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Added: 08/05/2006 - 05:38PM
Updated: 12/01/2007 - 02:43AM

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Last updated at 2:43, 12 Jan 2007 Uploaded at 17:38, 8 May 2006

This is my first experience with Construction Set. I've made a quest to rebuild Bruma Guild of Mages. I can't guarantee this quest is 100% bug-free (and definetly have problems with sound), but I'd like some feedback and I'd very appreciated if you report any problems with this quest. Please, tell me about any language issues as well. You can pm me on gamingsource.net forums or elderscrolls.com forums. I have the same nickname there.
Quest have very few quest markers (sorry, I don't like them).
One problem you can meet is the door to Shinoya (ayleid place). Hint: certain consequence of spells works. ;)
You can take it after Traven made you an Arch-Mage (you don't have to complete the last quest of mages guild questline, just to start it). To add a quest you have to speak to Raminus Polus at Arcane University. After that you'll get instructions in your quest log.

Mod adds:
- two different layouts for bruma guild (destroyed without fire and restored)
- two new locations (one small house of NPC and one quite big Ayleid ruine)
- two different ways to complete this quest (and some ways to fail it :))
- ten new NPCs
- three new "type of mages" at Bruma Guild (after completing quest in a certain way): enchanter, spellmaker and teleporter

P.S. And don't go through that door! ;)