures.
* Specific Japanese tapestry art:
Ito Yuhan -- "Evening at Miyajima", "Fuji from Taganoura", "Temple Corner", and "Sacred Bridge"
Yoshito Tsukioka -- "Sojobo Tengu King" (in magic room)
Kuniyoshi Utagawa -- "Karasu Tengu" (in doujou) and "Miyamoto Musashi" (in genkan behind fusuma)
* The green, rose, and blue flower dish designs are from my own teapot and dishes. Many of the silk designs are from my throw pillows. The blue and yellow futon design is from my real futon, the black and pink sakura design is from my yukata. The "Aki" and "Fuyu" tapestries are from my calendar. I can't give names for these people, but I appreciate their talents. The painted red and yellow dragon in the minka's small bedroom is from a washi kite that I painted and made.
* Special thanks goes to Corthian for the meshes and original texture designs that I used as templates for all clothing. ^_^

Thank You All :)

3. What's Up

Version 1.0 : Prelude
Version 2.0 : The San Path
Version 3.0 : The San Path Extended
Version 4.0 : Going Deep
Version 5.0 : Mount Mor'Moth
Version 5.1 : Going Scrum
Version 5.2 : Mount Mor'Moth Revisited
Version 5.3 : San Path Revisited
Version 5.4 : Nayada
Version 5.5 : Thalossos
Version 5.6 : Heaven's Path
Version 6.0 : Hircine's Call Revisited


Version 6.0

Hircine's call Revisited.
In this expansion, beside major changes to Akaviri Kojima island and Topal Bay region, I've focused on making Hircine's Call a "deep" cave by embedding it with a Ring system. In its North you find the Morden dungeon, Viriini to its upper South- West, Thalossos in its lower South, Nayada in its East and the Imperial Underground going above :)

Fixed the compatibility issue between AKE and Centurion's Castle Wolfspike V2 by rebuilding the Topal Bay KisSan [renamed as Black Marsh KisSan] and Shipping Line, in the process integrating the Shipping Line with ArgonianLord's City of Soulcrest.

Small updates:
1. MenSan, KisSan and OnSan.
MenSan: Player house connected with the San Path
KisSan: Player house not connected with the San Path
OnSan : Bathroom, for use with Ronyn's "Bloody Mess", [Id=11182]

Major updates:
1. Teleport system in some KisSans.
Black Marsh and Anequina KisSan are now connected with the Topal Bay MenSan.
Jerall and Morrowind KisSan are connected with the Jerall Mountain MenSan. and
Morrowind KisSan has an extra portal to the Dwemer KisSan.
2. Topal Bay region rebuild, see Fixes.
3. Akaviri Kojima Tropical Facelift.
Somehow I've always thought of Kielenai's Akaviri Kojima as being a tropical island and in this version I'm giving it a first try by adding lots of palms from Momo's resources, Tamira's new plants and Texian and Godhugh's shoreline waves.

1. Lower Morden.
Morden is a large icy dungeon in the North of the AKE dungeon with landscape entrances near the Morrowind KisSan. It has three caves with Lower Morden its newest [and last] extention. Lower Morden, being part of Hircine's Call Ring system, is an icy transition cave connecting Morden with Hircine's Call, Fort Lower Heaven and Viriini.
2. Fort Lower Heaven's Imperial Underground.
In later expansions this will become the underground entrance to Fort Lower Heaven but now it's only a transition between Morden and Viriini dungeons.
3. Viriini.
While watching my favorite space opera it came to my attention that Morden without Vir is like an ocean without land to break its waves so I renamed the dungeon facing Morden in the South-West to Viriini. Being part of Hircine's Call Ring system it is a dungeon that has three caves:
Viriini in the West is an icy cave with two Cyrodiil landscape entrances to the AKE dungeon connecting with Morden and [ofcourse :)] Hircine's Call.
Imperial Viriini in the South of Hircine's Call is a big icy cave with a strong Imperial presence. It connects Fort Lower Heaven's Underground with its Deep Keep and has transits to Thalossos and Hircine's Call.
Viriinos in the South-West of Hircine's Call is another icy cave connecting with Hircine's Call and Thalossos.
4. Thalossos Chasm.
A small vertical lava cave connecting Viriini with Thalossos.

Recommended Mods:
Black Marsh by ArgonianLord @ http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/42515
Castle Wolfspike V2 by Centurion @ http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/34320


Update from 5.5 to 5.6.

I've named this expansion "Heaven's Path" because there is now a - more or less - direct underground passage between the Cyrodiil and Morrowind sides of Mount Mor'Moth and Heaven's Path is the cave central in this.
To enjoy it, Or's Crystal Cave's entrance is located near Le Dukh, the Ayleid entrance to Mythos which can "easily" be found on the Cyrodiil side of Mount Mor'Moth near the Dwemer KisSan. From Or's cave you go to Heaven's Path, Imperial Thalossos and Or's End which has a landscape entrance on the Morrowind side near the Imperial graveyard.

1. The secret walls in Mor'Moth's Deep Keep, Thalossos and Hirmyth now work as intended.
2. To prevent SI Quest items from dropping, all SE03GrummiteShaman100 in Argos are replaced by SE03GrummiteShamanNoCrystal100.

Small updates:
1. A new entrance connecting Argos with Or's Crystal Cave.
2. Argos' landscape entrances now connect with Argodiil.
3. Added some rats to Thalossos.
4. Added Killboxes to the abysses in caves and Ayleids.
5. Changed lighting in Lower Argos to that of Argos.
6. Renamed castle Mor'Moth's secret path.
7. Some small modifications in Hyrmith.

Major updates:
1. Rebuild the abyss in Mara's Crystal Cave.
2. Rebuild castle Mor'Moth's Argos path.
3. Rebuild Or's Crystal Cave.

1. Mor Qat, a small transition cave between the Dwemer KisSan and castle Mor'Moth's secret path.
2. Argodiil, a cold icy cave that lies between the Cyrodiil landscape and Argos.
3. Fort Lower Heaven's Deep Keep, basically it's a cave with an abyss but "dressed" as an imperial interior. It connects with Imperial Thalossos and Heaven's Path and one day it will be one of the underground entrances to Fort Lower Heaven.
4. Heaven's Path, a cold icy cave connecting Or's Crystal Cave with Imperial Thalossos.


Update from 5.4 to 5.5
In this update I've introduced the Thalossos cave system located on Mount Mor'Moth.

AKE 5.5 modifications.

Shipping Line.
There are two ships added:
1. in Leyawiin bringing you to Topal Bay or Elsweyr and
2. in Anvil connecting with Valenwood, Oyster Bay and the Kojima island.

Mount Mor'Moth.
New in V5.5:
1. Thalossos cave system. A huge central transition cave connecting Mythos, Hircine's Call, Nayada, Or's Hall and - evt. - fort Lower Heaven.
2. Or's Hall is extended with the Hall of Last Regrets connecting it with Mythos.
3. Armyth and Hirmyth, small transition caves between Mythos, Argos and Hircine's Call.
4. Lower Argos, a totally submerged cave connecting Argos with somewhere else :)
1. rebuild the vertical cave between Dwemer KisSan and Dungeon Keep.
2. modified the Dungeon Keep.
3. Extended both Mara's Crystal Cave as the Abyss of the Lost Souls.
4. revisited Argos.
5. renamed some of the caves.
6. some small landscape modifications.

And again many, many things I can't tell without spoiling the fun of finding them :)


Update from 5.3 to 5.4
In this update I've introduced the Nayada Ayleid City located on Mount Mor'Moth.

AKE 5.4 modifications.

San Path.
1. Modified the doors in Oyster Bay and Anequina houses.
2. Small landscape modifications by the Anequina and Bladeweaver houses.

Mount Mor'Moth.
1. Mor'Moth Cave revisited.
2. A new cave - Or's End - added with a new underground entrance to Or's Hall.
3. Or's Hall has its landscape entrance moved to a more realistic location.
4. Renamed Or's "Winter Wing", "Dalensel" and "Valendel" to "Mor Dukh", "Mor Juth" and "Mor Shu" resp.

A huge ice locked Ayleid city with "indian styled" architecture.
Its landscape entrances are the Hall of Lords[ former Winter Wing] and the House of Relections[ former Nayada proper]. These lead to the Hall of Whispers from where you go to the Inner City or the Inner Sanctum. The Inner City also gives passage to Or's Mor Dukh and Hircine's Call. There is a hidden path that connects the Outer Sanctum with the House of Defiance and another that leads to the Garden of Despair. And while in the neighbourhood don't forget the Defence Wall or Damnation's Catacomb. Forgetting a few but these are the major parts of Nayada, there are also many small transition Ayleids to enjoy on your way through :)
Lots of loot to be found, enchanted armors, skill books, alchemy sets, Ayleid containers and even two Ayleid statues ...

And as usual many, many things I can't tell without spoiling the fun of finding them :)


Update from 5.2 to 5.3
In this update I've finetuned many of the houses this mod has to offer.

AKE V5.3 modifications.

Mount Mor'Moth.
1. A new path connecting the little lake near the Dwemer KisSan[42,22] with mount Mor'Moth.
2. Small modifications to some of the runestone sites.
3. Modified some of the creature spawns to give more diversity in the wild life.
4. Made some changes to the Nayada Hill Entrance exterior.

San Path.
1. Changed the Oyster Bay Kissan[-54,05] into a player house connected with the San Path.
2. Changed the Colovian player house[-43,06] into a KisSan by removing its connection with the San Path, though it remains connected with the Colovian Mountain player house[-28,20].
3. Made a new KisSan at cloudtop mountain[-18,38] which also has a connection to the Colovian Mountain player house.
4. Small modifications to the Anequina KisSan[8,-13] and the Ne Quin-al desert player house[-5,-19].
5. Trying a new lighting scheme for the OnSans.
6. Checked all mapmarkers.

And again many things I can't tell without spoiling the fun of finding them :)


Update from 5.1 to 5.2

AKE V5.2 modifications.

Mount Mor'Moth.
1. Added Fort Lower Heaven, an ancient border fort build in the days that Morrowind was still an independent state, now only ruins remain ....
2. The Imperial Highway, connecting Fort Lower Heaven with Castle Mor'Moth via the imperial graveyard on top of the mountain ...
3. All the roads have been upgraded with landscape sweeties and path grid bounded creatures, making them a lot more fun to travel ..
4. Many off road landscape modifications making Mount Mor'Moth a high event density place to be :)

5. Revisited Mor'Moth Cave, its secret Ayleid structure now has a cell of its own.
6. Removed obstacles in Nayada, which I renamed as "Nayada, Hill Entrance".
7. Reworked the castle dungeon exits to Argos and the dwemer KisSan.
8. Made the Argos entrance to this dungeon a hidden exit.
9. Numerous new small transition caves giving safe places for your save game.

And many, many things I can't tell without spoiling the fun of finding them :)


Update from 5.0 to 5.1

AKE V5.1 modifications.

1. The landscape of mount Mor'Moth has been extended with a path connecting the two landscape entrances of the Argos cave with the Dwemer KisSan, making the positioning of this cave a lot more consistent with the other caves.
2. Lighting has been improved in Hircine's Call - I hope :). Modified the Or's KisSan entrance here to make it more fog friendly.
3. Lighting has been adapted in the Mor'Moth cave, the new name for what was known as the winter cave. Also moved crystals away from the passages here.
4. Modified the Lower Heaven Basement to make it more player friendly, it's now the retreat of a painter who has placed numerous new painter lookouts in the landscape.
5. Small modifications in the Morrowind KisSan.


Update from 4.0 to 5.0

This extension adds:
A new playerhome:
10. San Path, Blades Weaver : [22,22].

Two new thearooms (KisSans):
Anequina KisSan: [08,-13]
Morrowind KisSan: [43,32]

One new cave: the Winter Cave. [43,30] and [42,30]
Two new Ayleids: Nayada [41,29] and [42,27]
the Winter Wing. [44,28]

Beside these there are:
Numerous landscape improvements on mount Mor'Moth between the Morrowind and the Dwemer Kissans.
Hircine's Call and Algos now have more landscape entrances.
The deep passage has been rebuild.
And in the Walkabout mod a connection has been made between the bathroom of the Topal Bay playerhome and the G'Kar Dungeon.

Recommendations for version 5:

Unique Landscapes - Ancient Yews @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/11458
Unique Landscapes - Arrius Creek @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/16818
Ancient Yews and Arrius Creek Patch @ http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/16818
Unique Landscapes - Rolling Hills @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/10768
The Lost Province of Zedar @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/17018
Adonnays Elven Weaponry @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/4804



Update from 4.0 to 4.1

Some flaws in V4.0 have been corrected:
1. The teleportation room in Or's KisSan.
2. The missing piece behind Or's KisSan's entrance in Hircine's Call.
3. The misalignment in Mara's secret passage.
Though not a "flaw" as such, the landscape modifications in V4.0 might have been necessary, they were not sufficient and since I had some time to despair I have adjusted them. There is now a path leading from Or's KisSan to Bzungthand linking the Ayleid entrance and the Dwemer KisSan, Argos entrance is still isolated though.
Last but not least here is also a minor improvement on the local fauna in Argos :)


Update from 3.0 to 4.0

This extension contains minor improvements on V3 and adds:
A new playerhome:
9. San Path, Or's Hall Of Chasms: Underground.

Three new thearooms (KisSans):
KisSan Jerall Mountains: [15,37]
Dwemer KisSan: [42,22]
Or's KisSan: [39,27]
Where necessary landscape editions have been made.

Or's Hall Of Chasm: a recently discovered cave system with an ancient Ayleid ruin on the border between Cyrodiil and Morrowind with entrances close to the dwemer ruin of Bzungthand.

The cave is divided into five sections - following the images:
Hircine's Call: a cold cave with a huge statue of the Hunter. You can find Or's kisSan and a passage leading to Mythos here.
Mythos: a hot cave you enter when leaving the San Path, Or's Hall Of Chasms. Besides an old Ayleid moratorium and one of the entrances to the Ayleid ruin you can find passages here to Hircine's Call and Argos.
Argos: a dark cave with a low waterlevel giving access to the outside world, Mythos and the "Deep Entrance" cave.
The Deep Entrance cave has three independent ways down to - or up from - the Ayleid ruin.
Finally, last but not least, there is a cave named the "Dark Ninja Path" which connects Mythos with the Ayleid ruin via SECRET entrances.

The Ayleid ruin has a huge underground entrance structure called Or's Hall Of Chasm and two inner levels, Varlasel and Sancremathi.

San Path and kisSans in this cave are interconnected via mage portals.

Minor improvement on V3:
1. Numerous bright candles have been replaced by soft lights.
2. Don't know if I may call it an improvement but I've softend the lighting in the houses ..

Recommendations for version 4:

Rise of a Samurai by Ronyn @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/8897
Rise of a Samurai Female AddOn by Ronyn @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/8908
Dwemer Ruins by David Brasher @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/38163
Ancient Dwemer Ruins by Bugged @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/39706
Ancient Dwemer Ruin Vornhuzduc by argonianlord @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/39815

Update from 2.0 to 3.0

This extension contains major improvements on V2 and adds:
Two new playerhomes:
7. San Path, Colovian Mountains: [-28,20]
8. San Path, Swamp Hole: [33,-24] .
Three new thearooms (KisSans):
KisSan Oyster Bay: [-54,5]
KisSan Topal Bay: [35,-45]
KisSan Valus North: [34,21]
Where necessary landscape editions have been made.
A shipping line connecting the Akaviri Kojima island with:
Oyster Bay, Valenwood West, Elsweyr and Topal Bay.

Major improvements on V2:
1. The annoying problem of the camera going behind screens is fixed, making the houses enjoyable in 3th person camera mode.
2. Numerous entrances have been added. These are small rooms containing only a few objects where you can make a safe save game before entering a heavy load - which on my pc, XP with 2 Gb memory, usually ends in a CTD.
3. Numerous bathrooms (OnSans) have been added. If you are playing with Ronyn's "A Bloody Mess" mod they even have an actual use !!
4. Numerous improvements on both exterior as interior.

As an extra note, I know the roof in the Swamp Hole is leaking but YOU know the problem:
if it's raining it's way to dangerous to fix it and if it's not raining, well .. , the roof ain't leaking :)

Recommendations for version 3:

A Bloody Mess by Ronyn @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/11182
Enchantment Restore Over Time OBSE by flyfightflea @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/9544
Trails of Cyrodiil by Malachi Delacot @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/25839
Swampier Swamp Complete Set by yoplatz @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/26899
Dungeons of Blackwood by David Brasher @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/36152
Sutch Village by Arthmoor - Hanaisse @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/40882
Valenwood Improved by Eldarie @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/22555

Update from 1.0 to 2.0

Introduction of the San Path, which can be seen as either lots of interconnected player homes in the landscape of Tamriel or as a huge player home with lots of doors. The idea is to give you easy access to the different landscape mods [xul, Elsweyr, Leyawiin Swamp, etc]. Anyway, besides three new player homes in the Colovian Highlands, Jerall and Valus mountains it has also led to major modifications of the existing player homes. Realizing that these are player homes which can be loaded with lots of stuff, two remarks: first of all, if you are UPGRADING, make a clean safe FIRST and secondly I promise that in coming extensions I will not change the interiors of the existing houses again so a new clean safe will only be necessary once.
Though not all houses give you ALL the pleasures of home, combined they do, with the Akavir Kojima island as the major trading hub. In every house you can find a readme giving some info about the location, to make this consistent I've added some recommendations for mods to use. All houses contain a non respawning "San Desk" with useful Midas items and a RESPAWNING "San Box" with useful items of a more general nature [repair hammers, Welkeynd stones, etc].
There are two weapon and two armor boxes HIDDEN as is one of the San Boxes :)

Locations of these houses:

1. San Path, San Urai : [10,17]
2. San Path, Ne Quin-Al desert : [-05, -19]
3. San Path, Topal Bay : [15,-42]
4. San Path, Valus Mountains : [43,01]
5. San Path, Jerall Mountains : [20, 38]
6. San Path, Colovian Highlands : [-43, 06]

Reapers_Anequina_Manor V_4 @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/40825
Dibella Temple andWillow Lake Village @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/13285
Unique Landscapes Compilation @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/19370
ImpIsle Walkabout @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/41089
Any of the Sutch cities ...


version : 1.0

Iliana's "Elsweyr the Deserts of Anequina " at http://www.darkcreations.org/forums/files/file/297-elsweyr-the-deserts-of-anequina/
Angkor's "Elsweyr_Leyawiin_Topal Bay Walkabout" at http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/30816

This is a small extension of Kielanai's wonderful mod AKAVIRI KOJIMA [01, 02, 03] that adds a few player homes in the Tamriel Worldspace:
the San Urai [04] on the Imperial Isle near the Imperial Prison,
the San O'Bay [05] somewhere in region of the Walkabout mod and
the San O'Sand [06, 07] somewhere in Elsweyr, see screenshots[].
In each of these houses you'll find a desk [Tsukue] containing some useful items and they all are linked via the San Lin'Q [08] which also leads to Kielanai's island.
There is a small thearoom [09] near the Arcane University and added on the Akaviri island are two rowboats, one transporting you to Anvil Docks, the other to the Vardenwood landscape.

Though all containers in them should be safe to use - playerowned, no respawn - it's always wise to test this by placing some arrows in them, wait your respawn period [default is 3 days] and check if they are still there.

This modification is fully compatible with:
Ukrr and Arthmoor's "New Roads and Bridges Revised"[id=20218] and xulImperial Isle[id=9531], only issues being a bush near the San Urai and a rock near the thearoom, both can best be deleted using the "disable" console command.
There is a compatibility issue with orna's Fort Akatosh Redux [id=21856] which places a watchtower on the island though its doors are fully functional - but closed of course ....

New install: just install the files you find in the data folder in the corresponding folders in your Obliviondata folder and activate the AkaviriKojima.esp in the data menu. Of course, if you know the drill, best to make an omod or bain of these files and then install them using obmm or wrye bash.
Update : if you are using version 6.1 now but you want to use my extension - which has the same name[!]: the only interiors on the Akaviri Kojima island that are modified in this mod are the Akavir no Minka and its lowerlevel [10, 11], so you should remove all your items from these rooms, save yourself in a safe space, change the .esp file, load your safe, wait out the respawn time and check if all's well.
If you don't use either Walkabout or Elsweyr, Kielanai's original AkaviriKojima.esp is added in a seperate folder, just follow the steps above with the .esp's replaced.

To uninstall, if you don't use a mod manager look for these paths and remove only the Akaviri folders:
Oblivion > Data > AkaviriKojima.esp
Oblivion > Data > Meshes > Architecture > AkaviriKojima
Oblivion > Data > Textures > Architecture > AkaviriKojima
Oblivion > Data > Meshes > Clothing > KielanaiKimono
Oblivion > Data > Textures > Clothing > KielanaiKimono
Oblivion > Data > Textures > menus > icons > clutter > AkaviriKojima
Oblivion > Data > Textures > menus > icons > clothing > KielanaiKimono

This mod is part of a project containing 3 complementary mods aimed at assisting a "new" player.
My motivation for this project was a lvl 40 corrupt savegame forcing me to start a new game with a clean install. Using Wrye Bash I can give this avatar the attributes and skills of my former lvl 40 but not the "visited" worldmap, spells or armor and weaponry and the intention of this project was to deal with this.
Akaviri Kojima Extended @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/40832 gives you player homes in the wilderness of Tamriel,
ImpIsle Walkabout @ http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/41089 gives you the most elementary Midas spells and
SanBackUp @http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/41133 gives you some Akaviri armor and weaponry.

Happy hunting

4. The Old One

From Kielanai's original readme:

"Akaviri Little Island"
Version 6.0


Created by: Kielanai
Date: Sept. 29, 2006
Last Update: May 18, 2007
For Game: Oblivion

This mod makes an Akaviri (Asian, Japanese) style island south of Anvil in the Abecean Sea with two furnished homes.


* Fast travel or access by pilotable pirate ship mod from Anvil. (TELEPORT FIRST if you wish to take your ship to the dock, or the game might lock up trying to load location you've never been before with the ship mod.)
* Stable and sheepfold with two sheep. Garden with some deer like in Kyoto.
* Garden plot and flower beds for use with gardening mods. Rice paddy on shore below stables.
* Fusuma allow you to open and close off certain parts of the home (according to seasonal weather and guests) similar to real Japanese home.
* Lots of storage, even in minka (small farmhouse).
* Minka has main room divided into shop/dining area and kitchen/alchemy area. Lower level divided into two bedrooms with one doubling as a library and the other doubling as an armory. There is a bath house behind it.
* Main house has entrance hall divided into guest areas, office, and memorial parlors. East wing was converted to dining area, kitchen area, and magic/library/workroom. West wing was converted into doujou, and two bedrooms. There is an onsen and tea room behind it.
* There is a letter on the desk in the farmhouse to welcome you and recommend some mods that may enhance your enjoyment of this one. There is a book near it with a little story about the history of the island.
* Since most Japanese homes have a lot of beds, desks, tables, and cushions low to the floor, I lowered most in this setting and fashioned zabuton tabs out of benches, so PC can sit on floor.
* Items of "Akaviri" clothing included.

Possible Issues:

* VERSION 6.0 WILL REWRITE PREVIOUS VERSIONS. IT IS STRONGLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU EMPTY ALL CONTAINERS BEFORE REWRITING. A few containers changed in version 5, and new containers have been added for 6.
* Any gardening done in previous versions, especially near the temple estate (Uchi) may be affected. (You can delete floating flowers by using "~" to open your console. Click on the flower and type "disable".)
* I don't know of any conflicts with other mods, but it completely alters the wilderness cells in the sea where the island is located. Map location is provided in the screenshots.
* If your PC is not a member of the Blades yet, picking up or wearing the armor may cause it to appear stolen.
* Animals may wander in weird places. I set them to respawn and return to editor mark if anything happens to them.
* The fusuma have visible gaps between them if you look at them sideways. This is because I wanted all of them to open the way they should, but it was very difficult to line them up straight and not have them cut into each other.
* Most of the labels are a mix of Japanese and English. Unfortunately, this is how my brain usually works. :P If this bugs you, use the construction set to rename in whatever language you prefer. ^_^
* Many of the large containers are labelled "Kimono Dansu", but these are not just for ladies "Kimono". The word "kimono" means "thing worn", and men wear them, too. So, anything worn can be stored there, including armor. But if you prefer, you could use construction set to rename "Yoroi Dansu" for armor or "Ishou Dansu" for clothing.
* I included oshiire in all bedrooms because I originally wanted to make the futon able to fold and put away (like a real futon is supposed to be kept to prevent mold) so the rooms have more than one use. But, I couldn't get the hang of scripting easily. So futon is stuck to the floor like regular bedrolls and you can store something else in oshiire.
* In order to get the "kneeling effect", I had to sink chairs and stools into the floor. When the PC stands, it will take a few seconds to rise from floor to normal height, but it takes about that time to turn and walk after sitting anyway.
* This island is literally at the end of the world's in-game map. Don't be alarmed if you go for a walk or swim behind the minka and bump into a warning telling you to turn back. It was too much work to correct that once I discovered it was a problem, so I made up a story about it instead. ^_^ The rest of the island is perfectly accessible for wandering and swimming.
* This was my first mod, which I originally made for my PC's personal use. But I saw a lot of articles of people requesting Japanese things, so I'm offering to share "as is". If you prefer a quest to earn the house, swim there instead of fast travel and fight the fish along the way. If you prefer to pay for it, drop 300,000 gold in the ocean somewhere along the way. Quest and purchase done. :D ... Sorry, but that's the best I can do without knowing how to script.
* There is a fish that flops around on the ground on the path between the minka and the estate house. I have tried to find it in the CS and delete it, but for some reason it eludes me. It will flop itself down into the water if left alone, and then it will stay out of your way. Or you can try deleting it through the console (press ~ key, click only on fish, then type "disable"). Or you can turn it into sashimi as it respawns. :P
* The clothing in this mod is almost the same as my other clothing mod, but free with home. It is not dependent on it, so the other mod can be deleted before this one is installed. (It will overwrite several of the mesh and texture files, but not the esp.) Look for kimono in minka, lower level multipurpose room, blue chest. In some cases, male and female clothing patterns differ, but are paired by name/theme.

Version 6.1 Changes
* Removed old sacks and drink barrels. Inserted new containers that look identical, but have own unique Akaviri IDs. This is to prevent contamination from other mods that change PC label containers. I have not changed the exterior barrel and crates at the minka to unique ID's, but they are still player safe, as they are vanilla PC containers. They will not respawn, and you will not lose your items. But I will try to give them unique ID's as extra protection as well in future version of this mod when I have more time.

* Moved kimono to their own chest. It is a small blue chest in the lower level, small bedroom, labeled "Kielanai no Kimono". There are only 2 sets of each item. Now the other blue chests should not have copies of kimono. Nothing about the other blue chests have been changed. Your items should be safe for this change.

Version 6.0 Changes
* Cleaned the ESP file!!
* Levelled the land around and behind the temple estate (Uchi) to make it more walkable. Adjusted landscape as necessary.
* Added harvestable bamboo plants.
* Darkened the lighting a little and added a few active lights -- as much as my PC could handle.
* Fixed bright "patch" in minka bedroom with window mat.
* Replaced pheasant fusuma with another, originally painted by Kano Sanraku (1559-1635) from a fusuma at Myoshinji Temple, Kyouto.
* Retextured smaller floor pattern in Uchi kitchen.
* Added new containers to alchemy lab and onsen.
* Added kimono and kutsu from my clothing mod.
* Replaced all Uchi doors after cleaning previous file.
* Shifted kaidan tansu and nearer to small bath. Shifted torch fire away from it. Bath is more accessible now.

Version 5.0 Changes
* Fixed magic room of temple, so now you can actually conjure things in the magic circle.
* Fixed grid paths (which I knew nothing about before). No more lost companions because they are wandering into rooms that no longer exist. If there is any further problem, please let me know and I'll try another fix, but they should stay in the room they were told to wait now.
* Fixed some statics that shouldn't have been moveable (like jars and washing basins).
* Clutter icons now match the actual item, except for a few that were just shrunk versions of the original models.
* Lowered the flower beds in front of the minka for easier gardening with "Complete Gardening" mod. Added morning glory to the stable fence and buckets and static water to the well.
* Lowered the lighting to a uniform moderate gray in all rooms.
* Adjusted the water area under the bridge at the back of the island so it's deep enough for swimming.
* Added a couple of new containers.

Version 4 Changes
* Fixed path in nif file for minka floor rug.
* Fixed spelling on a nif file

Version 3 Corrections
* Corrected Katana practice dummy base texture ... again. -_-*
* Lowered floating bench and bucket with onsen
* Updated welcome letter

Version 2 Corrections
* Corrected spelling in book
* Corrected "Tansu (Kiiroi)" to read "Tansu (Chest)" like other chests
* Corrected Katana practice dummy base texture
* Updated Read-Me


Kielanai ~ Elder Scrolls Official Forums (I usually browse the construction set and mods forums)

Douzo tanoshinde kudasai! Enjoy! :)


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