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Muggrug's sub-tropical south, Version 0.1

(If you are unsure if this is compatible with one of your other mods DON'T BUG ME BECAUSE I DO NOT CARE! don't be lazy and test it oyur self!)

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Simply drag the meshes, textures and esp into your data folder as usual.


The beach sand is from Desert and Arid Regions Generator, get it here- http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=22936

The palm resource is made by Momo, get it here- http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=33175

The palmetto resource is also from is from Desert and Arid Regions Generator.

The southern portion of Cyrodill is now populated with a fair ammount of Palms and palmettos
of different sizes. the Furthest north they grow is just north of Borderwatch, and they don't go too high in elevation.

Since southern Cyrodill is not portrayed a truely tropical,dense jungle, the palms are not in too close proximity
of one and other,witch helps to keep the original swampy feel of southern Cyrodill, and to simulate a Sub-tropical

It also goes well with Lliana's Elsweyr Deserts of Anequina, because the majority of its southern region is dominated by tropical plants
witch allows for a smoother steppe from tropical to sub tropical, Rather than from tropical to "temparate'ish" Swamp.
You can wander into the wilderness of leyawinn county and find palms everywhere, you will also see that the further south and the lower in elevation you go, the more plams you will see.

As shown in the pictures the water looks fantastic! Thats because i'am using OBGE liquid water,
i highly recomend it.