Iron Maiden Set - Jos Rest Add-on Pack by ken1945 and iLily
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Added: 10/08/2011 - 06:53PM
Updated: 30/11/2015 - 11:32PM

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Updated (1.3):
A test version of the add-on, "Jo's Rest" is now available! It includes the Iron Maiden Blade, Mask, and the return of Lily's Worn Shield! These new items, along the whole previous set, can now be found at their own little cell, located at the Temple of the Ancestor Moths. Please read the readme in order to know further about what's in and what isn't on this test add-on.
-It is required to have the original Iron Maiden.esp active in order to apply the add-on. If you are an owner of the original Limited Edition, revert to this esp in order to ensure the compatibility.

The following is a standalone (It won't replace anything!) female heavy armor (retexture of ken1945's Dynasty Armor). This version features a less-reflective and more metallic look.

The armor comes in two shapes (One with the loin cloth and the other without, difference stats-wise between them is minimal, being the cloth one a tad heavier but protective), and there's also a shield to go with the set (Thanks to Nightwynd for the mesh).

The armor is located North of the Imperial Palace, on an obelisk at the graveyard. The 3 items are displayed as Shields, there's one of each side of the obelisk. Check the screenshots for more references if needed.


Extract the folders into your Oblivion's Data folder and check the "Iron Maiden Set.esp" from your launcher or mod manager.

Remove the folders:

ken1945 for the original Dynasty Armor, and for his permission to let me doodle with his work. Kissies to him, go check out his awesome work!
Unrealrogue for the texture I started to work with.
AurianaValoria1 for the Chainmail texture which I <slightly> tweaked.
alphaprime_01 for the original Shield meshes.
ziitch for helping me fix a graphical issue.
LHammonds for teaching me how to use said 'graphical issue' for my advantage.
Tona a.k.a. toshizo7 for Tona's Mods Store for the white room where the screenshots were taken, as usual!
Goma a.k.a. jyh226 for Goma Pose mod used in the screenshots.
zotman12 a.k.a. Hentai for the Serenity Blade which got an Iron Maiden overhaul.
nao4288 for the Plate Armor Plus / Meshes that were compiled to do the face mask.
coffinbag for telling me about THOSE face masks. :D
Bethesda Softworks for the great game they let us mod.
The Elder Scrolls Nexus because all of you guys rule. 'nuff said.

Thanks to KSTN Stylized Stance for the combat stance in the screenshots, I highly recommend these to go along with this mod.