Physics Enabled Immersive Prison Sewer Exit by OC3
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First of all, You don't have to restart the game to use this....It's not simply a new beginnings mod...More in the description/readme.

Immersive Prison Sewer Exit


Physics Enabled Immersive Prison Sewer Exit 2.1 By OC3, May 27, 2011

V 2.1 fixes an issue with a piece of the market/prison bridge not appearing...sorry about that.

V 2.0 Makes a quantum leap ahead of the previous version by adding Havok physics.
Newest Features

Along with the improvements that have already been made by it's predecessor, It raises the water level even more, and enables the physics on 90% of the clutter in the sewer and around the outside of the sewer. Floating crates, boards, bits of wood, barrels, and their contents will react realistically to the world around them. It must be seen to be believed.

I have also added a trap door just to the right of the sewer exit under a bush that can be used to transport to the beginning of the last part of the sewer exit. it is best to play it from the beginning instead of going through backwards. There is also a trap door at the beginning to go straight outside if you wish to bypass the sewer for some reason. DO NOT USE if it is the first time playing through or you will miss the whole point!

More creatures have been added to increase immersion, as well as a 'Boss' before leaving. None of them are too tough though, set one level above whatever character you are.

The terrain texturing in the area around the exit has been greatly improved to have a more realistic appearance and avoid hard straight lines and anything unnatural looking. The bank of the lake has been given a more sandy appearance at the waters edge.

The moveable debris adds a new dimension to this part of the game. It seems to play differently each time. Once, a goblin jumped on top of a floating crate to attack me! This is the most immersion I have seen while playing this game, in more ways than one (you are immersed in water after all).
What else does it do??

It makes the final bit of the sewers as you escape the prison a bit more immersive by reducing the light level and adding water to the sewers, as well as a few other things. But most importantly, it places the final sewer tunnel exit in the worldspace. As you walk towards the gate to exit the sewers, you can now actually see a view of the outside instead of a generic light at the end of the tunnel. When you click on the gate, you are transported into the tunnel on the opposite side of the gate, but you are now actually in the worldspace, so as you walk towards the end of the tunnel, you will see what is actually going on outside. It will be bright or dark, rainy or clear as you walk down the tunnel and open the final gate. When you open it there is no loading since you are already in that worldspace.

If you are playing the game from the beginning and wish to exit at something other than daytime, just wait before the final exit until it's the time you want. It seems that most people end up exiting during the day due to the average time it takes to get through. Just check the time before you exit.

I've also added a few touches to add a little more atmosphere like tree roots, dripping water, and various sounds in the area of the exit. Some of the terrain textures in the vicinity of the exit have been improved as well. Really Bethesda...Dry cracked Mud under water?

Finally, there are a couple of surprises to find. There is an enchanted Elvin dagger (outside) as well as some poor Goblins life savings (inside) which is very valuable but difficult find.

I am including a save game file you can use if you wish that is set at the beginning of the last part of the sewers.

As a special BONUS feature... I am including a resized (still the same res, but stones appear smaller) texture of Roadstone01. It's a texture used on roads that is supposed to look like cobblestone, however the size of the stone gave the visual impression that the player is about 3 feet tall. A cobblestone should be no larger than about 6 or 7 inches, and the originals were more like 18 inches at the largest. This causes the mind to interpret the scale of things relative to the stones in a disproportionate way. Anyway, If you want to check out the new texture, just drop the 'landscape' folder located inside the BONUS folder into your 'texture folder' and allow it to overwrite. Archive invalidation applies of course.

Compatibility and requirements...

*****First of all if you are not using 'Detailed Terrain Textures'...Do yourself a favor. It helps with the blending of terrain textures EVERYwhere in the game. It is NOT required though.*****

Shivering isles is needed.

MUST be loaded after Cava Obscura since that will overwrite my water level.

Should be compatible with anything unless it modifies the terrain near the sewer exit or the final sewer part itself.

UPDATE: I just discovered Mr Muhs Throwable Crates. It's a whole bunch of physics enable stuff! Even more than I just did. If you plan to use that, just download my original immersive prison sewer exit mod.

I am including a 'New Roads and Bridges' compatible version as well since I use that myself.

There is also a UL Imperial Isle esp.

Is compatible with Liquid Water.

Has been reported to be compatible with FCOM.


Extract the contents into the data folder, but use only one esp file, whichever is appropriate for you. Immersive Prison Sewer Exit.esp should be used unless you have new roads and bridges or unique landscape imperial Isle installed. Recommended using Wrye Bash or OBMM. Install after NRB or UL Imperial Isle if you use them.

If using 2.0, I would remove previous versions before installing to be sure. Also, anyone who is updating to this new physics enabled version from an older version should make a clean save or disable the old esp in BASH on your saved game.


Tomerk, for helping me make my mod compatible with his.
NikhilR, for letting me know of problems and helping test.

I didn't change any of the other sewer tunnel exits, but the files in this mod may be used to do that if you want to make such a mod. There is also a custom made dark sewer water that can be used. If you do, just please give credit. If you use any other resources from this mod you must get permission first.

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